TMCC Course Reviews

Truckee Meadows Community College

SOC 101Principles of Sociology53541
BIOL 112Introduction to Animal Behavior00000
COT 110Business Machines00000
CUL 125Principles of Baking00000
CIT 173Introduction to Linux00000
AUTO 112Automotive Electricity II00000
CRJ 222Criminal Law and Procedure00000
AMI 259Seminar in Computed Tomography00000
ANTH 208Fundamentals of Cultural Diversity00000
BIOL 202General Botany00000
BUS 106Business English00000
CHEM 242LOrganic Chemistry for Life Sciences Lab II00000
ART 263Survey of African, Oceanic, & Native American Art00000
COM 217Argumentation and Debate00000
AMI 201Introduction of MRI, Patient Care, and Safety00000
CPT 251Carpentry Apprentice IV00000
AUTO 265Electrical/Electronic Systems III00000
CSCO 120CCNA Internetworking Fundamentals00000
AC 200MCommercial Refrigeration I00000
CUL 295Work Experience in Culinary Arts00000
ANTH 110LPhysical Anthropology Laboratory00000
BIOL 275Gross Anatomy Dissection00000
AC 206Commercial HVAC Systems 300000
ART 124Introduction to Printmaking00000
BUS 150Personal Finance00000
CADD 105Intermediate Computer-Aided Drafting00000
CHEM 100Molecules and Life in the Modern World00000
ART 232Painting II00000
CIT 130Beginning Java00000
ADT 230Mechanical and Electrical Equip for Buildings00000
CIT 201Word Certification Preparation00000
ART 297Field Study00000
CONS 205Construction Site Safety00000
AC 113Schematic Reading for HVAC/R00000
CPE 201Digital Design00000
AUTO 200History of the Automobile00000
CRJ 127Legal Writing00000
AMI 236Cross-Sectional Anatomy and Pathology for Imaging Profession...00000
CS 105Introduction to Computing00000
AV 217UAV Sensor Data Processing00000
CTM 87College Transition Math II00000
AAD 265Computer Applications in Architecture I00000
CUL 210American Regional Cuisine00000
BIOL 190Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology00000
DA 103Introduction to the Basics of Clinical Dental Assisting00000
AC 204MCooling Tower Systems- Operation and Maintenance00000
BIOL 224Human Anatomy and Physiology II00000
ANTH 202Archaeology00000
BIOL 298Independent Study in Biology00000
AAD 282Fundamentals of Architecture Design II00000
BUS 111Workplace Communications00000
ART 100Visual Foundations00000
BUS 330Business Presentations00000
ACC 105Taxation for Individuals00000
ART 142Introduction to Digital Photography II00000
CADD 141Technical Drafting II00000
CADD 245Solid Modeling and Parametric Design00000
CH 201Ancient and Medieval Cultures00000
ART 216Sculpture I00000
CHEM 241LOrganic Chemistry for Life Sciences Lab I00000
ACC 220Microcomputer Accounting Systems00000
CHEM 342Organic Chemistry for Scientists and Professionals II00000
ART 245Digital Media I00000
CIT 151Beginning Web Development00000
AC 107MElectrical and Controls for HVAC00000
CIT 180Database Concepts and SQL00000
ART 288Photography of Art and Artifacts00000
CIT 212MCITP/MCTS Windows Server OS00000
AM 146American Sign Language II00000
CONS 121Principles of Construction Estimating00000
AST 104Introductory Astronomy: Stars and Galaxies00000
CONS 281Construction Planning, Scheduling and Control00000
AAD 202Analysis of the Built Environment00000
COT 240Executive Office Procedures00000
AUTO 150Steering and Suspension Systems00000
CPT 151Carpentry Apprentice II00000
AMI 218Computed Tomography Physics & Instrumentation I00000
CRJ 106Introduction to Corrections00000
AUTO 225Engine Performance I00000
CRJ 211Police in America: An Introduction00000
AC 150Basic Refrigeration Servicing00000
CRJ 265Introduction to Physical Evidence00000
AV 102Unmanned Aerial System Construction Project00000
CS 202Computer Science II00000
AMI 248Advanced MR Techniques and Post Processing00000
CSCO 230Fundamentals of Network Security00000
BIOL 105Introduction to Neuroscience00000
CUL 106Understanding Culinary Techniques I00000
AAD 180Design Foundation I00000
CUL 195Selected Topics in Culinary Arts00000
BIOL 190AIntroduction to Cell and Molecular Biology00000
CUL 230Pastry Arts00000
ANTH 101Introduction to Cultural Anthropology00000
CADD 299Capstone/Assessment00000
BIOL 191Introduction to Organismal Biology00000
AAD 101Design with Nature00000
AAD 183Fundamentals of Design Discussion II00000
AC 106MResidential Gas Heating00000
ACC 180Payroll and Employee Benefit Accounting00000
ART 209Introduction to Gallery Practices00000