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Temple Course Reviews

Temple University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
IH 0851Intellectual Heritage I: The Good Life45451
MATH 1941Honors Calculus I11341
FREN 2001Intermediate43451
SOC 2168Sociology of Popular Culture53541
PSY 2201Foundations of Psychopathology55431
HIST 3312Roman History54531
SOC 2522Sociology of the Self54431
KINS 1036Personal Defense for Women55451
SOC 2171Sociology of Law54551
EDUC 0865Albums and Algorithms23121
IH 0852Intellectual Heritage II: The Common Good44431
ADV 1101Introduction to Media and Society00000
ANTH 3772Evolutionary Medicine00000
ANTH 5328Comparative Social Organization: Anthropology of the Family00000
ANTH 8429Problems in the Anthropology of Visual Communication00000
AAS 3268Critical Readings In African American History00000
ADV 2151Introduction to Art Direction: Visual Communication00000
AOD 3318Systems Approach to Organizational Change00000
AOD 5535Organizational Assessment, Design and Strategy00000
ADV 3053Art Direction II: Narrative and Multimedia00000
ARCH 0835Guerrilla Altruism: A Mini-Manual of Subversive Activism00000
ARCH 2154Facility Management Case Study Research II00000
AAAS 8003Research Methods in African American Studies00000
ABA 3302Analyzing and Changing Behavior00000
ADV 5505User Experience Design and Strategy00000
ARCH 3296Movements in Modern Architecture00000
ANTH 3510Theory and Method in Linguistic Anthropology00000
ACMS 5006Microbiology and Immunology00000
ANTH 4398Research in Socio-Cultural Anthropology00000
AAS 2111Tupac Shakur And The Hip Hop Revolution00000
ANTH 5509Language Socialization and Cultural Reproduction00000
ADV 2057Creating And Filming Advertising From Script To Screen00000
AOD 1166Interpersonal Processes through the Life Span00000
AAAS 4082Independent Study00000
AOD 5402Negotiating Conflict00000
ADV 3011Data Visualization and Advertising00000
ARBC 2002Arabic Intermediate II00000
AAS 8542Readings In African American Social Thought00000
ARCH 1196History of Form of Cities00000
ADV 4101Interactive Media, Marketing and Advertising00000
ARCH 3111Introduction to Historic Preservation00000
AAAS 2208Black Folklore: African and African-American00000
AIRF 4031National Security Affairs I00000
ARCH 4182Independent Study in History and Theory00000
ARCH 5012Graduate Representation Intensive 200000
ARCH 5134Current Topics in Resilience and Design00000
AAAS 8009The Afrocentric Paradigm00000
ABA 5676Applied Behavior Analysis00000
AMST 2003The American Sexual Past00000
AMST 2061American Music00000
ACCT 2101Financial Accounting00000
AMST 2120Topics in American Culture: Understanding Philadelphia00000
AMST 3074Introduction To Asian American Literature00000
AAAS 2248Public Policy and the Black Community00000
AAAS 8442African Religions00000
ACCT 2901Honors Financial Accounting00000
AMST 3101Latino Identity in the United States00000
ANTH 3396Fieldwork and Ethnographic Methods00000
ACCT 9002Seminar in Financial Accounting Theory00000
ANTH 3589Language as Social Action00000
AAS 0829The History & Significance Of Race In America00000
ANTH 4083Independent Study00000
ADV 0853Advertising and Globalization00000
ANTH 5170Methods In Archaeology00000
AAAS 3257Black Social and Political Thought00000
ANTH 5434Anthropology in Feature Films00000
ADV 1901Honors Media and Society00000
ANTH 8005Approaches in Physical Anthropology00000
AAS 2218Psychology Of The African American Experience00000
ANTH 9998Pre-Dissertation Research00000
ADV 2111Introduction to Marketing00000
AOD 2215Mediation: Principles and Practice00000
AAAS 2175Hip Hop and Black Culture00000
AOD 4382Independent Study00000
ADV 3006Representation in the Media00000
AOD 5522Interpersonal Skills Training00000
AAS 4082Independent Study00000
ARBC 1001Arabic Elements I00000
ADV 3031Digital Analytics and Reporting00000
ARBC 2900Honors Special Topics I: Music, Politics, And Society In The...00000
AAAS 4248Dimensions of Racism00000
ARCH 1011Visual Literacy for Architects 100000
ADV 3900Honors Special Topics: #Trending: Trends and the Future in C...00000
ARCH 2124Facility Management Foundation II00000
AAS 9996Master's Thesis00000
ARCH 3030Special Topics in Design00000
ADV 4882Independent Study00000
ARCH 3212Introduction to CAD00000
AAAS 2044The Black Church00000
ARCH 4011Research Methods for Facility Management00000
AIRF 1022Air Force Leadership Laboratory II00000
ARCH 4332Architectural Design VI00000
ABA 5303Ethical and Legal Issues00000
ANTH 0814Human Ecology00000
ACCT 3512Intermediate Accounting II00000
ANTH 0829The History & Significance of Race in America00000
ANTH 0867World Regions and Cultures: Diversity and Interconnections00000
AAAS 9614African American Diaspora00000
ACCT 3582Independent Study00000
ANTH 2087Practicum in Curation and Collections Management00000