SUU Course Reviews

Southern Utah University

HIST 4700ST: History of SUU52551
POLS 4330ST: Dictators and Democracies54431
EDRG 2520Foundations of Elementary Literacy Instruction43451
COMM 4507Sports Administration and Management53551
AGSC 3505Animal Reproduction Lab00000
ART 3210Typography I00000
ART 3720Multi-Media Sculpture00000
ART 4300Advanced Web Design00000
ACCT 6900Special Topics00000
AMTA 1400Aircraft Maintenance Technician Airframe 400000
ART 4860Studio Lighting Photo Project00000
ART 2110Drawing II00000
AGSC 3035Forages Lab00000
ART 3450Portrait and Figure Painting00000
ACCT 6320Advanced Cost Accounting00000
ART 4210Branding00000
AGSC 4100Beef Cattle Management00000
ART 4520Conceptual Illustration00000
ACCT 3020Financial Accounting II00000
ACEN 3120Strategic Reading Workshop00000
ARTH 2500Introduction to Art History00000
ANLY 6200Data Processing and Visualization00000
ANTH 1010Cultural Anthropology00000
ACCT 3350Business Law I00000
AGSC 1010Agriculture and Society00000
ANTH 3010Language, Thought, & Culture00000
ART 11202-D Design00000
AGSC 2920Agriculture Science Workshop00000
ART 2800Advanced Black and White Photography00000
ACCT 6210Corporate Tax I00000
ART 3260Publication Design00000
AGSC 3350Horse Science and Industry00000
ART 35503D Digital Illustration00000
AA 6990Professional Projects00000
ART 3850Alternative Processes00000
AGSC 3620Managing the FFA and SAE Programs00000
ART 4250Web Design II00000
ACCT 6600Practice and Theory Seminar00000
ART 4420Painting III00000
AGSC 4920Agriculture Science Workshop00000
ART 4790Senior BFA Studio I: Professional Practices and Portfolio Sy...00000
AA 6110Legal Issues in the Arts00000
ART 4980Student Teaching00000
AMTP 1500Aircraft Maintenance Technician Powerplant 500000
ARTH 2710Art History Survey I00000
ACCT 3200Tax I00000
ANLY 6400Big Data for Business00000
ACEN 3150Language Strategies and Culture Workshop00000
ANTH 2030Introduction to Archaeology00000
AA 6220Fundraising and Event Planning00000
AGSC 1110Crop Production00000
ANTH 3160Anthropology and Sociology of Religion00000
ANTH 3300Anthropology of Sex and Gender00000
ANTH 3500Ecological Anthropology00000
ACCT 4030Advanced Accounting00000
AGSC 1750Horsemanship I00000
ANTH 3990Anthropological Theory and Methods00000
ART 1050Introduction to Photography00000
AGSC 2820Artificial Insemination of Cattle00000
ART 1610Beginning Ceramics00000
ACCT 6000Foundations of Accounting00000
ART 2410Painting I00000
AGSC 3020Agribusiness Management00000
ART 3080Gallery and Museum Practices00000
AA 6850Professional Development and Projects00000
ART 3240Typography II00000
AGSC 3230Pests and Pest Management00000
ART 3320Silkscreen/Relief00000
ACCT 6260Taxes for Pass Through Entities00000
ART 3520Narrative Illustration00000
AGSC 3405Feeding and Nutrition of Horses and Livestock Lab00000
ART 3620Intermediate Ceramics: Hand-building and Sculpture00000
AA 6070Leadership Development in the Arts00000
ART 3810Large Format Photography: Film in the Digital Age00000
AGSC 3565Soils Science Lab00000
ART 3910Principles of Art Education00000
ACCT 6400Auditing II00000
ART 4230Graphic Design II00000
AGSC 3705Principles of Irrigated Soils Lab00000
ART 4280Graphic Design Capstone00000
ACCT 2020Managerial Accounting00000
ART 4320Letterpress00000
AGSC 4850Undergraduate Research00000
ART 4501Special Topics (Defined)00000
ACCT 6700Graduate Reading00000
ART 4620Advanced Ceramics II00000
AMTA 1100Aircraft Maintenance Technician Airframe 100000
ART 4840Business Practices For Photo00000
AA 6010Principles of Arts Administration00000
ART 4900Secondary Art Teaching Methods00000
AMTA 1600Aircraft Maintenance Technician Airframe 600000
ARTH 2300Why Art? Intro To Art Theory00000
ACEN 3040Advanced Oral Fluency and Accuracy Workshop00000
ANTH 4187Humanitarian Aid & Development00000
AGSC 1990Agriculture Leadership00000
ANTH 4700Social Memory and Identity00000
ANTH 4999Senior Capstone00000
ANLY 6100Data Analytics I00000
AA 3010Survey of Arts Administration00000
AA 6050Managing the Finances of Art Organizations00000