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SUU Course Reviews

Southern Utah University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
POLS 4330ST: Dictators and Democracies54431
EDRG 2520Foundations of Elementary Literacy Instruction43451
COMM 4507Sports Administration and Management53551
HIST 4700ST: History of SUU52551
ART 3420Aqueous Media00000
EDGE 1010Becoming an Engaged Learner00000
ENGL 3220American Literature III00000
ENGR 1010Engineering in the 21st Century00000
AGSC 4990Agricultural Seminar00000
ARTH 2720Art History Survey II00000
ENGR 4300Vibrations00000
ECON 2020Principles of Macroeconomics00000
ART 1800Photography Principles: Black and White / Darkroom00000
EDRG 4010Language Acquisition, Early Literacy, and Phonics00000
AGSC 3400Feeding and Nutrition of Horses and Livestock00000
ENGL 4210Lit Hist: Amer. Women Writers00000
ART 4620Advanced Ceramics II00000
ENGR 3050Fluid Mechanics00000
ACCT 6400Auditing II00000
AMTP 1100Aircraft Maintenance Technician Powerplant 100000
ESL 0916High Intermediate Reading/Writing English As A Second Langua...00000
AT 6160Therapeutic Exercise and Rehabilitation00000
CM 4900Capstone Project00000
ACEN 3040Advanced Oral Fluency and Accuracy Workshop00000
ANLY 6110Data Analytics II00000
COMM 2200Video Production00000
DANC 4980Student Teaching00000
ANTH 6030Archaeology Stewardship00000
ECON 3840Public Finance00000
AGSC 2950Equine Practicum00000
EDGE 4030Global Project Reporting and Reflection00000
ART 3110Life Drawing and Anatomy00000
EDUC 2840Cooperative Education00000
ACCT 6000Foundations of Accounting00000
ENGL 3860History and Theory of Rhetoric00000
ART 3840The Photographic Portrait00000
ENGL 4900Methods of Teaching English00000
AGSC 3700Principles of Irrigated Soils00000
ENGR 2145Strength of Materials Lab00000
ART 4910Education in a Museum Environment00000
ENGR 4025Engineering Capstone Design Lab I00000
AA 6850Professional Development and Projects00000
ENTR 3100Basic Entrepreneurship Skills00000
ARTH 475020th-Century Art00000
ESL 0923High Beginning Listening/Speaking English As A Second Langua...00000
ACCT 6700Graduate Reading00000
AT 6220Clinical Instruction II Taping and Bracing00000
AMTP 1400Aircraft Maintenance Technician Powerplant 400000
COMM 2110Communication in Human Interactions00000
ACCT 2020Managerial Accounting00000
ANLY 6900Capstone Project00000
COMM 3020Communication Research00000
COMM 3090Introduction to Digital Photojournalism00000
COMM 3460Multimedia Management00000
ACEN 3150Language Strategies and Culture Workshop00000
ANTH 3001Native American Cultures00000
COMM 3504Practicum Video Lab00000
DANC 4640Special Projects in Dance00000
ANTH 4350Practicum in Applied Anthropology00000
ECED 3950Integrated Curriculum and Assessment: PreK-300000
AGSC 2640Livestock Production Practices I00000
ECON 3170Decision Modeling00000
ART 1110Drawing I00000
ECON 4900ST:Economic History of SUU00000
ACCT 4030Advanced Accounting00000
EDGE 3040Leadership Project Proposal and Planning00000
ART 2500Intermediate Photography00000
DANC 3160Modern Dance V00000
AGSC 3150Animal Breeding00000
EDUC 2000Exploring Education In Society00000
ART 3250Web Design I00000
ENGL 3030Intermediate Fiction Writing00000
AA 6220Fundraising and Event Planning00000
ENGL 3260Continental European Literature II00000
ART 3610Intermediate Ceramics: Wheel-Throwing Emphasis00000
ENGL 4020Advanced Fiction Writing00000
AGSC 3560Soils00000
ENGL 4800Literature Senior Capstone00000
ART 4110Drawing III00000
ENGL 6010Foundations of Creative Writing00000
ACCT 6260Taxes for Pass Through Entities00000
ENGR 2010Statics00000
ART 4850Photography Capstone00000
ENGR 3000Thermodynamics00000
AGSC 4100Beef Cattle Management00000
ENGR 4000Mechatronics00000
ARTH 2300Why Art? Intro To Art Theory00000
ENGR 4085Engineering Capstone Design Lab II00000
AA 6010Principles of Arts Administration00000
ENGR 4830Readings and Conferences00000
ARTH 4700History of Graphic Design00000
ESL 0912Reading/Writing Fundamentals 2 English As A Second Language00000
AMTA 1600Aircraft Maintenance Technician Airframe 600000
ANTH 3200Food and Culture00000
DANC 3510Dance Composition I00000
DANC 4150Advanced Classical Ballet00000
AT 6130Evaluation of Lower Extremity Injuries00000
AA 3010Survey of Arts Administration00000
AA 6070Leadership Development in the Arts00000
ACCT 3020Financial Accounting II00000