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Stevens Course Reviews

Stevens Institute of Technology

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CH 116General Chemistry II00000
CH 189Seminar in Chemistry and Biology00000
CH 245Organic Chemistry Lab I00000
CH 321Thermodynamics00000
CH 398Rsrch Propsls Undergrad Research00000
CH 461Instr. Anal-Electrochem00000
CH 498hemical Research I00000
CH 525Surf. & Nanostruct. Character.00000
CH 580Biochemistry I00000
CH 610Adv Inorg & Bioinorganic Chem.00000
CH 642Synthetic Organic Chem.00000
CH 660Advanced Instrumental Analysis00000
CH 666Modern Mass Spectrometry00000
CH 685Medicinal Chemistry00000
CH 800Special Rsrch Prob in Chemistry00000
CH 960Dissertatn in Chem/ChemicalBiol00000
CH 117General Chemistry Lab I00000
CH 243Organic Chemistry I00000
CH 301Prof. Ethics in Chemical Rsch.00000
CH 362Instr. Anal-Spect/Chrom.00000
CH 421hemical Dynamics00000
CH 497hemistry Project II00000
CH 520Advanced Physical Chem.00000
CH 561Instrumental Methods of Analysis00000
CH 581Biochemistry II00000
CH 620Thermodynamics & Kinetics00000
CH 646hem of Natural Products00000
CH 664omputer Methods in Chem00000
CH 669Applied Quantum Chemistry00000
CH 700Seminar in Chemistry00000
CH 900Masters Thesis Chem/ChemicalBiol00000
CH 115General Chemistry I00000
CH 118General Chemistry Lab II00000
CH 244Organic Chemistry II00000
CH 246Organic Chemistry Laboratory II00000
CH 322Theoretical Chemistry00000
CH 412Inorganic Chemistry I00000
CH 496hemistry Project I00000
CH 499hemical Research II00000
CH 550Spectra and Structure00000
CH 582Biophysical Chemistry00000
CH 640Adv Organ & Heterocyclic Chem00000
CH 662Sep Mthds Anal/Org Chem00000
CH 674Polymer Functionality00000
CH 701urricular Practical Training00000
CH 801Special Problems in Chemistry00000