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Stevens Course Reviews

Stevens Institute of Technology

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BME 322ngineering Design VI00000
BME 445iosystems Simulation & Control00000
BME 498Research in BME I00000
BME 504edical Instrumentation&Imaging00000
BME 558Intro Brain-Machine Interfaces00000
BME 675Nanomedicine00000
BME 700Seminar in Biomedical Eng.00000
BME 810Special Topics in BME00000
BME 306Intro to Biomedical Engineering00000
BME 423ngineering Design VII00000
BME 460iomed Digital Signal ProcessLab00000
BME 503Physiology for Engineers II00000
BME 556Advanced Biomechanics00000
BME 650Advanced Biomaterials00000
BME 692iomechanics of the Brain00000
BME 801Special Prob BME (PHD)00000
BME 960Research in BME (PHD)00000
BME 482ngineering Physiology00000
BME 505iomaterials00000
BME 560ovement Control Rehabilitation00000
BME 695io/Nano Photonics00000
BME 702Curricular Practical Training00000
BME 901Project (ME)00000
BME 342Transport in Biological Systems00000
BME 453ioethics00000
BME 502Physiology for Engineers I00000
BME 520Cardiopulmonary Mechanics00000
BME 602Prin. of Tissue Engineering00000
BME 690Cellular Signal Transduction00000
BME 800Spec Rsrch Prob BME(MEN)00000
BME 950Dsgn Proj (Deg BME)00000
BME 424ngineering Design VIII00000
BME 499Research in BME II00000
BME 506iomechanics00000
BME 600Strat. & Prin. of Biomed. Dsgn.00000
BME 701Selected Topics in BME I00000
BME 900Thesis in Biomedical Engineering00000