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Stevens Course Reviews

Stevens Institute of Technology

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CH 800Special Rsrch Prob in Chemistry00000
CLK 183lark Scholar Seminar I00000
CAL 101English Skills00000
CH 498hemical Research I00000
CE 504Water Resources Engr'g00000
BT 398Independent Study - Competitions00000
CHE 535Good Manuf. Practice in Pharm.00000
BME 503Physiology for Engineers II00000
CE 322ngineering Design VI00000
BME 690Cellular Signal Transduction00000
CH 245Organic Chemistry Lab I00000
CE 578oastal & Flood Plain Eng.00000
BT 301Introduction to Strategy00000
CH 642Synthetic Organic Chem.00000
BME 322ngineering Design VI00000
CHE 351Reactor Design00000
BT 426Equity Valuation00000
CHE 661Dsgn. of Control Systems00000
BIO 282ntroductory Biology Laboratory00000
CM 542Quality Mgmt & Constrct Perfrmnc00000
BME 558Intro Brain-Machine Interfaces00000
CE 423ngineering Design VII00000
BIO 484Molecular Genetics00000
CE 535Stormwater Management00000
BME 702Curricular Practical Training00000
CH 116General Chemistry II00000
CE 679Regression/Stoch. Mthds00000
BT 215Managerial Accounting00000
CH 398Rsrch Propsls Undergrad Research00000
BIO 900Masters Thesis in Chem. Biology00000
CH 580Biochemistry I00000
BT 344Intermediate Microeconomics00000
CH 666Modern Mass Spectrometry00000
BIA 686Practicum in Analytics00000
CHE 322ngineering Design VI00000
BT 413usiness Law00000
CHE 498Research in CHE I00000
BME 453ioethics00000
CHE 588lec Mat & Dev. for Energy & Sus00000
BT 447Creativity and Innovation00000
CHE 800Special Prob Chemical Engineerng00000
BIA 652Multivariate Data Analysis I00000
CM 510onstruction Ind. Fundamentals00000
CAL 499Senior Thesis00000
CM 551onstr. Contract Law II00000
BIO 382iological Systems00000
CE 373Structural Analysis00000
BME 602Prin. of Tissue Engineering00000
CE 484Reinforced Concrete Design00000
BIA 658Social Network Analysis00000
CE 520Soil Behavior/Envr Appl.00000
BME 700Seminar in Biomedical Eng.00000
CE 561Introduction to Remote Sensing00000
BIO 526Cancer Biology00000
CE 621Bridge Dsgn Struct. Engr00000
BME 810Special Topics in BME00000
CE 960Research in CE (PHD)00000
CE 702urricular Practical Training00000
BT 181Seminar in Business00000
CH 189Seminar in Chemistry and Biology00000
BIO 687Molecular Genetics00000
CH 321Thermodynamics00000
BT 243Macroeconomics00000
CH 461Instr. Anal-Electrochem00000
BIA 672Marketing Analytics00000
CH 525Surf. & Nanostruct. Character.00000
BT 330Social Psychology & Org Behavior00000
CH 610Adv Inorg & Bioinorganic Chem.00000
BIOE 800Spec Rsrch Prob BIOE(MEN)00000
CH 660Advanced Instrumental Analysis00000
BT 360International Business00000
CH 685Medicinal Chemistry00000
BIA 600us Analy: Data,Models,Decisions00000
CH 960Dissertatn in Chem/ChemicalBiol00000
BT 403Mktng Strategy in Digital World00000
CHE 342eat and Mass Transfer00000
BME 423ngineering Design VII00000
CHE 424ngineering Design VIII00000
BT 421Systems Analysis and Design00000
CHE 530Intro to Pharma. Manufacturing00000
BIA 810Special Topics in BIA00000
CHE 542Data Science in Pharm. Develop.00000
BT 440Money,Banking & Financial Inst00000
CHE 628Mfg&Pack.of Pharm. OSD Products00000
BME 498Research in BME I00000
CHE 695Bio/Nano Photonics00000
BT 465IntegratedMarketingCommunication00000
CHE 900Thesis in CHE (MEN)00000
ACC 311Intermediate Accounting I00000
CM 502onstruction Engr'g II00000
CAL 301Sem in Writng & Research Methods00000
CM 530Strategic Resp to Cyclical Env.00000
BME 506iomechanics00000
CAL 900Thesis in CAL (MA)00000
AAI 628Data Acquisition: Deep Learning00000
ACC 352Federal Taxation-Business Entity00000
BIA 667Deep Learning and Business Apps00000
BIO 682iochemical Lab Techniq.00000
BME 950Dsgn Proj (Deg BME)00000
CE 802Special Prob CE (Deg CE)00000