SPC Course Reviews

St. Petersburg College

CGS 2651Social Media and Web Technologies00000
CJE 2676CBiological Evidence00000
BME 1008Introduction to Biomedical Engineering Technology00000
CET 2682Fundamentals of Voice Over IP (VoIP)00000
BSC 2435Bioinformatics00000
ATE 4317Veterinary Hospital Management00000
CJE 1202Crime and Delinquency00000
ATE 1654LVeterinary Clinic Practice Lab II00000
BSC 2010LBiology I Cellular Processes Laboratory00000
ATE 2634Animal Pharmacology00000
CEN 4722Human Computer Interfaces00000
BSC 4905CUndergraduate Research in Biology00000
ATE 3601Integrative Veterinary Nursing00000
CGS 1309Computer and Information Technology Concepts00000
ATE 0001Veterinary Nursing New Student Success Course00000
CHM 2046General Chemistry II00000
BCN 1597An Introduction to Solar Energy in Residential Construction00000
CJE 1686Forensic Computer Related Crime Investigations00000
ARH 1000Understanding Art00000
CJK 0092Critical Incidents00000
ATE 1944Veterinary Work Practicum II00000
BSC 2085Human Anatomy & Physiology I00000
ART 1330CDrawing II00000
BSC 3312CMarine Biology with Lab00000
ATE 2653LAnimal Nursing & Medicine Laboratory II00000
CCJ 2509Introduction to Gangs and Crime00000
BUL 2242Business Law II00000
ATE 3316Finance for the Veterinary Manager00000
CET 1610Switching, Routing, and Wireless Essentials00000
ASL 2210CAmerican Sign Language IV with Lab00000
CGS 1070Basic Computer and Information Literacy00000
ATE 3658Anesthesia and Surgical Nursing00000
CGS 1821Web Graphics Design I00000
ARC 1701Architectural History I00000
CHM 1025Introductory Chemistry00000
BCH 3023Elementary Organic and Biological Chemistry00000
CIS 4200Security Penetration Testing00000
ATE 1311LVeterinary Office Procedures00000
CJE 1681Internet as an Investigative Tool00000
BCN 2732Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) Standards for the Cons...00000
CJE 2645Introduction to Forensic Science00000
AMH 2070Florida History00000
CJK 0064Fundamentals of Patrol00000
BRC 2062Introduction to Financial Markets and Money00000
CJK 0305Communications00000
ART 1201CDesign I00000
BSC 2011Biology II Organisms & Ecology00000
ATE 2611Animal Anesthesia00000
BSC 2250CField Biology of Florida with Lab00000
AML 2020American Literature II:1865 to Present00000
BSC 2910Directed Independent Research00000
ATE 2639Animal Lab Procedures II00000
BSC 3931LSpecial Topics in Biology Lab00000
ART 2400CPrintmaking I00000
BSC 4940Internship in Biological Sciences00000
ATE 2710Animal Emergency Medicine00000
CAP 4770Principles of Data Mining00000
BUL 3320Law and Business00000
ATE 3052Veterinary Technology: From Success to Safety00000
CEN 2212Introduction to Programming the IoT00000
ASL 1300Structure of American Sign Language00000
CET 1172CComputer Support Technician00000
ATE 3410Dental Techniques in Veterinary Technology00000
CET 2620Enterprise Advanced Routing and Services00000
ARC 1301Architectural Design I00000
CET 2691Laws & Legal Aspects of IT Security00000
ATE 3615Veterinary Pharmacology00000
CGS 1200CWeb Assistive Technologies00000
AST 1022LObservational Astronomy Laboratory00000
CGS 1545Database Techniques00000
ATE 3914Introduction to Veterinary Nursing Research00000
CGS 2402Programming in C++ for Business00000
AMH 1091African-American History00000
CGS 2823Advanced Web Site Development00000
ATE 4814Veterinary Nursing Capstone II00000
CHM 2045General Chemistry I00000
ATE 1110LAnimal Anatomy Lab00000
CHM 2210Organic Chemistry I00000
BCN 1592Energy Efficient Building Construction for Florida's Climate00000
CJC 3311Contemporary Issues & Trends in Corrections00000
ARC 2304Architectural Design IV00000
CJE 1643Advanced Crime Scene Technology00000
BCN 2053Roofing Systems00000
CJE 1683Internet Pornography Investigations00000
ATE 1636Large Animal Clinical & Nursing Skills00000
CJE 1687Computer Software Piracy and Copyright Infringement00000
BCT 1770Construction Estimating00000
CJE 2673CCrime Scene Photography00000
ACG 2021Financial Accounting00000
CJE 3611Criminal Investigations Theory and Practice00000
BOT 3015LPlant Biology Lab00000
CJK 0084DUI Traffic Stops00000
ATE 1741Veterinary Med Terminology00000
BSC 1083Human Anatomy00000
AAP 0022AAP 0022: Developmental Math Readiness00000
ACG 3103Intermediate Accounting I00000
ANS 3440Principles of Animal Nutrition00000
ASL 1140CBasic American Sign Language with Lab00000
ATE 2945Veterinary Work Practicum III00000
BUL 3583Legal Aspects of Sustainability00000