SDSU Course Reviews

San Diego State University

CS 150Intro Computer Programmng54341
MATH 151Calculus II32341
ACCTG 202Managerial Acctg Fund53451
CS 480Operating Systems31551
STAT 550Applied Probability54551
ACCTG 201Financial Accounting Fund43541
AS 91BLeadership Laboratory00000
ART 346Introduction To Book Arts00000
ASIAN 321Korean Civilization00000
ASTR 510Exoplanets00000
ANTH 537Anth Of Childhood00000
ART 445CSenior Portfolio00000
AUD 835Psychoacoustics00000
ART 700DStudio Art In Ceramics00000
ART 249Env Presentation00000
AS 200BTeam And Leadership00000
AMIND 451American Indian Identity00000
ASTR 109Astronomy Laboratory00000
ART 412Museums From The Inside00000
AUD 701Clinical Practice I00000
AFRAS 331The Black Family00000
BA 629Financial Management00000
ANTH 603Seminar In Ethnology00000
ART 502Inter-Media00000
ART 523Furniture & Wood III00000
AFRAS 380Blacks Amer Justice Syst00000
ARP 610Education Leadership00000
ART 542Typography IV00000
ART 650Creative Environ Design00000
ART 226Introduction To Ceramics00000
ART 760Sem In 20Th Century Art00000
AMIND 120Written Communication00000
AS 93ALeadership Laboratory00000
ART 326Ceramics Ib: Handbuilt00000
AS 499Special Study00000
AFRAS 170AAfro-American History00000
ASIAN 458Asian Traditions00000
ART 386BArt Fld Exp High School00000
ASTR 440Astrophysics Of Stars00000
ANTH 471Archaeology Of No America00000
ASTR 680Astronomical Techniques00000
ART 441Graphic Design III00000
AUD 721Clin Case Studies/Staff I00000
AE 601Computational Fluid Mech00000
BA 458Management Decision Games00000
ART 452Art & Design Internship00000
BA 641Businss Ethcs & Corp Resp00000
AFRAS 363Socio-Cul Black Languages00000
ART 506Contemporary Issues00000
ARAB 201Intermediate Arabic I00000
ART 532Jewelry And Metals IIIb00000
AE 641Structural Optimization00000
ART 545Design Studio00000
ARP 745Internship In Rehab00000
ART 552Public Interior Design00000
ART 55820Th Century Art To 194500000
AFRAS 422Mod Civil Rights Movement00000
ARP 812Sem:Budget Mgt Comm Coll00000
ART 568Art:Crete Mycen Gree&Rome00000
ART 631Jewelry & Metal Work00000
ART 204Painting I00000
ART 700IStudio Art Jewelry/Metals00000
AFRAS 473Women In Africa00000
ART 700AStudio Art In Painting00000
ART 242Typography I00000
ART 798Special Study00000
AFRAS 102Afrocentrc Respnse Trauma00000
AS 92ALeadership Laboratory00000
ART 296Comics And Sequential Med00000
AS 100BHeritage & Values Of Usaf00000
AMIND 320Am Indian Contemp Society00000
AS 300ALeading & Communication00000
ART 342ATypography II00000
ASIAN 110Elem Converstnl Chinese00000
AE 530Rocket & Space Propulsion00000
ASIAN 421Asian History Since 160000000
ART 357World Art In Contemp Life00000
ASIAN 797Research00000
AMIND 496Re-Indigenizing Crm00000
ASTR 310Astrobiology00000
ART 406Exprmntl Processes In Art00000
ASTR 498ASenior Project00000
AFRAS 305WWriting In Various Settng00000
ASTR 650Galactic Structure & Evol00000
ART 431Jewelry And Metals IIa00000
ASTR 799AThesis00000
ANTH 520Ethnographic Fld Methods00000
AUD 710Hearing Amplification I00000
ART 444Design For Internet II00000
AUD 810Sem Amplif Res Technol00000
ACCTG 625Mngrl Analy &Fin Reportng00000
BA 405Intnl Bus Strat & Integra00000
ART 450Packaging Design00000
BA 624Org Behavior & Leadership00000
ANTH 600Sem: Research Design00000
ART 573BItalian Art 16Th Century00000
ART 102Drawing II00000
ART 578Sem:Hist Of Museums/Exhib00000
ART 604Painting00000
ART 454Experientl Graphic Desgn00000