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Samford Course Reviews

Samford University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ECCC 490Senior Capstone I00000
EDLD 538Governance/Policy-Ed Systems00000
DAUD 700Intro to Clinical Practice00000
DVPR 721Preaching and Culture00000
DVBF 504Biblical Theology00000
CSDS 415Comm Disorders-Med Setting00000
ECMG 472Case Studies in Leadership00000
COMS 215Public Speaking00000
DAUD 756Vestibular Assessment/Mgmt00000
COMS 401The Individual in Society00000
DVNT 731Exegesis of John00000
DVDM 860Project Proposal Writing00000
COSC 470Artificial Intelligence00000
ECAR 300Art Appreciation00000
CHRM 201My Major-Mission of God00000
ECCO 100Introduction to Computing00000
DANC 302Modern II00000
ECYS 320Children and the Law00000
BREL 316Jesus and The Gospels00000
EDLD 732Found/Educ Inquiry00000
COMS 321Research Methods/Com00000
DAUD 831Intro-Speech Lang Path Svcs00000
BREL 380Christian Worship00000
DVDM 816Field Supervision III00000
COMS 453Professional Communication00000
DVML 702Supervised Min. Practicum II00000
DVHD 502Medieval and Reformation00000
COSC 315Databases/Information Mgmt00000
DVOT 731Exegesis of Jeremiah00000
BSBB 302Oxbridge Tutorial00000
DVTH 741Directed Study00000
CSDS 212Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech and Hearing Mechanism00000
ECCC 247Theory and Practice in the Human Services00000
BREL 221Christian Theology00000
ECCJ 400Criminal Procedure/Evidence00000
DANC 202Jazz II00000
ECHI 101World History I00000
CHRM 320Christian Leadership00000
ECRE 102Intro to the Bible II00000
DATA 200Intro-Spreadsheet Applications00000
EDLD 520Foundations-Instructional Ldrs00000
BIOL 320Intro to Neuroscience00000
EDLD 622Seminar in Academic Leadership00000
DAUD 724Immittance and OAE Measures00000
EDLD 737Dynamics and Planning00000
BREL 360Sociology of Religion00000
DAUD 791Seminars in Audiology00000
COMS 342Leadership Communication00000
DAUD 899Clinical Externship00000
BIOL 327Introduction to Marine Biology00000
DVDM 805Ministry Context Studies I00000
COMS 421Comm in Close Relationships00000
DVDM 842Preaching Christ: Gen. To Rev.00000
BREL 402Faith Development00000
DVET 701Doctrine and Ethics00000
COMS 491Communication Workshop00000
DVHD 724Jonathan Edwards00000
DVHD 606Ecclesiology and Worship00000
COSC 210Data Structures/Algorithms00000
DVNT 511Intro To New Test Greek00000
BREL 497Global Religions Global City00000
DVOT 512Hebrew Syntax/Translation00000
COSC 407Advanced Bioinformatics00000
DVPM 701Pastoral Care and Counseling00000
BIOL 439Research00000
DVSF 622Doctrine Of The Trinity00000
CREO 201Intermed Haitian Creole I-Clp00000
DVTH 799Master's Thesis II00000
BUSA 100World of Business00000
ECBL 352Legal Environment of Business00000
CSDS 318Basic Speech/Hearing Science00000
ECCC 406Race and Ethnic Relations00000
BIOL 302Mammalian Physiology00000
ECCJ 303Fundamentals of Criminal Law00000
DANC 101Ballet I00000
ECCN 256Becoming a Self-Regulated Learner00000
CHRM 303Church Multiplication00000
ECED 307Foundations of Leadership00000
DANC 213Tap Dance III00000
ECMA 110Contemporary Mathematics00000
BREL 300Method and Research00000
ECOL 311Org Learning Design/Tech00000
DANC 410Dance History00000
ECTH 300Theatre Appreciation00000
CLAS 345Ancient Paganism00000
ECYS 350The Adolescent Learner00000
DATA 402Data Management00000
EDLD 525Practicum-School Improvement00000
BIOL 111Animal Biology00000
EDLD 540Design for Educ Improvement00000
DAUD 713Research Methods00000
EDLD 630Leading in a Diverse Society00000
COMS 232Tutoring II00000
DAUD 750Pediatric Audiology00000
BHA 301Healthcare Systems/Org/Policy00000
BIOL 218Human Phys-Allied Health Sci00000
BIOL 405Cell and Molecular Biology00000
BREL 491Independent Study in Religion00000
COMU 3860Music Production00000
DVHD 715The Person and Work of Christ00000