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Rhodes Course Reviews

Rhodes College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHEM 211Intro Organic Chemistry I52.5552
CHEM 120Foundations of Chemistry44441
BIOL 131Biology I Laboratory44441
CHEM 315Biochemistry52541
CHEM 311Physical Chemistry21221
BIOL 496Honors Tutorial00000
ART 313Digital Art: Advanced Projects00000
BUS 243Cost Accounting00000
BUS 466Personnel & Human Resrce Mgmt00000
ART 116Animation00000
BIOL 105Topic:Biodiversity/Environment00000
BUS 665Topic:Businessdatabase Sys/Sql00000
BIOL 453Research in Biology00000
ART 260Curation in Context00000
BMB 486Senior Seminar00000
ART 101Drawing00000
BUS 361Management of Organizations00000
ART 485Senior Seminar00000
BUS 565Current Issues/Public Acctg00000
ANSO 327Gender And Power In Latin Amer00000
CHEM 212Intro Organic Chemistry II00000
ART 165Topic:Chemistry And Art00000
BIOL 200Evolution00000
BIOL 212Environmental Issues: S Africa00000
ANSO 362Special Problems00000
ART 205Intermediate Painting00000
BIOL 302Parasitology00000
BIOL 380Topics In Biomedical Science00000
ART 228Baroque Paintng Caravaggio/Rem00000
BIOL 486Senior Seminar00000
ANSO 486Senior Seminar00000
BMB 451Research00000
ART 301Advanced Drawing00000
BUS 125Intro to Entrepreneurship00000
ANSO 231Gender And Society00000
BUS 341Intermediate Accounting Theory00000
ART 386Exp in Media/Methods00000
BUS 460Internship00000
ART 110Film/Exp Video Production00000
BUS 474Services Marketing00000
ART 836Ancient & Byzntn Art & Architc00000
BUS 645Taxation of Business Organztns00000
AFS 350Race Thinking/Health Disp00000
CHEM DIInorganic Lab Design00000
BIOL 130Biology I00000
CHEM 240Analytical Chemistry00000
ANSO 345Just Food:Race/Class/Gender00000
BIOL 204Animal Development00000
ART 201Intermediate Drawing00000
BIOL 260Sci of Climate Change00000
AMS 280African Receptions/Grro Poetry00000
BIOL 305Population Genomics00000
ART 209Art Of Near East & Egypt00000
BIOL 311Invertebrate Biology00000
BIOL 316Freshwater Ecology00000
ANSO 375Anthropology And Written Word00000
ART 213Intermediate Digital Art00000
BIOL 320Conservation Biology00000
BIOL 376Molecular/Cellular Neurosci00000
ART 223Italian Renaissance Art00000
BIOL 452Research in Biology00000
ANSO 460Internship00000
BIOL 485Senior Seminar00000
ART 242Modern Art II00000
BIOL 495Honors Tutorial00000
ANSO 211Peoples Of Sub-Saharan Africa00000
BMB 310Biochem & Cell Bio Methods00000
ART 266Topic:Self-Portraiture00000
BMB 460Internship00000
ARCE 220Archaeological Methods00000
BMB 496Honors Research00000
ART 305Advanced Painting00000
BUS 200Taxation/Working Poor00000
AFS 150Black Religion and Radicalism00000
BUS 265Topics: Digital Marketing00000
ART 353Art And Life In Pompeii00000
BUS 345Federal Income Tax00000
ART 105Painting00000
BUS 452Financl Cases & Asset Valuatn00000
ART 460Art/Architecture Internship00000
BUS 463International Management00000
ANSO 271Ecological Anthropology00000
BUS 472Marketing Analytics & Metrics00000
ART 833W Europe:Art, Museums&Monumnts00000
BUS 486Senior Seminar in Business00000
ART 114Digital Art:Motion Images00000
BUS 643Accounting Control00000
ART 843W Europe:Mid Ages-Renaissance00000
BUS 647Legal & Regulatry Environment00000
AERO 311Air Force Leadershp/Managemnt00000
BIOL 116Human Anatomy & Physiology II00000
CHEM 206Environmental Chemistry00000
ART 151Survey of Western Art00000
BIOL 330Virology/Immunology00000
ART 218Greek Art And Architecture00000
BIOL 345Ornithology00000
BIOL 350Comp Vertebrate Morphology00000
BIOL 140Biology II00000
AERO 112Air Force Today00000
AFS DIRace Nation Place00000