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Purdue Course Reviews

Purdue University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ECET 27900Embedded Digital Systems53541
ECET 33700Analog Signal Processing52451
ECET 10300Topics In Electrical Technology00000
ECET 10900Digital Fundamentals00000
ECET 12000Gateway To Electrical Engineering Technology00000
ECET 17700Data Acquisition And Systems Control00000
ECET 19600Introduction To EET And Projects00000
ECET 21400Electricity Fundamentals00000
ECET 22400Electronic Systems00000
ECET 23100Electrical Power And Controls00000
ECET 27000Electronics Prototype Development And Construction00000
ECET 29900Selected Electrical Engineering Technology Subjects00000
ECET 30400Introduction To Communication Systems00000
ECET 31100Electrical Systems And Signals In Healthcare00000
ECET 32300Introduction To Electric Vehicle Systems00000
ECET 32700Instrumentation And Data Acquisition Design00000
ECET 33300Power Electronics In Energy Systems00000
ECET 34500Advanced Digital Systems00000
ECET 35900PC Interfacing And Applications00000
ECET 36400Fundamentals Of Electromagnetics00000
ECET 37200Process Control00000
ECET 37300Applied Electronic Drives00000
ECET 37400Digital Telecommunications00000
ECET 38100Electrical Distribution Systems00000
ECET 38800Analog IC Applications00000
ECET 41400Wireless Communications00000
ECET 42800Audio Electronics-Selected Topics00000
ECET 43900Advanced Digital Signal Processing00000
ECET 46100International Capstone Project Execution00000
ECET 48300Network Fundamentals With Microcontrollers00000
ECET 48800Automatic Test Instrumentation00000
ECET 53600Embedded Systems Security00000
ECET 63800Selected Topics In Sensor Networks00000
ECET 11700Circuits Problem Solution Methods00000
ECET 15900Digital Applications00000
ECET 20700AC Electronics Circuit Analysis00000
ECET 22000Professional Career Development00000
ECET 22700DC And Pulse Electronics00000
ECET 23300Electronics And Industrial Controls00000
ECET 27300Modern Energy Systems00000
ECET 27700AC And Power Electronics00000
ECET 29700Electronic Prototype Development00000
ECET 30200Introduction To Control Systems00000
ECET 30700Analog Network Signal Processing00000
ECET 31410Military RF Electronic Applications00000
ECET 32400Fundamentals Of Electromagnetics00000
ECET 32900Advanced Embedded Digital Systems00000
ECET 33500Computer Architecture And Performance Evaluation00000
ECET 33900Digital Signal Processing00000
ECET 34900Advanced Digital Systems00000
ECET 35901Computer Based Data Acquisition Applications00000
ECET 36500Electrical Measurements00000
ECET 37600Electrical Energy Systems00000
ECET 38000Professional Issues In EET00000
ECET 38500Introduction To Automotive Electronics00000
ECET 39600Project Development and Management00000
ECET 42400Wireless Systems: Design And Measurement00000
ECET 43100International Capstone Project Planning And Design00000
ECET 44400Wireless Systems: Design And Measurement00000
ECET 46000Project Design And Development00000
ECET 47400Digital Communications00000
ECET 48400Digital Wireless Systems00000
ECET 49500Intensive Project Design/Development00000
ECET 49600Project Design and Development, Phase I00000
ECET 49700Project Design And Development, Phase II00000
ECET 52400Applied Electromagnetics00000
ECET 53500Energy Management00000
ECET 59000Special Problems In Electrical And Computer Engineering Technology00000
ECET 69800Research MS Thesis00000
ECET 10700Introduction To Circuit Analysis00000
ECET 11900Digital Problem Solution Methods00000
ECET 15700Electronics Circuit Analysis00000
ECET 17900Introduction To Digital Systems00000
ECET 20900Introduction To Microcontrollers00000
ECET 22001Academic Success Seminar00000
ECET 22900Concurrent Digital Systems00000
ECET 25700Consumer Power Electronics00000
ECET 27400Wireless Communications00000
ECET 29000International Experience00000
ECET 30201Introduction To Industrial Controls00000
ECET 30900Advanced Embedded Microcontrollers00000
ECET 32100Introduction To Nanotechnology00000
ECET 32500Computer Architecture, Modeling And Performance Analysis00000
ECET 33100Generation And Transmission Of Electrical Power00000
ECET 34101Biocompatability And Bio-Issues00000
ECET 35700Real-Time Digital Signal Processing00000
ECET 36000CIM In Electronics Manufacturing00000
ECET 36800Linear Integrated Circuits00000
ECET 37201Continuous Control Electronics00000
ECET 37401Digital Communication Systems00000
ECET 38001Global Professional Issues In Engineering Technology00000
ECET 38600Building Electrical Codes And Standard Practices00000
ECET 42301Electrical Vehicle Integration And Fabrication00000
ECET 43000Electrical And Electronic Product And Program Management00000
ECET 43600Electrical Power Transmissions, Distribution, And Smart Control00000
ECET 49900Electrical Engineering Technology00000
ECET 52500Applications In Forensic Engineering Technology00000
ECET 58100Workshop In Electrical And Computer Engineering Technology00000
ECET 59800Directed MS Project00000