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Purdue Course Reviews

Purdue University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CS 18000Problem Solving And Object-Oriented Programming43.63.645
CS 17700Programming With Multimedia Objects2.33.3233
CS 19100Freshman Resources Seminar33.522.52
CS 24000Programming In C33231
CS 25200Systems Programming52551
CS 38100Introduction To The Analysis Of Algorithms41541
CS 18200Foundations Of Computer Science44441
CS 25100Data Structures And Algorithms43551
CS 30700Software Engineering I54451
CS 35500Introduction To Cryptography31521
CS 14900Web Programming00000
CS 18300Professional Practice I00000
CS 29100Sophomore Development Seminar00000
CS 33400Fundamentals Of Computer Graphics00000
CS 35300Principles Of Concurrency And Parallelism00000
CS 39100Junior Resources Seminar00000
CS 40800Software Testing00000
CS 44800Introduction To Relational Database Systems00000
CS 47800Introduction to Bioinformatics00000
CS 48700Professional Practice V00000
CS 49700Honors Research Project00000
CS 50100Computing For Science And Engineering00000
CS 50500Distributed Systems00000
CS 51500Numerical Linear Algebra00000
CS 52500Parallel Computing00000
CS 53000Introduction To Scientific Visualization00000
CS 54100Database Systems00000
CS 54300Introduction To Simulation And Modeling Of Computer Systems00000
CS 56900Introduction To Robotic Systems00000
CS 57900Bioinformatics Algorithms00000
CS 59000Topics In Computer Sciences00000
CS 60300Advanced Topics In Distributed Systems00000
CS 62600Advanced Information Assurance00000
CS 63600Internetworking00000
CS 63800Multimedia Networking And Operating Systems00000
CS 66100Formal Compiling Methods00000
CS 69800Research MS Thesis00000
CS 15800C Programming00000
CS 18400Professional Practice II00000
CS 19700Freshman Honors Seminar00000
CS 25000Computer Architecture00000
CS 28400Professional Practice III00000
CS 29000Topics In Computer Sciences00000
CS 34800Information Systems00000
CS 35400Operating Systems00000
CS 38600Professional Practice IV00000
CS 39700Honors Seminar00000
CS 42200Computer Networks00000
CS 43400Advanced Computer Graphics00000
CS 47100Introduction to Artificial Intelligence00000
CS 47300Web Information Search And Management00000
CS 50010Foundational Principles Of Information Security00000
CS 50200Compiling And Programming Systems00000
CS 51000Software Engineering00000
CS 51501Parallelism In Numerical Linear Algebra00000
CS 52600Information Security00000
CS 53500Interactive Computer Graphics00000
CS 54200Distributed Database Systems00000
CS 55500Cryptography00000
CS 57300Data Mining00000
CS 58000Algorithm Design, Analysis, And Implementation00000
CS 59100Seminar00000
CS 61400Numerical Solution Of Ordinary Differential Equations00000
CS 61500Numerical Methods For Partial Differential Equations I00000
CS 64100Multimedia Database Systems00000
CS 69000Seminar On Topics In Computer Sciences00000
CS 11000Introduction To Computers00000
CS 15900Programming Applications For Engineers00000
CS 19000Topics In Computer Sciences00000
CS 23500Introduction To Organizational Computing00000
CS 28401Professional Practice Part-Time00000
CS 31400Numerical Methods00000
CS 35200Compilers: Principles And Practice00000
CS 39000Topics In Computer Sciences00000
CS 40700Software Engineering II00000
CS 42600Computer Security00000
CS 45600Programming Languages00000
CS 48300Introduction To The Theory Of Computation00000
CS 49000Topics In Computer Sciences For Undergraduates00000
CS 50011Introduction To Systems For Information Security00000
CS 50300Operating Systems00000
CS 51400Numerical Analysis00000
CS 52000Computational Methods In Optimization00000
CS 53100Computational Geometry00000
CS 53600Data Communication And Computer Networks00000
CS 54701Information Retrieval00000
CS 56500Programming Languages00000
CS 57800Statistical Machine Learning00000
CS 58400Theory Of Computation And Computational Complexity00000
CS 63500Capturing And Rendering Real-World Scenes00000
CS 65500Advanced Cryptology00000
CS 66200Pattern Recognition And Decision-Making Processes00000
CS 69900Research PhD Thesis00000