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Purdue Course Reviews

Purdue University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
AGEC 33100Principles Of Selling In Agricultural Business32551
AGEC 40000Agricultural Economics Study Abroad00000
AGEC 41500Community And Resource Development00000
AGEC 42900Agribusiness Marketing Workshop00000
AGEC 43500Leadership In A Changing World00000
AGEC 47500Honors Course - Upper Division00000
AGEC 49800Special Problems00000
AGEC 52500Environmental Policy Analysis00000
AGEC 55200Introduction To Mathematical Programming00000
AGEC 59600Seminars In Current Issues In Agricultural Economics00000
AGEC 60400Fundamentals Of Applied Welfare Economics00000
AGEC 61600Resource Economics And Policy00000
AGEC 62200Food System Organization And Policy00000
AGEC 63300Advanced Topics In Space, Health, And Population Economics00000
AGEC 65100Application Of Quantitative Analysis: Econometrics II00000
AGEC 68200The Macroeconomics and Trade Environment of the Food System00000
AGEC 69000Seminars In Agricultural Economics00000
AGEC 20400Introduction To Resource Economics And Environmental Policy00000
AGEC 27500Honors Course - Lower Division00000
AGEC 30500Agricultural Prices00000
AGEC 32700Principles Of Food And Agribusiness Marketing00000
AGEC 35200Quantitative Techniques For Firm Decision Making00000
AGEC 41000Agricultural Policy00000
AGEC 42100Advanced Commodity Marketing00000
AGEC 42700Advanced Agribusiness Marketing00000
AGEC 45600Federal Income Tax Law00000
AGEC 50600Agricultural Marketing And Price Analysis00000
AGEC 53000Strategic Agribusiness Management00000
AGEC 59500Internship00000
AGEC 60800Benefit-Cost Analysis00000
AGEC 61300Introduction To Economics Of Risk00000
AGEC 61800Applied General Equilibrium Analysis00000
AGEC 63000Urban And Regional Economics00000
AGEC 64300Theory Of Economic Development00000
AGEC 65400Economic Dynamics00000
AGEC 68100Economics for Food and Agribusiness Managers00000
AGEC 68800Business Analysis Capstone Project00000
AGEC 69900Research PhD Thesis00000
AGEC 20300Introductory Microeconomics For Food And Agribusiness00000
AGEC 25000Economic Geography Of World Food And Resources00000
AGEC 29600Selected Topics In Agricultural Economics00000
AGEC 32100Principles Of Commodity Marketing00000
AGEC 34000International Economic Development00000
AGEC 39000Cooperative Professional Programs In Agricultural Economics00000
AGEC 41100Farm Management00000
AGEC 42500Estate Planning And Property Transfer00000
AGEC 43300Executive In The Classroom00000
AGEC 45500Agricultural Law00000
AGEC 49600Selected Topics In Agribusiness Management00000
AGEC 52400Agricultural Finance00000
AGEC 53300Supply Chain Management For Food And Agribusiness00000
AGEC 57300International Business Analysis00000
AGEC 60200Preparation And Procedures For Policy Analysis00000
AGEC 61200Agricultural Production Economics I00000
AGEC 61900Applied Microeconomic Theory00000
AGEC 63200The Economics Of Health Care And Health Policy00000
AGEC 65000Application Of Quantitative Analysis: Econometrics I00000
AGEC 66000Teaching Agricultural Economics00000
AGEC 68600Strategic Food and Agribusiness Management00000
AGEC 69100Topical Research In Agricultural Economics00000
AGEC 21700Economics00000
AGEC 26000Mentoring Leadership00000
AGEC 29800Sophomore Seminar00000
AGEC 31100Accounting For Farm Business Planning00000
AGEC 33300Food Distribution - A Retailing Perspective00000
AGEC 39001Professional Internship Programs In Agricultural Economics00000
AGEC 41200Farm Business Management Workshop00000
AGEC 43000Agricultural And Food Business Strategy00000
AGEC 45000International Agricultural Trade00000
AGEC 49900Thesis00000
AGEC 52600International Food And Agribusiness Marketing Strategy00000
AGEC 57100Global Issues In International Agribusiness00000
AGEC 60000Agricultural Finance00000
AGEC 60500Consumer Demand Analysis00000
AGEC 61400Advanced Agricultural Production Economics00000
AGEC 62000Computational Analysis Of Markets And Policy00000
AGEC 63100The Theory And Practice Of Spatial Econometrics00000
AGEC 64400International Agricultural Trade00000
AGEC 65500Applied Economic Time Series Analysis00000
AGEC 68500Advanced Quantitative Methods For Decision Making Under Uncertainty00000
AGEC 69200Workshop In Applied Economics00000
AGEC 20200Spreadsheet Use In Agricultural Business00000
AGEC 22000Economics Of Agricultural Markets00000
AGEC 28900Foundational Internship00000
AGEC 31000Farm Organization00000
AGEC 33000Management Methods For Agricultural Business00000
AGEC 37500The Process Of Economic Research00000
AGEC 40600Natural Resource And Environmental Economics00000
AGEC 42400Financial Management Of Agricultural Business00000
AGEC 43100Advanced Agri-Sales And Marketing00000
AGEC 45100Applied Econometrics00000
AGEC 48900Professional Internship00000
AGEC 51600Mathematical Tools For Agricultural And Applied Economics00000
AGEC 52800Global Change And The Challenge Of Sustainably Feeding A Growing Planet00000
AGEC 57200International Agribusiness Market Opportunities00000
AGEC 61700Applied Welfare And Environmental Economics00000
AGEC 62500Macroeconomic Issues In Agriculture00000
AGEC 64000Agricultural Policy00000
AGEC 65200Application Of Quantitative Analysis: Mathematical Programming00000
AGEC 68400Applied Quantitative Methods For Decision Making00000
AGEC 68700Problem Solving And Project Management For Decision Makers00000
AGEC 69800Research MS Thesis00000