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Purdue Course Reviews

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CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
AAE 33300Fluid Mechanics42451
AAE 44000Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics52551
AAE 20400Aeromechanics II53541
AAE 19000Introduction To Aerospace Engineering00000
AAE 25100Introduction To Aerospace Design00000
AAE 33900Aerospace Propulsion00000
AAE 36100Introduction To Random Variables In Engineering00000
AAE 38399Professional Practice Co-Op III00000
AAE 39699Professional Practice Internship00000
AAE 42100Flight Dynamics And Control00000
AAE 45000Spacecraft Design00000
AAE 49000Special Problems In Aeronautical Engineering00000
AAE 51400Intermediate Aerodynamics00000
AAE 51900Hypersonic Aerothermodynamics00000
AAE 53500Propulsion Design, Build, Test00000
AAE 54700Experimental Stress Analysis00000
AAE 55400Fatigue Of Structures And Materials00000
AAE 55800Finite Element Methods In Aerospace Structures00000
AAE 56700Introduction To Applied Stochastic Processes00000
AAE 59500Aerospace Seminar00000
AAE 62600Turbulence And Turbulence Modeling00000
AAE 65400Fracture Mechanics00000
AAE 69800Research MS Thesis00000
AAE 20000Undergraduate Sophomore Seminar00000
AAE 29199Professional Practice Extensive Co-Op I00000
AAE 33301Fluid Mechanics Laboratory00000
AAE 34000Dynamics And Vibrations00000
AAE 36400Control System Analysis00000
AAE 38299Professional Practice Co-Op II00000
AAE 39599Professional Practice Extensive Co-Op V00000
AAE 41800Zero-Gravity Flight Experiment00000
AAE 45400Design Of Aerospace Structures00000
AAE 51200Computational Aerodynamics00000
AAE 51800Low-Gravity Fluid Dynamics00000
AAE 53700Hypersonic Propulsion00000
AAE 55000Multidisciplinary Design Optimization00000
AAE 55500Mechanics Of Composite Materials00000
AAE 56000System-Of-Systems Modeling And Analysis00000
AAE 57500Introduction To Satellite Navigation And Positioning00000
AAE 64600Elastic Wave Propagation00000
AAE 66800Hybrid Systems: Theory And Analysis00000
AAE 20401Aeromechanics II Laboratory00000
AAE 30100Signal Analysis For Aerospace Engineering00000
AAE 33800Thermal Sciences00000
AAE 35201Structural Analysis I Laboratory00000
AAE 38199Professional Practice Co-Op I00000
AAE 39500Undergraduate Seminar00000
AAE 41600Viscous Flows00000
AAE 44300Industrial Practices Seminar00000
AAE 50700Principles Of Dynamics00000
AAE 51100Introduction To Fluid Mechanics00000
AAE 52000Experimental Aerodynamics00000
AAE 53800Air Breathing Propulsion00000
AAE 55100Design Theory And Methods For Aerospace Systems00000
AAE 55600Aeroelasticity00000
AAE 56400Systems Analysis And Synthesis00000
AAE 59000Projects In Aeronautical Engineering00000
AAE 61500Aeroacoustics00000
AAE 64200Graduate Professional Practice00000
AAE 67500Advanced Signals And Systems For Satellite Navigation00000
AAE 20300Aeromechanics I00000
AAE 29299Professional Practice Extensive Co-Op II00000
AAE 33400Aerodynamics00000
AAE 35103Aerospace Systems Design00000
AAE 36401Control Systems Laboratory00000
AAE 39399Professional Practice Extensive Co-Op III00000
AAE 40000Undergraduate Senior Seminar00000
AAE 43900Rocket Propulsion00000
AAE 45100Aircraft Design00000
AAE 50800Optimization In Aerospace Engineering00000
AAE 51700Unsteady Aerodynamics00000
AAE 52300Introduction To Remote Sensing00000
AAE 53900Advanced Rocket Propulsion00000
AAE 55300Elasticity In Aerospace Engineering00000
AAE 55900The Mechanics Of Friction And Wear00000
AAE 61300Viscous Flow Theory00000
AAE 63200Advanced Orbital Dynamics00000
AAE 69000Advanced Aeronautical Engineering Projects00000
AAE 30000Undergraduate Junior Seminar00000
AAE 33401Aerodynamics Laboratory00000
AAE 35200Structural Analysis I00000
AAE 37200Jet Propulsion Power Plants00000
AAE 39499Professional Practice Extensive Co-Op IV00000
AAE 41200Introduction To Computational Fluid Dynamics00000
AAE 43800Air-Breathing Propulsion00000
AAE 45300Matrix Methods In Aerospace Structures00000
AAE 51500Rotorcraft Aerodynamics00000
AAE 53200Orbit Mechanics00000
AAE 54600Aerospace Structural Dynamics And Stability00000
AAE 55200Nondestructive Evaluation Of Structures And Materials00000
AAE 56500Guidance And Control Of Aerospace Vehicles00000
AAE 56800Applied Optimal Control And Estimation00000
AAE 60700Variational Principles Of Mechanics00000
AAE 62400Laminar-Turbulent Transition00000
AAE 66600Nonlinear Dynamics, Systems, And Control00000
AAE 69900Research PhD Thesis00000