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PSU World Campus Course Reviews

Penn State World Campus

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ECON 102Introductory Microeconomic Analysis And Policy3.52.5442
MKTG 220Introduction To Selling Techniques55551
IST 110Information, People And Technology55341
ENGL 202DEffective Writing: Business Writing44451
IST 210Organization Of Data43551
APDEM 801Principles Of Demography11211
ENGL 15Rhetoric And Composition33131
ASTRO 1Astronomical Universe55531
OLEAD 100Introduction To Leadership35221
MUSIC 109The Music Of The Beatles55521
IST 220Networking And Telecommunications33351
MKTG 342Marketing Research55551
CMPSC 101Introduction To C++ Programming52551
EA 871Enterprise Architecture Foundations I53551
LDT 100World Technologies And Learning55441
EARTH 111Water: Science And Society22231
ACCTG 310Federal Taxation I23341
LARCH 65Built Environment And Culture00000
SPLED 462Autism And Applied Behavior Analysis00000
LDT 505Integrating Mobile Technologies Into Learning Environments00000
LER 401The Law Of Labor-Management Relations00000
PSY 894Capstone Experience00000
STAT 100Statistical Concepts And Reasoning00000
LER 465Collective Decision Making00000
MANGT 520Planning And Resource Management00000
STAT 510Applied Time Series Analysis00000
MATH 34The Mathematics Of Money00000
LA 402Fundraising Leadership: Building A Strong Base00000
SOC 456Gender, Occupations, And Professions00000
LAWSC 496Independent Studies00000
PPEM 412Turfgrass Disease Management00000
LER 100Employment Relations00000
SPLED 596Individual Studies00000
LER 435Labor Relations In The Public Sector00000
PHIL 103Introduction To Ethics00000
LLED 502Studies In Literature For Children00000
STAT 500Applied Statistics00000
MANGT 596Individual Studies00000
PSYCH 243Introduction To Well-Being And Positive Psychology00000
MBADM 810Team Performance00000
SWENG 545Data Mining00000
ME 512Heat Transfer--Conduction00000
ME 597Special Topics00000
OLEAD 465Collective Decision Making00000
PHP 831Public Health Preparedness And The Emergency Operations Plan00000
PSYCH 424Applied Social Psychology00000
SYSEN 520Systems Engineering00000
MGMT 301Basic Management Concepts00000
MICRB 107Elementary Microbiology Laboratory00000
THEA 107Introduction To Dramatic Structure00000
MKTG 327Retailing00000
MKTG 445Global Marketing00000
PHYS 10Physics Behind The Headlines00000
PSYCH 490Senior Seminar In Psychology00000
WFED 405Project Management For Professionals00000
WFED 573Needs Assessment For Workforce Development Professionals00000
PSYCH 495Internship00000
WFED 595AField Based Project For Workforce Development Professionals00000
KINES 82Action Methods For Stress Management00000
SOC 404Social Influence And Small Groups00000
LA 895Internship00000
PLSC 480Congress And The Presidency00000
LAS 496Independent Studies00000
SPAN 2Elementary Spanish II00000
LDT 415ASystematic Instructional Development00000
PADM 594Research Topics00000
LDT 832Designing E-Learning Within Course Management Systems00000
SPLED 520Current Issues In Special Education00000
LER 312Employment Relations To Research Methods In Labor And Employ...00000
PSY 813Leadership For Creativity And Innovation00000
LER 425Employee Benefits00000
SRA 221Overview Of Information Security00000
LER 444Workplace Safety And Health: Principles And Practices00000
LLED 462The Art Of The Picturebook00000
STAT 481Intermediate Sas For Data Management00000
LLED 568Doing Research In Children's Literature00000
PSYCH 212Introduction To Developmental Psychology00000
MANGT 535Interpersonal And Group Behavior00000
STAT 502Analysis Of Variance And Design Of Experiments00000
MATH 21College Algebra I00000
PHP 410Public Health Preparedness For Disaster And Terrorist Emerge...00000
MATH 140Calculus With Analytic Geometry I00000
STAT 897Special Topics00000
ME 430Introduction To Combustion00000
PSYCH 281Introduction To Industrial-Organizational Psychology00000
ME 521Foundations Of Fluid Mechanics I00000
SWENG 587Software Systems Architecture00000
METEO 241Fundamentals Of Tropical Forecasting00000
NURS 835Doctor Of Nursing Practice Project00000
MGMT 445Managing A Diverse Workforce00000
SYSEN 536Decision And Risk Analysis In Engineering00000
MIS 404Introduction To Erp And Business Processes00000
PSYCH 476Child Psychopathology00000
WFED 884Appreciative Inquiry00000
PADM 502Governmental Fiscal Decision Making00000
PLSC 14International Relations00000
RHS 100Introduction To Disability Culture00000
IST 454Computer And Cyber Forensics00000
IST 456Information Security Management00000
RPTM 120Leisure And Human Behavior00000