PSU Behrend Course Reviews

Penn State Behrend

IE 418Human/Computer Interface Design55551
CNED 280Job/Internship Search And Professional Skills00000
ENGL 2The Great Traditions In English Literature00000
FRNSC 210Essential Practices Of Forensic Science00000
EET 101Electrical Circuits I00000
CMPEN 480Computer Engineering Design00000
ENGL 490Women Writers And Their Worlds00000
CAS 204Communication Research Methods00000
CHEM 112Chemical Principles II00000
COMM 270Introduction To Multimedia Production00000
COMM 495Internship00000
EE 360Communications Systems I00000
CIVCM 211Foundations: Civic And Community Engagement00000
EET 475Intermediate Programmable Logic Controllers00000
BIOL 495Internship In Biology00000
ENGL 202DEffective Writing: Business Writing00000
CMPSC 312Computer Organization And Architecture00000
FIN 427Derivative Securities00000
ARTSA 403Fundraising And Grant Writing00000
HDFS 129Introduction To Human Development And Family Studies00000
CHEM 101Introductory Chemistry00000
COMM 406Electronic News Gathering And Editing00000
BA 242Social And Ethical Environment Of Business00000
CHEM 294Special Problems And Research00000
EARTH 2The Earth System And Global Change00000
ECON 104Introductory Macroeconomic Analysis And Policy00000
EE 312Electrical Circuit Analysis00000
CHEM 495Internship00000
EE 494HSenior Thesis00000
BIOL 220WBiology: Populations And Communities00000
EET 212Op Amp And Integrated Circuit Electronics00000
CMPEN 351Microprocessors00000
EGT 121Applied Solid Modeling00000
ART 20Introduction To Drawing00000
ENGL 136The Graphic Novel00000
CMPSC 102Introduction To Visual Programming00000
ENGL 296Independent Studies00000
CAS 100AEffective Speech00000
ENVSC 494Research In Environmental Science00000
CMPSC 461Programming Language Concepts00000
FIN 476Financial Ethics00000
AMST 196Introduction To American Folklore00000
GEOG 161Applied Geographic Information Systems00000
COMM 118Introduction To Media Effects00000
HIST 11World History II00000
ASTRO 97Special Topics00000
COMM 315Applications For Media Writing00000
CHEM 110Chemical Principles I00000
COMM 472Public Relations Event Planning00000
ANTH 21Introductory Biological Anthropology00000
DIGIT 110Text Encoding Fundamentals00000
CHEM 210Organic Chemistry I00000
ECE 453Parent Involvement In Home, Center, And Classroom Instructio...00000
BADM 525Innovation And Change Management00000
CHEM 400Chemical Literature00000
ECON 351Money And Banking00000
ECON 481Business Forecasting Techniques00000
EDUC 100First-Year Seminar In Education00000
CHEM 457Experimental Physical Chemistry00000
EE 316Introduction To Embedded Microcontrollers00000
BIOL 141Introductory Physiology00000
EE 395Internship00000
CI 405Strategies In Classroom Management00000
EET 2Introduction To Engineering Technology00000
ART 3Visual Images On The Web00000
EET 114Electrical Circuits II00000
CMLIT 153International Cultures: Film And Literature00000
EET 341Measurements And Instrumentation00000
BIOL 416Biology Of Cancer00000
EET 495Internship00000
CMPEN 395Internship00000
EMCH 211Statics00000
ACCTG 873Advanced Topics In Financial Reporting00000
ENGL 15Rhetoric And Composition00000
CMPET 301Algorithmic Processes For Electrical Systems00000
ENGL 194Women Writers00000
BISC 4Human Body: Form And Function00000
ENGL 209Journal Or Magazine Practicum00000
CMPSC 200Programming For Engineers With Matlab00000
ENGL 439American Nonfiction Prose00000
ARTH 111Ancient To Medieval Art00000
ENGL 495Internship00000
CMPSC 395Internship00000
FIN 330Personal Financial Planning00000
CAS 175Persuasion And Propaganda00000
FIN 461Portfolio Management And Analysis00000
CMPSC 484Computer Science Senior Project I00000
FR 3Intermediate French00000
ACCTG 422Accounting Systems00000
GAME 420Advanced Game Design00000
COMM 3Radio Practicum00000
GER 3Intermediate German00000
CAS 450Group Communication Theory And Research00000
ECON 494Research Project00000
COMM 205Gender, Diversity And The Media00000
ACCTG 305Financial Statements And Management Decisions00000
ACCTG 495Internship00000
ARMY 301Advanced Principles Of Leadership And Management00000
BIOL 110Biology: Basic Concepts And Biodiversity00000
CHEM 430Structural Analysis Of Organic Compounds00000