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PSU Behrend Course Reviews

Penn State Behrend

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
IE 418Human/Computer Interface Design55551
MATH 494Research Project00000
MUSIC 82Concert Band00000
PHYS 494Physics Research Project00000
MIS 387Website Design And Administration00000
MATH 83Technical Calculus00000
NURS 492Emergency Care And Safety00000
HIST 435Topics In European History00000
IET 216Production Design Laboratory00000
ME 357System Dynamics00000
ME 494Research Project00000
MGMT 495Internship00000
KINES 97Special Topics00000
MKTG 422Advertising And Sales Promotion Management00000
FR 1Elementary French I00000
NURS 405ANursing Care Of The Adult Client With Complex Health Problem...00000
MATH 232Integral Vector Calculus00000
PHOTO 100Introduction To Photography00000
ENGL 136The Graphic Novel00000
PLET 296Independent Studies00000
IE 327Introduction To Work Design00000
ME 410Heat Transfer00000
ENGL 202BEffective Writing: Writing In The Humanities00000
KINES 57Personal Defense00000
MET 306Computer-Aided Design00000
MET 341Mechanical Measurements And Instrumentation00000
MGMT 410Project Management00000
KINES 84Fitness For Life00000
MICRB 405ASeminar And Practicum In Medical Technology00000
FIN 418Introduction To Energy Finance00000
MIS 495Internship00000
MATH 10Preparation Skills For Success In Mathematics00000
MUSIC 5An Introduction To Western Music00000
EMCH 212Dynamics00000
NURS 251Health Assessment00000
MATH 210Calculus With Engineering Technology Applications00000
NURS 452Women's Health Issues00000
GEOG 160Mapping Our Changing World00000
PHIL 103WIntroduction To Ethics00000
MATH 312Concepts Of Real Analysis00000
PHYS 214General Physics: Wave Motion And Quantum Physics00000
EET 101Electrical Circuits I00000
PLET 205Introduction To Plastics00000
MCHT 213Strength And Properties Of Materials00000
PLET 323Packaging Processes00000
ENGL 200Introduction To Critical Reading00000
ME 370Vibration Of Mechanical Systems00000
IE 497Special Topics00000
ME 449Mechanical Design Projects00000
EET 212Op Amp And Integrated Circuit Electronics00000
MET 107Computer Applications For Technologists00000
KINES 29Golf I00000
MET 330Thermodynamics00000
ENGL 312Globality And Literature00000
KINES 62Introduction To Cardiovascular Activities00000
MET 425Finite Element Analysis Applications II00000
MET 436Energy Conservation Systems00000
MGMT 301Basic Management Concepts00000
KINES 77Yoga 100000
MGMT 471WStrategic Management And Business Policy00000
ENGL 495Internship00000
MICRB 201Introductory Microbiology00000
KINES 90AIntroduction To Team Sports/Indoor - Volleyball00000
MICRB 405CSeminar And Practicum In Medical Technology00000
EGEE 102Energy Conservation For Environmental Protection00000
MIS 407Enterprise Integration With Oracle00000
LER 100Employment Relations00000
MKTG 342Marketing Research00000
FIN 462Intrieri Family Student Managed Fund - Fund Officer / Lead A...00000
MKTG 495Internship00000
MATH 41Trigonometry And Analytic Geometry00000
MUSIC 9Introduction To World Musics00000
EE 495Internship00000
MUSIC 103Concert Choir00000
MATH 140Calculus With Analytic Geometry I00000
NURS 310Therapeutic Nursing Care Of The Older Adult Client In A Vari...00000
GAME 220Introduction To Game Design00000
NURS 417Family And Community Health Concepts00000
MATH 230Calculus And Vector Analysis00000
NURS 465Health Concepts For Adults With Complex Health Care Needs00000
ENGL 6Creative Writing Common Time00000
PHIL 1Basic Problems Of Philosophy00000
MATH 251Ordinary And Partial Differential Equations00000
PHIL 103Introduction To Ethics00000
HIST 21American Civilization Since 187700000
PHYS 212General Physics: Electricity And Magnetism00000
MATH 435Basic Abstract Algebra00000
PHYS 420Thermal Physics00000
EE 211Electrical Circuits And Power Distribution00000
PHYS 495Internship00000
MATSE 259Properties And Processing Of Engineering Materials00000
PLET 222Introduction To Plastics Processing00000
IB 404Contemporary Issues In International Business00000
MET 470Materials Engineering00000
ME 300Engineering Thermodynamics I00000
EARTH 111Water: Science And Society00000
EE 387Energy Conversion00000
EET 475Intermediate Programmable Logic Controllers00000
ENGL 458Twentieth-Century Poetry00000
KINES 67Physical Conditioning00000