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Penn State Course Reviews

Pennsylvania State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
PHYS 211General Physics: Mechanics1.54.5442
PSYCH 100Introductory Psychology53441
EBF 200Introduction To Energy And Earth Sciences Economics33221
COMM 168American Journalism: Values, Traditions, And Practices35231
MATH 140Calculus With Analytic Geometry I33451
ENGL 104The Bible As Literature44431
AERSP 494Aerospace Undergraduate Thesis00000
AED 596Individual Studies00000
AFAM 280Historical Ethnography Of Freedom00000
AFR 550African Feminisms00000
AE 401Design Of Steel And Wood Structures For Buildings00000
AEE 496Independent Studies00000
AGECO 121Plant Stress: It's Not Easy Being Green00000
AERSP 404Flight Vehicle Design And Fabrication II00000
AED 489Advanced Practicum00000
AERSP 601Ph.D. Dissertation Full-Time00000
ADTED 570Comparative And International Adult Education00000
AFR 110Introduction To Contemporary Africa00000
AEE 311Developing Youth Leadership Through Organization And Program...00000
AGBM 320Markets And Prices: Analysis And Forecasting00000
ACCTG 496Independent Studies00000
AGRO 438Principles Of Weed Management00000
AE 454Advanced Heating, Ventilating, And Air Conditioning00000
AEE 590Colloquium00000
AEE 596Individual Studies00000
ACCTG 600Thesis Research00000
AE 481Comprehensive Architectural Engineering Senior Project I00000
AEE 601Ph.D. Dissertation Full-Time00000
AERSP 301Aerospace Structures00000
AE 881Effective Facility Management And Planning00000
AERSP 420Principles Of Flight Testing00000
ACS 611Ph.D. Dissertation Part-Time00000
AERSP 535Physics Of Gases00000
AED 495BArt Education Student Teaching Practicum00000
AFAM 100Living While Black: Themes In African American Thought And E...00000
ACCTG 440Advanced Management Accounting00000
AFAM 494HResearch Project00000
AED 611Ph.D. Dissertation Part-Time00000
AFR 443Ethnic Conflict In Africa00000
AE 124Architectural Engineering Orientation00000
AGBM 101Economic Principles Of Agribusiness Decision Making00000
AEE 440Communication Methods And Media00000
AGBM 460Managing The Food System00000
ABE 596Individual Studies00000
AGECO 429Crop Scouting00000
AEE 509Contemporary Research In Agricultural And Extension Educatio...00000
AGRO 501Graduate Student Dialogue00000
ACCTG 590Colloquium00000
AEE 595Internship00000
AE 468AAdvanced Building Electrical And Communication Systems00000
AEE 597Special Topics00000
ABE 601Ph.D. Dissertation Full-Time00000
AEE 602Supervised Experience In College Teaching00000
AE 537Building Performance Failures And Forensic Techniques00000
AEE 611Ph.D. Dissertation Part-Time00000
AEREC 510Econometrics I00000
ACCTG 806Taxes And Business Planning00000
AE 552Air Quality In Buildings00000
AEREC 527Quantitative Methods I00000
AERSP 97Special Topics00000
AE 602Supervised Experience In College Teaching00000
AERSP 313Aerospace Analysis00000
ACS 600Thesis Research00000
AERSP 410Aerospace Propulsion00000
AED 212Interpreting Art Experience: Educational Implications00000
AERSP 450Orbit And Attitude Control Of Spacecraft00000
ACCTG 404Managerial Accounting: Economic Perspective00000
AERSP 504Aerodynamics Of V/Stol Aircraft00000
AED 495DArt Education Student Teaching Practicum00000
AERSP 597Special Topics00000
ADTED 542Perspectives On Adult Learning Theory00000
AERSP 880Wind Turbine Systems00000
AED 590Colloquium00000
AFAM 152African American History00000
AAAS 494Research Project00000
AFAM 409Racial And Ethnic Inequality In America00000
AED 601Ph.D. Dissertation Full-Time00000
AFAM 501Seminar In African American Studies00000
ADTED 600Thesis Research00000
AFR 192Modern African History00000
AEE 216Practical Parliamentary Procedure00000
AFR 495Internship00000
ACCTG 473Advanced Financial Accounting00000
AG 150Be A Master Student!00000
AEE 395Internship00000
AGBM 200Introduction To Agricultural Business Management00000
AE 222Building Modeling And Documentation00000
AGBM 420Agribusiness Markets & Prices00000
AEE 465Leadership Practices: Power, Influences, And Impact00000
AGBM 495AInternship In Agribusiness And Rural Development00000
AA 323Arts Enterprise Development00000
AGECO 144Principles And Practices Of Organic Agriculture00000
AEE 505Leadership Development00000
AGECO 496Independent Studies00000
AE 421Architectural Structural Systems I00000
AEREC 590Colloquium00000
AE 570Production Management In Construction00000
AEREC 596Individual Studies00000
AEREC 600Thesis Research00000
AEE 521Basic Applied Data Analysis In Agricultural And Extension Ed...00000