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Pellissippi State Course Reviews

Pellissippi State Community College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
VPT 1021Adobe After Effects On-campus instruction45531
GEOG 1000Introduction to Geography; Combo of online/on-campus instruc...34231
COMM 2025Fundamentals of Communication53551
THEA 1030Intro to Theatre; Online/virtual instruction. Log into cours...24321
CRMJ 1301Correctional Counseling PSCC TN eCampus00000
ENGL 2860Introduction to Film; Online/virtual instruction. Log into c...00000
FREN 1010Beginning French I PSCC TN eCampus00000
HMGT 2900Special Topics in Hospitality00000
CET 2501Intro to Sustainability00000
CULA 2350Professional Catering Combo of online/on-campus instruction00000
LEGL 2350Bankruptcy & Creditor Rights00000
ENGL 2116Writing for the Web PSCC TN eCampus00000
CITC 2399Internship In Comp Info Techno; Log into course during the 1...00000
ENST 1352Industrial Science Welding Cohort 2nd 10 weeks00000
ASL 2010Inter American Sign Language I; Online/virtual instruction....00000
HIST 220African American History PSCC TN eCampus00000
CRMJ 2366Criminal Intelligence; Online/virtual instruction. Log into...00000
IDT 1200Textiles for Interiors Log into course at posted times, on-c...00000
APE 2450Sound Design for Picture; Combo of online/on-campus instruct...00000
CGT 2040Computer Illustration00000
MATH 1920Calc I HS Precalculus & MATH ACT ≥ 26; Log into course at...00000
ECED 2315Early Childhood Curriculum; Log into course during the 1st 2...00000
ECED 2385Math & Science in Early Childhood Log into web course during...00000
ART 1030Art Appreciation PSCC TN eCampus00000
CHEM 2010Organic Chemistry I-LAB; Combo of online/on-campus instructi...00000
EDU 1120Introduction to Teaching PSCC TN eCampus00000
ENGL 1002English as 2nd Language II PSCC TN eCampus00000
CITC 2330Routing and Switching II; Log into course during the 1st 2 d...00000
ENGL 2410Western World Literature I PSCC TN eCampus00000
ARTP 2130Painting I00000
ENS 2110Statics Log into course at posted times, on-campus testing/l...00000
COM 1010Basic Web Design PSCC TN eCampus00000
ENST 2361Fluid Power Systems00000
APE 1090Dialogue Editing & Post Prod; Combo of online/on-campus inst...00000
GEOL 1040Physical Geology; Log into course during the 1st 2 days00000
CRMJ 2020Intro to Corrections; Online/virtual instruction. Log into c...00000
HIST 2310Early World History; Online/virtual instruction. Log into co...00000
CADD 2110Comm Building Design w/REVIT Log into course at posted times...00000
HSP 2260Hotel Operations00000
CULA 1310Fundamentals of Baking; On-campus instruction00000
LAS 2020Special Topics Liberal Arts00000
ADMN 2325Medical Terminology II; Log into course during the 1st 2 day...00000
MATH 1050Trigonometric Applications MATH ACT ≥ 19; Log into course...00000
DWP 2500Cont Mgt using WordPress Online/virtual instruction. Log int...00000
MDT 2100Photoshop Essentials PSCC TN eCampus00000
ARCT 2430Building Environmental Systems; Log into course during first...00000
ECED 2360Dev of Exceptional Children; Log into course during the 1st...00000
CHEM 1020Intro to Chemistry II PSCC TnEcampus00000
ECON 2200Principles of Microeconomics OS; Online/virtual instruction....00000
AGRI 1050Intro to Soil Science; Online/virtual instruction. Log into...00000
CHIN 2020Intermediate Chinese II00000
EDUC 2120Intro to Special Education PSCC TN eCampus00000
EET 1310Digital Fundamentals Must sign up for EET 1310PA LAB00000
EET 2655Applied Electricity00000
ART 1350Foundations Studio II; Combo of online/on-campus instruction00000
CITC 1110Programming I Lab w/CITC 1310W00 -Log into course during the...00000
EET 2940Alternative Energy Conversion00000
ELCM 2799Construction Methods & Codes00000
CITC 2310Advanced .Net Programming Hybrid: Combination Of Land Based...00000
ENGL 2045Introduction to Literature00000
ARTH 2020Survey of Art History II00000
ENGL 2310World Literature to 1650 PSCC TN eCampus00000
CITC 2364Virtualization Essentials; Log into course during 1st 2 days00000
ENGL 2530Introduction to Fiction00000
APE 1015Sound Production; Combo of online/on-campus instruction00000
ENGT 2995Engineering Tech Capstone for CET Majors00000
CIVT 2500Soil Mechanics-meets in MC132 & MC128.; Log into course at p...00000
ENST 1313CAD for Electronics Log into course during 1st 2 days00000
ARTP 2220Ceramics II00000
ENST 1371Composite Mat & Structures- Log into course during first two...00000
COMM 2075Organizational Communication PSCC TNeCampus00000
ESOL 0931Writing I; Online/virtual instruction. Log into course at po...00000
ADMN 2304Intro Electronic Health Rec;Accelerated- Online/virtual inst...00000
GEOG 1030Cultural Geography00000
CRMJ 1350Criminal Justice Career Planng00000
GERM 2010Intermediate German I; Online/virtual instruction. Log into...00000
BIOL 1010Biology I W/Lab Pscc Tn Ecampus00000
HIST 2020Modern United States History; Online/virtual instruction. Lo...00000
CRMJ 2312Criminology; Online/virtual instruction. Log into course at...00000
HIT 1120Fundamentuals Of Disease Processes Pscc Tn Ecampus00000
APE 2015Pro Tools; Combo of online/on-campus instruction00000
HSP 1400Sanitation & Food Safety 1st 10 wks00000
CRMJ 2394White Collar Crime00000
HUM 1010Intro to Humanities I PSCC TN eCampus00000
CET 1550Surveying Principles w/Lab00000
IDT 2450Interior Des Pres: Studio II Log into course at posted times...00000
CULA 1325Culinary II (Fabrication) 1st 10 wks; On-campus instruction00000
LEGL 1340Family Law; Online/virtual instruction. Log into course at p...00000
ACCT 2362Forensic Accounting; Online/virtual instruction. Log into co...00000
MATH 0030College Math Principles w/ MATH1030ME4; Log into course at p...00000
DWP 1020Web & Print Typography Online/virtual instruction. Log into...00000
MATH 1630Finite Math-HS Precal & ACT MATH ≥ 22; Combo of online/on-...00000
CGT 1040Digital Photography W/ Lab00000
EETC 1331Digital Fundamentals w/EETC 1331 BA Log into course at poste...00000
CITC 1310Programming I w/CITC 1110W00 must be taken concurrently; Log...00000
EETC 2332PLC II On-campus instruction00000
EETC 2399Special Topics in EET00000
ECE 2010Circuits I; Combo of online/on-campus instruction00000
ACCT 1010Principles of Accounting I; Log into course during the 1st 2...00000
ADMN 1308Office Procedures; Online/virtual instruction. Log into cour...00000