Pellissippi State Course Reviews

Pellissippi State Community College

COMM 2025Fundamentals of Communication53551
VPT 1021Adobe After Effects On-campus instruction45531
CGT 1950Design Fundamentals00000
BIOL 1010Biology I W/Lab Pscc Tn Ecampus00000
CITC 1111Programming II Lab w/ CITC1311W00 Must be taken concurrently...00000
CET 2012Cost Estimating w/lab00000
ARTP 1610Basic Printmaking00000
CHEM 2010Organic Chemistry I-LAB; Combo of online/on-campus instructi...00000
APE 1400Recording Techniques I ; Combo of online/on-campus instructi...00000
BIOL 2010Human Anatomy & Physiology I; Combo of online/on-campus inst...00000
APE 2450Sound Design for Picture; Combo of online/on-campus instruct...00000
BOT 1020Fundamentals of Botany II w/Lab00000
CADD 1650REVIT Fundamentals; Online/virtual instruction. Log into cou...00000
ART 2410Sculpture; Combo of online/on-campus instruction00000
CET 2799Construction Methods and Codes00000
ANTH 1430Prehistoric Archaeology; Log into course during the 1st 2 da...00000
CHEM 1020Intro to Chemistry II PSCC TnEcampus00000
ARTP 2420Life Sculpture Will Meet With Artp2120P0100000
CHIN 2010Intermediate Chinese I00000
ADMN 2311ICD-PCS Coding; Online/virtual instruction. Log into course...00000
CITC 1313.NET Programming PSCC TNeCampus00000
APE 2016Advanced Pro Tools; Combo of online/on-campus instruction00000
BIOL 2310General Botany I; Online/virtual instruction. Log into cours...00000
ADMN 2395Admin Prof Tech Internship; Log into course during the 1st 2...00000
BUSN 1305Introduction to BusinessAhead Cohort 1st 5 wks Log into cour...00000
ARCT 1710Architectural Design Fund I Log into course at posted times,...00000
BUSN 1380Supervisory Management -Ahead Cohort 3rd 5 wks Log into cour...00000
BUSN 2450E-Commerce00000
ART 1050Drawing II; Combo of online/on-campus instruction00000
CET 1100AutoCAD Fundamentals00000
ANT 1200Prehistoric Archaeology00000
CET 2112Soil Mechanics w/ Lab00000
ARTP 1010Drawing I00000
CGT 1040Digital Photography W/ Lab00000
ADMN 1321Communication Media00000
CGT 2050Cgt Special Topics: Fundamental Of Digital Media @ Willima B...00000
ARTP 2140Painting II00000
CHEM 1120General Chemistry II; Online/virtual instruction,ONE campus...00000
APE 1023Live Sound Recording00000
CHIN 1010Beginning Chinese I00000
ASL 2020Int American Sign Language II; Online/virtual instruction. L...00000
CISP 1010Computer Science I; Log into course at posted times, on-camp...00000
ACCT 2382Acct Sys App- AHEAD Cohort -2nd 10 wks; Online/virtual instr...00000
CITC 1303Database Concepts; Log into course during the 1st 2 days00000
BIOL 1310Concepts of Biology00000
CITC 1318Data Structures Pscc Tn Ecampus00000
ADMN 2319Healthcare Delivery Systems00000
BIOL 2120General Genetics W/ Lab Tncis Eastern European's Best, May 8...00000
APE 2020Production Logistics Management; Combo of online/on-campus i...00000
BIOL 2400Prin of Nutrition; Online instruction by Zoom. In-person exa...00000
ACCT 2392Accounting Internship; Log into course during the 1st 2 days00000
BUSN 1300Personal Finance PCCC TN eCampus 1st 7 wks00000
APE 2910Audio Prod Technology Capstone; Online-Contact Mr. Goldman 8...00000
BUSN 1350Sales & Service PSCC TNeCampus00000
AGRI 1020Introduction to Animal Science00000
BUSN 2180Team Practicum OA; Log into course during the 1st 2 days00000
ARCT 2500Sustainable Built Environment; Online/virtual instruction. L...00000
BUSN 2330Principles of Management -Ahead Cohort- 2nd 5 wks; Log into...00000
BUSN 2395Business Applications OA; Log into course during the 1st 2 d...00000
ART 1035Introduction to Art00000
CADD 1200AutoCAD Fundamentals Log into course at posted times, on-cam...00000
ALH 1000Careers in Healthcare PSCC TN eCampus00000
CADD 2301Civil 3D Site Design; Log into course at posted time; no cam...00000
ART 2210Ceramics Handbuilding; On-campus instruction00000
CET 1310Arch Drawing w/AutoCAD w/Lab00000
ADMN 1311Word Processing I Online/virtual instruction. Log into cours...00000
CET 2080Fund of Building Info Modeling REVIT00000
ARTH 2010Survey of Art History I00000
CET 2501Intro to Sustainability00000
ANTH 1130Intro to Physical Anthropology; Log into course during the 1...00000
CFS 2110Development in Infancy00000
ARTP 1110Two Dimensional Design00000
CGT 1110Typography00000
ACCT 2331Tax Acct -AHEAD Cohort 3rd 5 wks; Online/virtual instruction...00000
CGT 2040Computer Illustration00000
ARTP 2120Life Drawing Will Meet With Artp2420P0100000
CGT 2140Desktop Publishing; Meets W/ Dwp1510P0100000
APE 1015Sound Production; Combo of online/on-campus instruction00000
CHEM 1050Concepts of Chemistry00000
ARTP 2220Ceramics II00000
CHEM 1310Concepts of Chemistry AST degree/Education Majors00000
ADMN 2304Intro Electronic Health Rec;Accelerated- Online/virtual inst...00000
CHEM 2020Organic Chemistry II-LAB; Combo of online/on-campus instruct...00000
ASL 1020Begin American Sign Lang II; Online/virtual instruction. Log...00000
CHIN 1020Beginning Chinese II00000
APE 1080Audio Processing & Ear Trng; Combo of online/on-campus instr...00000
CHIN 2020Intermediate Chinese II00000
ASTR 1030Astronomy & Lab PSCC TN eCampus00000
CITC 1102Networking Lab; Log into course during the 1st 2 days00000
ACCT 1020Principles of Accounting II; Log into course during the 1st...00000
CITC 1301Intro to Programming & Logic Log into course during 1st 2 da...00000
BIOL 1110GEN BIOL I Virtual online with ONE on-campus orientation mee...00000
CITC 1311Programming II w/ CITC1111W00 Must be taken concurrently; Lo...00000
APE 2000Emerging Trends in APE00000
BUSN 2350Organization Behavior Log onto course during the 1st 2 days00000
BIOL 1510Environmental Science I PSCC TNeCampus00000
AAST 2200African-American Studies00000
ACCT 2321Intermediate Accounting I; Online/Virtual instruction-Log in...00000
ADMN 1306Medical Terminology I; Log into course during the 1st 2 days00000
AGRI 1050Intro to Soil Science; Online/virtual instruction. Log into...00000