PCC Community Course Reviews

Pima Community College, Community

ASL 200Intro to the Deaf Community00000
AUT 132AutoDrivetrainRemoval/Replacem00000
ARB 101Elem Modern Standard Arabic I00000
ART 246Lighting for Photography II00000
ARC 295Field Projects00000
ANT 205Intro to SW Prehistory00000
ATT 205Op Sys III Infrared Wx Radar00000
AIT 225Electrical Systems II00000
ARC 181Global Positioning Sys Basics00000
AJS 115Criminal Procedures00000
ART 216Screenprinting I00000
ART 121Figure Sculpture00000
ANT 112Exploring Non-Western Cultures00000
ART 289Portfolio Capstone00000
AIT 105Maintenance Operations00000
AST 105INLife in the Universe00000
ANT 267Intro to Geographic Info Systm00000
AUT 101Automotive Maintenance00000
ACC 281QuickBooks Computer ACC00000
AVM 100AAircraft Maintenance: Module A00000
AIT 270Robotics I00000
ARC 276Archaeological Surveying I00000
ACC 296Independent Study Accounting00000
ART 106Survey Paint Material/Tech00000
AJS 204Criminal Investigations00000
ART 212Printmaking I00000
ART 131Art/Culture:LateGothic to Mod00000
AJS 290AJS Internship00000
ART 220Sculpture00000
AIS 148History Indians North America00000
ART 261Ceramics III00000
ANT 180Artifact Identif: Tucson Basin00000
ART 296I5Independent Study: Photography00000
ACC 250Certified Bookkeeper00000
ASL 215ASL Literature: Naratives00000
ANT 225Principles of Archaeology00000
ATT 112Airframe Instrument Systems00000
AIT 125Electrical Systems I00000
ATT 212Autoflight Systems00000
ANT 278Archaeological Surveying II00000
AUT 124Auto Diesel Engine Tune-Up00000
ACC 211Financial Accounting00000
AUT 139Steering/Alignment Systems00000
ARC 093Archaeology Workshop00000
AVM 110Aircraft Blueprint Reading00000
ACC 290Internship in Accounting00000
ARC 205Intro to SW Prehistory00000
AJS 109Criminal Law00000
ARC 281Global Positioning Systems00000
ACC 212Managerial Accounting00000
ART 1033D Digital Fabrication/Printin00000
AJS 124Ethics & Admin of Justice00000
ART 110Drawing I00000
ACL 080Academic and Critical Literacy00000
ART 128Digital Photography I00000
AJS 212Juvenile Justice Procedures00000
ART 170Metalwork I: Jewelry00000
ART 141Photography II00000
AJS 265Issues in Admin of Justice00000
ART 214Printmaking II00000
AIS 122Tohono Oodham History Culture00000
ART 218Screenprinting II00000
ANT 102Intro to Cult Anthro & Ling00000
ART 227Painting III00000
ACC 233Cost Accounting00000
ART 250Gallery and Museum Practices00000
ANT 130Hist/Culture of SW Borderlands00000
ART 270Metalwork II: Jewelry00000
AIS 206Contemp Native Americans of SW00000
ART 296I2Independent Study: Ceramics00000
ANT 202Sexuality, Gender and Culture00000
ASL 101American Sign Language I00000
ACC 206Topics in Tax Accounting00000
ASL 202American Sign Language IV00000
ANT 210Cultural Anthropology00000
AST 101INSolar System00000
AIT 115Hydraulic Systems00000
ATT 110Avionic Familiriztn Electr Rev00000
ANT 253Death Dying Across Cultures00000
ATT 203Avionics Test Equipment00000
ACC 273Governmental and Nonprofit ACC00000
ATT 210Dependent Navigation Systems00000
ANT 276Archaeological Surveying I00000
ATT 214App Avionics Knowledge00000
AIT 205Electronic Control Systems I00000
AUT 120Engine Diagnosis and Repair00000
ANT 286Electronic & Digital Field Map00000
AUT 128AutoElectricalFundmntls/Apps00000
ACC 150Payroll Accounting00000
AUT 136ManualTrans/Driveline Srvc00000
ARC 060Artifacts and Sites of Tucson00000
AUT 142Auto Heating, Vent, and AC00000
AIT 235Electronics Assembly & Fab II00000
ARC 110Buried Cities and Lost Tribes00000
ACC 100Practical Account Proced00000
ACC 204Individual Tax Accounting00000
ACC 221Intermed Accounting I00000
AFA 130The African Diaspora00000
AJS 250Crime Control Policy/Practice00000
ART 147Alt. Processes in Photography00000