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PCC Community Course Reviews

Pima Community College, Community

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
AJS 124Ethics & Admin of Justice53451
AUT 133AutoTrans/Transaxl Svc/Rebldng00000
CAD 151Comp-AidedDesignConstruction00000
CIS 136Computer Hardware Components00000
BIO 115INWildlife Of North America00000
ASL 202American Sign Language IV00000
CHI 101Elementary Chinese I00000
ARC 060Artifacts and Sites of Tucson00000
ART 1033D Digital Fabrication/Printin00000
AVM 207Weight and Balance00000
AVM 234Engine Fuel Metering/Operation00000
BCT 271Electrical IV00000
ART 261Ceramics III00000
BIO 205INMicrobiology00000
ANT 210Cultural Anthropology00000
CAD 270IntegratedMech/Elec-MechDesign00000
ATT 206Infrared and Wx Radar Install00000
CHM 235INGen. Organic Chemistry I00000
AJS 109Criminal Law00000
CIS 281System Analy/Des: Application00000
ARC 205Intro to SW Prehistory00000
AVM 227Engine Air Flow Systems00000
AJS 205Forensic Pathol-Death Investig00000
ART 130Art/Culture:Prehistoric-Gothic00000
BCT 120Blueprint Reading for Construc00000
BCT 146Woodworking I00000
BCT 233Residential & Indus HVAC VI00000
ART 220Sculpture00000
BCT 286Int'l Residential Code I00000
ANT 130Hist/Culture of SW Borderlands00000
BIO 160INIntro Human Anatomy & Phys00000
ART 296I4Independent Study: Pnt/Drw/Des00000
BUS 151Mathematics of Business00000
AIT 215Process Control Systems00000
CAD 203Adv Electro-Mechanical Design00000
AST 296LBIndependent Study in Astronomy00000
CDA 155How Children Learn and Develop00000
ANT 276Archaeological Surveying I00000
CHM 140RCFund. Org. & BioCHM Recitation00000
AUT 105Light Line Maintenance00000
CIS 119Network Essentials00000
ACC 296Independent Study Accounting00000
CIS 244Securing Windows Server00000
AVM 110Aircraft Blueprint Reading00000
CMN 110Public Speaking00000
BCT 159Furniture Design/Construction00000
AVM 219Airframe Inspections00000
ARC 281Global Positioning Systems00000
AVM 232Reciprocating Engine Overhaul00000
AIS 205Intro to SW Prehistory00000
BCT 106Soldering/Brazing for BCT00000
ART 110Drawing I00000
BCT 133Residential & Indus HVAC II00000
AJS 250Crime Control Policy/Practice00000
BCT 149Cabinetmaking II00000
ART 146Lighting for Photography I00000
BCT 202Construction Business Mgmt00000
BCT 174Electrical III00000
ART 216Screenprinting I00000
BCT 236Resid and Indust Plumbing IV00000
ANT 112Exploring Non-Western Cultures00000
BCT 274Electrical VII00000
ART 249Artists' Books00000
BIO 105INEnvironmental Biology00000
AIT 135Electronics Assembly & FabI00000
BIO 135INGenetics/Biotech/Human Affairs00000
ART 288Portfolio Preparation00000
BIO 184INPlant Biology00000
ANT 202Sexuality, Gender and Culture00000
BIO 296Special Projects in Biology00000
ASL 101American Sign Language I00000
BUS 290Internship in Business00000
ACC 292Income Tax Prep Experience00000
CAD 166Introduction to Revit00000
AST 101INSolar System00000
CAD 256AdvCommDesign: Revit00000
ANT 253Death Dying Across Cultures00000
CDA 103Curriculum Planning/Schedules00000
ATT 113Communications Systems00000
CDA 173Ages & Stages of Child: Presch00000
AIT 250AIT Capstone00000
CHM 121INChemistry and Society00000
ATT 213Airframe Electronics Tech Prep00000
CHM 151INGeneral Chemistry I00000
ANT 286Electronic & Digital Field Map00000
CHM 236INGen Organic Chemistry II00000
AUT 126EnginePerf/DriveabltyTrblshoot00000
CIS 131Prog & Problem Solv II00000
ACC 211Financial Accounting00000
CIS 228Fundamentals Network Security00000
AUT 142Auto Heating, Vent, and AC00000
CIS 269Data Structures00000
ARC 110Buried Cities and Lost Tribes00000
AVM 203Aircraft Sheet Metal Repair V00000
ACC 204Individual Tax Accounting00000
ACC 250Certified Bookkeeper00000
AIT 110Mechanical Systems00000
AJS 290AJS Internship00000
ART 210Drawing II00000
BCT 183Resid and Indust Plumbing III00000