Palomar Course Reviews

Palomar College

AT 135Front End Alignment and Wheel Service00000
BUS 104Business Information Systems00000
ART 103Intermediate Drawing00000
ASL 210LDiscourse Analysis Lab00000
ART 182Introduction To Arts Management00000
ARAB 102Arabic II00000
BIOL 141LIntroductory Biology: Zoology (Laboratory)00000
AMS 100American Culture And Identity00000
ART 147Design In Enamels00000
ANTH 125Evolution, Science And Religion00000
ASL 100LAmerican Sign Language I (Lab)00000
ART 265Ceramic Sculpture I00000
AODS 255Case Management, Law and Ethics00000
ASTR 120Planets, Moons, and Comets00000
AJ 104Criminal Law00000
BIOL 118LIntroductory Biology: Ecology (Laboratory)00000
ARCH 160Environmental Architecture And Design00000
BMGT 105Small Business Management00000
AIS 108AElementary Luiseno IIa00000
BUS 152Social Media For Business00000
ANTH 105Introduction to Cultural Anthropology00000
ART 163Arts Of Asia00000
AIS 140The Original Californians00000
ART 235Watercolor Painting I00000
ANTH 155Ancient Civilizations Of Meso-America00000
ARTI 247Digital 3D Design and Animation00000
ART 290Glassblowing/Glassforming III00000
AODS 140LIntroduction To Psychological And Social Services Lab00000
ASL 197Topics In American Sign Language00000
AJ 95BBasic Police Academy Module Ib00000
ASL 216LInterpreting IV Lab00000
AODS 299LDirected Field Experience II Lab00000
AT 110LAutomotive Tune up Computer Training Lab00000
AIS 101History of American Indian Nations From Creation Through the...00000
BIOL 101General Biology (Lecture)00000
ARCH 135Architectural Materials and Methods of Construction00000
BIOL 130Introductory Biology: Marine Biology00000
AJ 151Introduction to Terrorism00000
BIOL 201Foundations of Biology II00000
ARCH 217Design Studio IIa00000
BUS 82Medical Insurance Billing And Coding00000
ACR 102Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration: Electrical00000
BUS 129Principles Of Logistics00000
ART 125Introduction to Portraiture00000
BUS 165Beginning Keyboarding00000
AIS 125American Indians Today00000
ART 151Jewelry and Metalsmithing Design II00000
ANTH 115People and Cultures of the World00000
ART 166History of Art II - Survey of Western Art00000
ACR 110Advanced Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration00000
ART 205Indirect Metal Forming00000
ANTH 135Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion00000
ART 255Foundry Technique in Sculpture II00000
AIS 146American Indian Theatre, Dance and Music00000
ART 278Glass Casting II00000
ANTH 210Archaeological Surveying00000
ARTI 100Concept Sketching00000
ARTD 100Graphic Design I00000
ANTH 298Internship In Archaeology00000
AS 102African-American History II00000
AIS 295Directed Study in American Indian Studies00000
ASL 105Fingerspelling and Number Systems00000
AODS 160Prevention, Intervention, and Education00000
ASL 206LAmerican Sign Language IV (Lab)00000
ACS 110BIntercollegiate Basketball00000
ASL 215LInterpreting III Lab00000
AODS 298Directed Field Experience I00000
ASL 298Fieldwork In Interpreting00000
AJ 101Criminal Evidence00000
AT 105LAutomotive Electricity Computer Training Lab00000
APPL 717Plastering Equipment Application00000
AT 120Automatic Transmissions And Drive Lines00000
ACCT 201Financial Accounting00000
AT 225Automotive Engine Rebuilding00000
ARCH 105Basic Architectural Drafting00000
BIOL 106Biology With A Human Emphasis (Lecture)00000
AJ 115Patrol Procedures00000
BIOL 125Introductory Biology: Botany00000
ARCH 145Designing For Communication And Presentation00000
BIOL 131Introductory Biology: Marine Biology (Lecture)00000
AIS 107BElementary Luiseno Ib00000
BIOL 185Science of Human Nutrition00000
ARCH 204Advanced Revit00000
BIOL 211Physiology00000
AJ 180Criminology00000
BMGT 153Small Business Entrepreneurship00000
ART 100Introduction to Art00000
BUS 88Medical Office Administration00000
ACCT 101Bookkeeping00000
BUS 117Legal Environment of Business00000
ART 106Life Painting00000
BUS 136Money Management and Planning for the Future00000
ANTH 100Introduction to Biological Anthropology00000
ART 138Ceramic Surface Decoration00000
AB 55Auto Refinishing I00000
ACCT 110Quickbooks00000
ACS 55Cheerleading00000
AIS 166AElementary Cahuilla Ia00000
ANTH 225Historical Archaeology00000
ARTD 200Graphic Design II - Lettering And Layout00000