OSU Course Reviews

Ohio State University

ESWDE 5623Advanced Software Applications for Teachers and Trainers45341
SOCWORK 3503Social Work Practice with Diverse Populations13311
SASIA 3625Understanding Bollywood, Knowing India: Hindi Cinema Since 1...25111
BUSMHR 4322Human Resource Learning: Training and Development23121
DANCE 3402Dance in Global Contexts45321
AFAMAST 2194Group Studies00000
AEDECON 4100Self-employment and Entrepreneurship in the Food, Agriculture, and Resource Sectors00000
AFAMAST 3080Slavery in the United States00000
AFAMAST 4250African Politics00000
ACCTMIS 5000Accounting and Cost Analysis00000
AEDECON 4597.01Food, Population, and the Environment00000
AFAMAST 4999HHonors Thesis Research00000
AEROENG 5752Advanced Space Propulsion00000
AEDECON 3170Agribusiness Law00000
AFAMAST 2285Afropop: Popular Music and Culture in Contemporary Africa00000
ACCTMIS 4650Decision Support and Expert Systems00000
AFAMAST 3320History of African Cinema00000
AEDECON 4330The Sustainable Economy: Concepts and Methods00000
AFAMAST 4561Topics in Africana Psychology00000
ACCTMIS 3200HFinancial Accounting I00000
AFAMAST 5798.04Study Abroad in Africa and the Diaspora00000
AEDECON 1200Exploring Sustainability: SUSTAINS LC Seminar00000
AEROENG 2200Introduction to Aerospace Engineering I00000
AEROENG 3521Fundamentals of Flight Vehicle Control00000
ACCTMIS 3610Foundations of Business Information Systems00000
AEDECON 2105Managerial Records and Analysis00000
AEROENG 3570One Dimensional Gas Dynamics00000
AEROENG 5620Stability and Control of Flight Vehicles00000
AEDECON 3123Grain Merchandising00000
AFAMAST 1122African Civilizations, 1870 to the Present00000
ACCTMIS 4410Tax Accounting II00000
AFAMAST 2253Introduction to Caribbean Literature00000
AEDECON 4001Managerial Economics for Agribusiness00000
AFAMAST 2367.01African-American Voices in U. S. Literature00000
ACCTMIS 2300HIntroduction to Accounting II00000
AFAMAST 3230Black Women: Culture and Politics00000
AEDECON 4194Group Studies in Agribusiness and Applied Economics00000
AFAMAST 3440Theorizing Race00000
ACCTMIS 4780HAccounting Research and Practice00000
AFAMAST 4515Ethnicity, Development and the State in Sub-Saharan Africa00000
AEDECON 4535International Economic Development00000
AFAMAST 4610African Americans and the Law00000
ACCAD 5141Interactive Arts Media: UI/UX00000
AFAMAST 5240Race and Public Policy in the United States00000
AEDECON 5330Benefit-Cost Analysis00000
AGRCOMM 3130Oral Expression in Agriculture00000
ACCTMIS 3400HTax Accounting I00000
AEROENG 2405Thermodynamics00000
AEDECON 2001HPrinciples of Food and Resource Economics00000
AEROENG 3543Flight Vehicle Structures II00000
ACCAD 5191ACCAD Internship00000
AEROENG 3581Numerical Methods in Aerospace Engineering00000
AEDECON 2500Introduction to Sustainability00000
AEROENG 4194Group Studies in Aerospace Engineering00000
AEROENG 4511Experimental Projects II00000
ACCTMIS 4194Group Studies00000
AEDECON 3000Quantitative Methods in Agribusiness and Applied Economics00000
AEROENG 4516Design of Atmospheric Flight Vehicles II00000
AEROENG 5615Introduction to Computational Aerodynamics00000
AEDECON 3113Commodity Futures and Options Markets00000
AEROENG 5626Orbital Mechanics for Engineers00000
ACCTMIS 4220Governmental and Non-Profit Accounting00000
AFAMAST 1101Introduction to African American and African Studies00000
AEDECON 3141Agricultural Cooperatives00000
AFAMAST 2081African American History from 187700000
ACCTMIS 2200HIntroduction to Accounting I00000
AFAMAST 2218Black Urban Experience00000
AEDECON 3488Professional Development in Agribusiness and Applied Economics00000
AFAMAST 2275Blackness and the Politics of Sports00000
ACCTMIS 4510Fraud Examination00000
AFAMAST 2300Issues in the Contemporary Black World00000
AEDECON 4002.02Operations Research in Agribusiness and Applied Economics00000
AFAMAST 2367.04Black Women Writers: Text and Context00000
ACCAD 5102Programming Concepts and Applications for Artists and Designers00000
AFAMAST 3086Black Women in Slavery and Freedom00000
AEDECON 4191EEDS Professional Practice in Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics00000
AFAMAST 3304History of Islam in Africa00000
ACCTMIS 4670Information Systems Planning & Management00000
AFAMAST 3370Being African in America00000
AEDECON 4320Energy, the Environment, and the Economy00000
AFAMAST 3956Black Cultures and Classical Education00000
ACCTMIS 3194Group Studies00000
AFAMAST 4342Religion, Meaning, and Knowledge in Africa00000
AEDECON 4532Food Security and Globalization00000
AFAMAST 4551Topics in Africana Literature00000
ACCTMIS 4998Undergraduate Research in Accounting and MIS00000
AFAMAST 4571Black Visual Culture and Popular Media00000
AEDECON 4540International Commerce and the World Economy00000
AFAMAST 4998Senior Research Seminar00000
ACCAD 3350The History of Animation00000
AFAMAST 5193Individual Studies00000
AEDECON 4999Research With Distinction00000
AFAMAST 5485.01Southern Africa: Society and Culture00000
ACCTMIS 5500HHonors Auditing Principles and Procedures00000
AEROENG 4518Design of Space Vehicles and Systems II00000
AEDECON 3102Principles of Agribusiness Marketing00000
AEROENG 4998Aerospace Engineering Research00000
AEROENG 4999HAerospace Engineering Honors Thesis Research00000
AEDECON 5797Study at a Foreign Institution00000
ACADAFF 1100.07Office of Diversity and Inclusion Young Scholars Program Seminar00000