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OSU Course Reviews

Ohio State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
DANCE 3402Dance in Global Contexts45321
ESQREM 6625Introduction to Educational Research54451
GEOG 5229Emerging Topics in GIS53551
SOCWORK 3503Social Work Practice with Diverse Populations13311
ESWDE 5623Advanced Software Applications for Teachers and Trainers45341
SASIA 3625Understanding Bollywood, Knowing India: Hindi Cinema Since 1...25111
ECON 4130World Economic Development in Historical Perspective54431
BUSMHR 4322Human Resource Learning: Training and Development23121
AIRSCI 2102Team and Leadership Fundamentals II00000
AEROENG 5610Helicopter Aerodynamics00000
ANATOMY 2100.01Introductory Human Anatomy00000
AGSYSMT 4998Undergraduate Research00000
AEROENG 3581Numerical Methods in Aerospace Engineering00000
AIRSCI 4111Senior Leadership Lab I00000
AEDECON 1200Exploring Sustainability: SUSTAINS LC Seminar00000
AFAMAST 2194Group Studies00000
ANATOMY 4700Undergraduate Histology00000
ANIMSCI 2400.04Scotland's Ruminants00000
ANIMSCI 3133Principles of Feeds and Feeding00000
ACCTMIS 3400HTax Accounting I00000
AEDECON 3105Principles of Agribusiness and Food Supply Chains00000
AFAMAST 3083Civil Rights and Black Power Movements00000
ANIMSCI 3301Equine Selection and Evaluation00000
ANIMSCI 4002.01Beef Cattle Production and Management00000
AEDECON 4001Managerial Economics for Agribusiness00000
AFAMAST 5485.01Southern Africa: Society and Culture00000
AGSYSMT 4194Group Studies00000
AEROENG 3520Flight Vehicle Dynamics00000
AIRSCI 1101Heritage and Values of the United States Air Force I00000
ACCTMIS 4784Tax Research Seminar00000
AIRSCI 3102Leading People and Effective Communication II00000
AEROENG 4518Design of Space Vehicles and Systems II00000
AMINSTS 4999HHonors Thesis Research00000
ACCTMIS 3201Financial Accounting II00000
ANATOMY 2300.04Human Anatomy00000
AEROENG 5752Advanced Space Propulsion00000
ANIMSCI 2200.01Introductory Animal Sciences00000
AEDECON 2580Feast or Famine: The Global Business of Food00000
ANIMSCI 2700Diverse Fields and Opportunities within Animal Sciences00000
AFAMAST 2285Afropop: Popular Music and Culture in Contemporary Africa00000
ANIMSCI 3170Animal Health I00000
ACCAD 5301Devising Experiential Media Systems00000
ANIMSCI 3797.01Equine Studies in Europe00000
AFAMAST 4921Intersections: Approaches to Race, Gender, Class, and Sexuality00000
ANIMSCI 4003.02Swine Production Lab00000
ACCTMIS 3601Introduction to Information Systems00000
AEDECON 4003Economics of Public Policy Analysis00000
AFAMAST 5798.03Study Tour: Brazil00000
AGRCOMM 2194Group Studies00000
AGRCOMM 3488Professional Development In Agricultural Communication00000
ACCTMIS 2000Foundations of Accounting00000
ACCTMIS 4200Advanced Financial Accounting00000
AEDECON 4191EEDS Professional Practice in Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics00000
AGRCOMM 4191.01Agricultural Communication Internship00000
AGRCOMM 4998Undergraduate Research00000
AEDECON 4320Energy, the Environment, and the Economy00000
AGRCOMM 5135.01Agricultural Feature Writing00000
AGSYSMT 4193Individual Studies00000
AEDECON 5900Food System Planning and the Economy00000
AGSYSMT 4580Precision Agriculture00000
ACCTMIS 4660Electronic Commerce00000
AGSYSMT 5600Agricultural Safety and Health00000
AEROENG 3560Fundamentals of Aerodynamics00000
AIRSCI 2001Evolution of United States Air Force Air and Space Power I00000
ACCTMIS 3194Group Studies00000
AIRSCI 2122FTP Leadership Lab II00000
AEROENG 4515Design of Atmospheric Flight Vehicles I00000
AIRSCI 4001Air Force Defense Studies I00000
ACCTMIS 5000Accounting and Cost Analysis00000
AMINSTS 4998Undergraduate Research00000
AEROENG 4999Aerospace Engineering Thesis Research00000
AMINSTS 5194Group Studies00000
ACCAD 5191ACCAD Internship00000
ANATOMY 2220Human Structure and Function for Engineers00000
AEROENG 5620Stability and Control of Flight Vehicles00000
ANATOMY 3050Undergraduate Neuroanatomy Laboratory00000
AEDECON 2105Managerial Records and Analysis00000
ANATOMY 5710History of Anatomy00000
AFAMAST 1122African Civilizations, 1870 to the Present00000
ANIMSCI 2260Data Analysis and Interpretation for Decision Making00000
ACCTMIS 3300HCost Accounting00000
ANIMSCI 2500HFreshman Research Seminar: Contemporary Animal Biology Research00000
AFAMAST 2253Introduction to Caribbean Literature00000
ANIMSCI 3110Introductory Meat Science00000
AEDECON 3102Principles of Agribusiness Marketing00000
ANIMSCI 3147Milk Secretion00000
AFAMAST 2367.01African-American Voices in U. S. Literature00000
ANIMSCI 3191Internship in Animal Sciences00000
ACCAD 5001Motion Studies through Hand-Drawn Animation00000
ANIMSCI 3488Professional Development in Animal Sciences00000
AFAMAST 4565Topics in African Diaspora Studies00000
ANIMSCI 3797.04Scotland's Ruminants - Education Abroad00000
AEDECON 3170Agribusiness Law00000
AGRCOMM 5190Extension Education in Developing Countries00000
ACCTMIS 4310Topics in Management Accounting00000
AEDECON 4532Food Security and Globalization00000
AGRCOMM 5530Advanced Agricultural Communication Technology00000
AGSYSMT 2193Individual Studies00000
AEDECON 4537Middle Eastern Economic Development00000
AGSYSMT 2310Electrical Power for Agricultural and Residential Applications00000