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OKState Course Reviews

Oklahoma State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENGR 1111Introduction to Engineering3.552.52.52
ENGR 1332Engineering Design with CAD for MAE54551
ENSC 2123Elementary Dynamics45331
MAE 3333Fundamental Fluid Dynamics41451
ENSC 2113Statics43351
GEOL 2464Rocks and Minerals53551
ENGL 1113Composition I54451
EEE 4103Entrepreneurship: The Driving Force of the Economy (Austrian...41531
MATH 2163Calculus III53451
CIVE 3413Structural Analysis11231
ENGR 1412Introductory Engineering Computer Programming43551
ENGL 2413Exploring Literature (DH)55541
ART 2043Non-Major Jewelry and Metals I00000
AGEC 5343International Agricultural Markets and Trade00000
ART 3413Typography II00000
ART 4270Printmaking Studio00000
AG 1011First Year Seminar00000
AGED 3203Advising Agricultural Student Organizations and Supervising...00000
ART 5013Theory and Methods in Art History00000
ASL 2813Intermediate Grammar00000
AGIN 5313Global Food Security and Sustainability00000
ATLE 3101Orientation to Project Design00000
AUC 2131Non-Structural Recycled Panels00000
ACR 1206Electrical Cont Appls00000
AGCM 4403Planning Campaigns for Agriculture and Natural Resources00000
AMST 3223Theories and Methods of American Studies00000
AUMC 1241Electronic Control Systems00000
ART 1103Drawing I00000
AGEC 5073Rural Economics Development00000
ART 2293Photography I00000
AERO 4103National Security, Leadership Responsibilities and Commissio...00000
ART 3693Survey of Asian Art (H)00000
AGEC 6303Advanced Agricultural Marketing00000
ART 4800Gallery Internship00000
ACCT 5763Doing Business in Costa Rica: International Accounting Abroa...00000
ART 5810Museum Studies Internship00000
AGED 5703Cultural Competency for Working in Agricultural and Extensio...00000
AST 3211Engines and Power00000
AGCM 3103Written Communications in Agricultural Sciences and Natural...00000
AUC 1111Vehicle Design & Energy Mgmt00000
AGLE 4203Professional Development in Agriculture00000
AUMC 1101Technology Fundamentals00000
ACCT 3603Accounting Information Systems and Data Analytic Tools00000
AUMC 2403Advanced Drivelines00000
AMST 3803War In American Culture (H)00000
AUMC 2542Engines I00000
AUMC 2662Engines II00000
ACR 2406Commercial Refrig Appls00000
AGCM 5503Risk and Crisis Communication in Agricultural Sciences and N...00000
ANSI 1124Introduction to the Animal Sciences00000
ANSI 2253Meat Animal and Carcass Evaluation00000
AGEC 2990Problems in Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness00000
ANSI 3322Applied Meat Animal Selection00000
ANSI 3423Animal Genetics00000
ACCT 4743Oil and Gas Accounting00000
ACR 2623Mechanical Codes00000
AGEC 3333Agricultural Marketing and Price Analysis00000
ANSI 3543Principles of Animal Nutrition00000
ARCH 5133Advanced Energy Issues in Architecture00000
AGEC 5013Advanced Quantitative Methods in Agricultural Economics00000
ART 1503Art History Survey I (H)00000
AERO 2211Team and Leadership Fundamentals II00000
ART 2223Oil Painting I00000
AGEC 5213Econometric Methods00000
ART 3243Jewelry And Metals II00000
ACCT 5153Financial Statement Analysis00000
ART 3453Motion Design I00000
AGEC 6103Advanced Applications of Mathematical Programming00000
ART 4213BFA Studio Capstone00000
AFAM 3753African American Arts and Culture (DH)00000
ART 4493Portfolio Capstone00000
AGED 3201Planning and Conducting Agricultural Youth Organization Even...00000
ART 4860Crafting Nature: Art and Cosmology in the Middle Ages00000
ACCT 3103Intermediate Accounting I: Honors00000
ART 5460Graduate Interaction Design Studio00000
AGED 5311Laboratory and Clinical Experiences in Agricultural Educatio...00000
ART 5920Graduate Seminar: China-Japan Artistic Interactions00000
AG 4010Honors Seminar00000
ASL 4813Ethics for Interpreters00000
AGED 6983Qualitative Research Methods in Agricultural Education00000
AST 4303Automation, Sensors and Controls for Agricultural Systems00000
ACR 1111EPA Certification00000
ATLE 4313Expanding the Tech Enterprise00000
AGLE 3101Introduction to Agricultural Leadership00000
AUC 1232Gas Metal Arc Welding00000
AGCM 3233Basic Photography and Photo Editing for Agriculture00000
AUC 2256Internship II00000
AGLE 5353Leadership in Agriculture00000
AUMC 1161Steering & Suspension I00000
AADM 4203Senior Project in Arts Administration00000
AUMC 1271Body Systems Diag & Adjustment00000
AMST 3473Race, Gender, and Ethnicity in American Film (D)00000
AUMC 2501Engine Performance00000
AGCM 5203Theory and Practice in Agricultural Communications00000
ANSI 3703Animal Management Techniques00000
AGEC 3703Issues in Agricultural Policy00000
ANSI 5803Animal Growth and Performance00000
ANTH 1353Introduction to Anthropology (S)00000
AECL 5863Methods of Technological Change00000
AGEC 4223Quantitative Supply Chain Management in Agribusiness00000