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Nova Course Reviews

Nova Southeastern University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIOL 1500Biology I/Lab00000
BMME 7030Thesis: Biological Sciences00000
ATTR 3630Athletic Training Clinical III00000
BHS 3155Conflict Resolution in Health Care00000
AUD 5304Anatomy and Physiology of the Auditory and Vestibular Mechan...00000
ARTS 1200Introduction to Drawing00000
BIOL 4400Developmental Biology00000
ANEJ 5102Student Lecture Series II00000
ATTR 5700Evidence Based Practice00000
ANEJ 6110V00000
BCOR 5580Scientific Method and Experimental Design00000
AUD 7031Geriatric Audiology00000
ANTH 1020Introduction to Anthropology00000
BHS 4020Topics in Maternal Child Health00000
ANA 5727Anatomy00000
BIOL 3320Anatomy and Physiology I/Lab00000
ATH 0670Applied Field Experience in Athletic Administration I00000
BIOL 4990BIndependent Study in Biology (B)00000
ACT 5736Internal and Operational Auditing00000
BMS 4700Clinical Externship III00000
ANEJ 5602Applied Phys for Anes Prac II00000
ATTR 6700Professional Practice and Clinical Reasoning00000
ACT 5781Business Law I00000
AUD 6408Auditory Processing Evaluation and Treatment00000
ANES 5602Applied Physiology for Anesthesia Practice II00000
AUD 7610Externship I00000
AUD 7100Advanced Seminar in Amplification00000
ANET 5601Applied Physiology for Anesthesia Practice I00000
BHS 3100Current Issues in Health Care00000
ANA 5423Neuroanatomy00000
BHS 4001Individuals with Disabilities and Special Needs00000
ARAB 1220Elementary Arabic II00000
BHS 5901Telehealth00000
ACT 5713Accounting Theory00000
BIOL 3100Biological Anthropology00000
ARTS 2450Graphic Design II00000
BIOL 3900Introduction to Parasitology/Lab00000
ANED 5048Medical Terminology00000
BIOL 4950AInternship in Biology (A)00000
ATTR 1400Health and Fitness00000
BMHS 5450Integrated Systems in Health Studies00000
ACT 2030Foundations of Accounting 200000
BMS 3170Venous Testing/Lab00000
ATTR 5310Orthopedic Evaluation I00000
BPH 2010Human Genomics00000
ACT 5744Regulatory Issues for Accountants00000
ATTR 6200Health Care Administration00000
ANEJ 5901Anesthesia Principles and Practices I00000
AUD 5070Research Methods in Audiology I00000
ACT 3070Intermediate Accounting III00000
AUD 6402Diagnostics II: Site of Lesion Assessment00000
ANES 5303Anesthesia Laboratory III00000
AUD 6510Clinic I00000
ACTP 5004Cost Accounting00000
AUD 7075Counseling in Audiology00000
ANES 5902Anesthesia Principles and Practices II00000
AUD 7201Case Studies II00000
AUD 7130Pediatric Audiology00000
ANET 5102Student Lecture Series II00000
BCOR 5150Immunobiology00000
ACTP 5712Accounting Principles Review00000
BENG 4040Physiological Systems and Modeling for Engineering I00000
ANET 5901Anesthesia Principle and Practices I00000
BHS 3130Research and Design for Health Care00000
ACT 5006Intermediate Accounting 100000
BHS 3180Interprofessional Collaboration00000
APR 0750Educational Field-Based Project00000
BHS 4010Health Promotion and Disease Prevention00000
ANA 5713Histology00000
BHS 4110Health Care and Aging00000
ARC 8970Research Dissertation Practicum00000
BIOL 1060Amoebas to Zebras: Life on Earth00000
ABA 0771Fieldwork in Applied Behavior Analysis II00000
BIOL 2350Human Nutrition00000
ARTS 2100Painting I00000
BIOL 3300Invertebrate Zoology/Lab00000
ANAT 5423Neuroanatomy00000
BIOL 3450Introduction to Virology00000
ARTS 3040Museum Studies and Gallery Practices00000
BIOL 4300Microbial Pathogenesis00000
ACT 5730Accounting Analytics00000
BIOL 4900GBIOL 4900G Special Topics in Biology – Fluorescent imaging...00000
ATTR 1300Emergency Care and First Aid00000
BIOL 4961Practicum in Biology II00000
ANED 5328ECG for Anesthesiologist Assistants00000
BMHS 5200Pathophysiology00000
ATTR 2610Athletic Training Clinical I00000
BMME 7000Thesis: Biological Sciences00000
ABA 0740Evaluating Interventions in Applied Behavior Analysis00000
BMME 8051Database Management and Applications00000
ATTR 4950BInternship in Athletic Training (B)00000
BMS 3260Abdominal Sonography II00000
ANEJ 5303Anesthesia Laboratory III00000
ATTR 5610Athletic Training Clinical Experience I00000
ABA 0720Applications of Applied Behavior Analysis00000
ABA 0755Ethical Conduct for Applied Behavior Analysts00000
ACT 4050Accounting Information Systems00000
ACTP 5009Advanced Accounting00000
ANES 6110Anesthesia Review I00000
AUD 7165Vestibular Specialty Seminar00000