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NMSU Course Reviews

New Mexico State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
GNDR 512Advanced Gender and Film Studies53541
AFST 1110GIntroduction to Africana Studies54551
CHEM 111GGeneral Chemistry I32241
ANTH 435Human Health & Biological Var00000
ANTH 130GHuman's Place Nature00000
AGRO 492Diag Plant Disorders00000
AEEC 595Internship00000
ANTH 531Iss-Nutritional Anth00000
ANSC 201Intro Gntcs/Animal Prod00000
ARCH 2220Architectural World Hist II00000
ANSC 310Exhibiting Livestock00000
ANSC 1130Western Equitation I00000
AGRO 250Plant Propagation00000
ANTH 350Anthropological Thry00000
AEEC 470Real Estate Appraisal00000
ANTH 486Community Service Learning00000
AGRO 697University Teaching Experience00000
ANTH 578Adv Lab Mthds In Arch00000
AE 364Flight Dynamics Cntrl00000
ART 1552D Fundamentals00000
AEEC 2110Princ Of Food & Ag Bus Mgmt00000
AE 509Individualized Study00000
ANSC 383Equine Reproductive Mgt00000
AERO 122Heritage And Values II00000
ANSC 421Physiology Of Reprod00000
ANSC 429Beef Prod. Feedlot Mgt00000
ANSC 626Nut Metab 2 Cho Lpd E00000
AGE 451Food/Agbus Mkt Assesmnt/Rsrch00000
ANSC 2150Mgmt Of Equine Operations00000
AEEC 400Senior Seminar00000
ANTH 312The Ancient Maya00000
AGRO 365Principles of Crop Production00000
ANTH 385Internship in Anthropology00000
ACES 301Ag Leadership Dev00000
ANTH 458Fertility, Reproduction and Birth00000
AGRO 598Spcl Res Programs00000
ANTH 512Quantitative Analytical Methods in Anthropology00000
AEEC 550Advanced Microcomputer Applications in Agriculture00000
ANTH 544Adv Native Amvisual Culture00000
AHS 202Lgl/Ethcl Hlth Care00000
ANTH 1140GIntro To Cultural Anth00000
ACCT 510Technical and Professional Communication for Accountants00000
ARCT 211Arct World History II00000
ANSC 289Mgt Equine Operations00000
ART 165Web Page Design00000
AE 439Aerodynamics II00000
ANSC 321Adv Eq Bhvr Trng00000
AEEC 2996Special Topics00000
ANSC 395Team Competition II00000
ACCT 559Ethics In Acct00000
ANSC 426Beef Prod. Cow-Cal Mgt00000
AERO 301Leading People & Eff Comm00000
AE 599Master's Thesis00000
ANSC 468Advanced Dairy Herd Management00000
AGE 300Internship00000
ANSC 504Animal Physio Tchnqs00000
ANSC 510Range Nutrition Tchnq00000
ANSC 605Gonadal Endocrinol00000
AGE 420Special Problems00000
ANSC 1120Intro To Animal Science00000
AEEC 340Econ Of Food & Agric Mkts00000
ANSC 1180Companion Animal In Society00000
AGE 470Real Estate Appraisal00000
ANTH 115Natv Peoples-North Am00000
ACES 101Ag Leadership Dev00000
ANTH 301Cultural Anthropology00000
AGRO 311Intro To Weed Science00000
ANTH 318Historical Archaeology00000
AEEC 452Food & Agribus Mktg Plan Devlp00000
ANTH 360VFood And Culture Around World00000
AGRO 449Special Problems00000
ANTH 415Applied Anthropology00000
ACCT 460Fraud Examination00000
ANTH 449Directed Reading00000
AGRO 516Molecular Analysis00000
ANTH 472Primate Behavior00000
AEEC 511Adv Fut & Opt Mkts00000
ANTH 505Iss-Anthrplgcl Prct00000
AGRO 620Instrumentation In Agro00000
ANTH 519Advanced Topics in Prehistoric Archaeology: POTTERY ANALYSIS00000
ACES 1210Fin Fitness-College Students00000
ANTH 539Culture And Foodways00000
AHS 115Dietary Guidelines00000
ANTH 572Adv Primate Behavior00000
AEEC 590SPECIAL TOPICS: Advanced Food and Agribusiness Financial Man...00000
ANTH 598Spcl Res Programs00000
ANSC 100Intrdy Animal Science00000
ARCH 1121Computers In Architecture00000
ACCT 301Financial Acctg I00000
ARCT 150Arch Cnst Engr Mentor00000
ANSC 261Intro Anim Metabolism00000
ART 101GOrientation In Art00000
AEEC 599Master's Thesis00000
AGE 315VWrld Ag & Food Prblms00000
ANSC 521Adv Nutr Mgmt Cow/Ca00000
ANSC 580Environmental Physiology of Domestic Animals00000
ANSC 303Lvstck, Meat & Wool Ev00000
ACCT 200A Survey of Accounting00000
ACCT 403Federal Taxation I00000
ACCT 598Independent Study00000