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ENC 1101

English Composition 1

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Prof: Matthew Sagorski / Spring 2022

May 21, 2022

Comments on the course

The course is kinda boring. But, is very useful in talking about avoiding plagiarism, like thinking in your thoughts for the essay and planning out your essay so it’s easy to tackle.

Course Content

The content of the classes were mostly about avoiding plagiarism, being your own thoughts to the essay, essay planning and understanding the sources you’re using and how to cite them.

Comments on the professor

Professor Sagorski is really helpful and nice professor. I definitely liked how he taught things and if you didn’t understand he wouldn’t hesitate to explain it again till you understand and give you helpful criticism and resources. The course can be pretty boring but, I feel like him doing discussion time with the class can kinda help as well as talking about personal experiences or trivia. He does give a lot of homework to do, so it maybe more difficult to complete if you have other classes as well as going to work. But all and all he’s a pretty great professor.


Definitely not delay trying to complete your homework and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand. Definitely pay attention because he will do random assignments in class and can mark you for it if you don’t pay attention. Also make sure you come to class. Because if you don’t you will miss a lot. But, usually he may have outside resources to help out. Definitely don’t be afraid to contact him for any help. He’s willing to help out if you have any issues.

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