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MDC Homestead Course Reviews

Miami Dade College, Homestead

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENC 1101English Composition 153241
EDU 078GED Social Studies00000
ATT 2821Air Traffic Control (Atc) Radar00000
CGS 1560A+ Computer Operating Systems00000
ASC 1550Aerodynamics00000
CLP 1006Psychology Of Personal Effectiveness00000
AVM 2120Air Cargo00000
AVM 1162Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Interactions with Comm...00000
BSC 1005LGeneral Education Biology Laboratory00000
EEC 2224Emergent Literacy Through The Use Of Children's Literature00000
EMS 1119Emergency Medical Technician00000
AMT 2991Tools, Materials, and Process II00000
CHM 1046LGeneral Chemistry & Qualitative Analysis Lab00000
ATF 2305Instruments Pilot Flight00000
AVIA 126IAP015 Flight Simulation 50 HR00000
AVIA 217Aircraft Dispatcher Certification Preparation Part 100000
CTS 1650Ccna 1: Cisco Fundamentals00000
BSC 2010LPrinciples Of Biology 1 Laboratory00000
AMT 1990Tools, Materials, and Process I00000
CHM 2210Organic Chemistry 100000
AVM 2441Aviation Safety & Human Factors00000
EGN 1008CIntroduction To Engineering00000
ART 1300CDrawing00000
BSC 2085LHuman Anatomy And Physiology 1 Laboratory00000
ENT 1501Fundamentals of Changemaking and Social Innovation00000
FIN 3400Finance For Non-Financial Managers00000
AMT 0046Aircraft Materials, Hardware & Processes00000
CHM 1025Introductory Chemistry00000
ART 2302CAdvanced Drawing00000
AVIA 101IAPO14 Flight Simulation00000
ASPD 608Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)00000
CHM 2949Co-Op Work Experience 2: Chm00000
ATT 1100Private Pilot Theory00000
AMT 0045Tools, Materials, and Process 200000
AVIA 124IAP014 Flight Simulation 10 HR00000
CRW 2001Creative Writing 100000
AVM 1062Aviation Career Planning00000
AVIA 220Remote Pilot-In-Command FAA Part 107 Certification Test Prep00000
AVM 2510Airline Management00000
EDF 2085Introduction To Diversity00000
BSC 2086Human Anatomy & Physiology 200000
ACG 2071LManagerial Accounting Lab00000
CHM 1033LChemistry For Health Sciences Lab00000
EEC 1522Infant And Toddler Environments00000
CHM 2211Organic Chemistry 200000
ART 1201CBasic Design00000
EEC 2407Facilitating Social Development00000
AVM 2515Airline Marketing00000
EMS 10591St Responder Emergency Care00000
ACG 3103Intermediate Financial Accounting I00000
HMCE 205HST 001 - Hospitality Skills00000
BSC 2010Principles Of Biology00000
EVR 1001Introduction To Environmental Sciences00000
ART 2501CPainting 200000
GEB 3213Advanced Communication in Business00000
CCJ 1010Introduction To Criminology00000
ABX 0240Reading 400000
HUN 1201Essentials Of Human Nutrition00000
CHI 1120Elementary Mandarin Chinese 100000
AMT 0509Composites and Capstone Project00000
ATT 2820Air Traffic Control00000
ART 1202CTwo-Dimensional Design00000
CHM 1045General Chemistry And Qualitative Analysis00000
ART 2600CComputer Art00000
AML 2020American Literature 200000
ASC 2470Physiology/Psychology Of Flight00000
CHM 2210LOrganic Chemistry 1 Laboratory00000
ATF 1601LFlight Orientation/Simulator Lab00000
AVIA 123IAP011 Flight Simulation 5 Hrs00000
ATF 2400Multi-Engine Pilot Flight00000
CJC 1162Parole And Probation00000
ATT 2131Flight Instructor Theory00000
ACG 1403Excel for Business00000
AVIA 102IAPO15 Flight Simulation00000
COP 1334Introduction To C++ Programming00000
AVIA 208ADX Prep- Aircraft Dispatch00000
AVIA 216Small UAS (Drones) Exam Prep00000
AVIA 221Advanced Qualification Program for Pilots00000
CTS 1134Networking Technologies00000
AVM 1440Aviation/Airport Security00000
AMT 0219Aircraft Hydraulics & Aviation Mathematics00000
AVM 2431Customer Service Agent00000
ECO 2013Principles Of Economics (Macro)00000
BSC 1005General Education Biology00000
AVM 1010Aviation Industry Operation00000
BSC 2011LPrinciples Of Biology Lab 200000
EDU 058ESOL 6 Advanced00000
CCJ 1020Introduction To Criminal Justice00000
ABX 0220Reading 200000
CHI 1121Elementary Mandarin Chinese 200000
EEC 1001Introduction To Early Childhood Infant/Toddler Education00000
CHM 1046General Chemistry And Qualitative Analysis00000
AVM 1993Policies And Procedures For Commercial Airlines Maintenance...00000
EEC 1713Helping All Young Children Become Independent Learners00000
ABX 0120Mathematics 200000
ABX 0320Language 200000
AMH 2010History of the US to 187700000
ATT 2120Instruments Pilot Theory00000
CCJ 1191Human Behavior In Criminal Justice00000
ABX 0140Mathematics 400000