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MDC Homestead Course Reviews

Miami Dade College, Homestead

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENC 1101English Composition 153241
MAN 4941Management Internship00000
WBGA 101HEP Math 100000
AMH 2020History of the US Since 187700000
WBAB 121Administrative Assistant00000
EEC 2202Program Development In Early Childhood Education00000
WCCP 105Curriculo Creativo Preescolar: Resumen General (4.5 CEUs)00000
AVM 2410Principles Of Airport Management00000
CGS 1060CIntroduction to Computer Technology and Applications00000
MMC 2000Introduction To Mass Communications00000
NUR 3045Culture In Nursing Practice00000
STA 3164Statistical Methods 200000
ECO 2023Principles Of Economics (Micro)00000
WBEB 113Starting and Operating Your Own Business00000
AVIA 216Small UAS (Drones) Exam Prep00000
WBGA 110HEP GED Comprehensive00000
ESC 1000General Education Earth Science00000
ABX 0130Mathematics 300000
AST 1002Descriptive Astronomy00000
ART 2802CVisual Arts Workshop00000
BSC 1084Functional Human Anatomy00000
NUR 1211LMedical Surgical Nursing Clinical Lab00000
ATF 2501Flight Instructor-Flight Training00000
CHM 1046General Chemistry And Qualitative Analysis00000
PHI 2010Introduction To Philosophy00000
PHY 2049LPhysics With Calculus 2 Lab00000
SOP 2772Human Sexuality00000
CTS 1134Networking Technologies00000
TRA 1430Introduction To Port Freight Operations00000
AVIA 123IAP011 Flight Simulation 5 Hrs00000
WBCI 183TRAMCON Carpentry Certification Course00000
EDU 100GED Integrated Comprehensive00000
WBFM 150Corporate Income Tax Preparation00000
ART 2301CDrawing 200000
WBGA 106HEP Language 100000
EME 2040Creativity, Innovation, and Technology for the 21st Century...00000
WBPD 100Military 10100000
AVM 1022Flight Operations00000
WCIS 123Familia-Escuela y Comunidad00000
HFT 1000Introduction To Hospitality00000
ABX 0340Language 400000
AMH 2091Afro-American History00000
ARH 1000Art Appreciation00000
MAT 0022Developmental Mathematics Combined00000
ASC 2470Physiology/Psychology Of Flight00000
ATF 2305Instruments Pilot Flight00000
NUR 1025CFundamentals Of Nursing Skills Lab00000
BSC 2085Human Anatomy And Physiology 100000
NUR 2310LPediatric Nursing Clinical Lab00000
AMT 0046Aircraft Materials, Hardware & Processes00000
NUR 4667Globalization Of Nursing Practice00000
CHM 1025Introductory Chemistry00000
PHY 2048LPhysics With Calculus 1 Lab00000
ATT 2120Instruments Pilot Theory00000
CHM 2210Organic Chemistry 100000
POS 2041American Federal Government00000
PUR 2003Public Relations00000
SBM 1000Small Business Management00000
COP 1334Introduction To C++ Programming00000
SPC 2940Peer Teaching In Speech Communication00000
AVIA 101IAPO14 Flight Simulation00000
TAX 4011Federal Income Tax II00000
DEP 2000Human Growth And Development00000
TRA 2402Intermodal Transportation Operations And Project Management00000
ARH 2740Cinema Appreciation00000
WBCI 154TRAMCON: Advanced00000
EDU 060Esol 300000
WBCI 213MDC Builds - Construction Trades Program00000
AVIA 127IAP015 Flight Simulation 90 HR00000
WBEP 115Small UAS (Drones) Exam Prep00000
EEC 1522Infant And Toddler Environments00000
WBFM 161Personal Income Tax Preparation00000
ACG 3103Intermediate Financial Accounting I00000
WBGA 104HEP Math 400000
EEC 2601Observation And Assessment In Early Childhood00000
WBGA 108HEP Language 300000
AVIA 220Remote Pilot-In-Command FAA Part 107 Certification Test Prep00000
WBGA 113HEP Reading 300000
ENC 0027Introduction To College Writing Through Reading00000
WBPD 160TRIO Seminar00000
ASC 1610Aircraft Engines And Structure Theory00000
WCIS 104Behavior Management00000
FIN 2000Principles Of Finance00000
WCIS 144Operación de un Centro Infantil (Credencial de Director)00000
AVM 1440Aviation/Airport Security00000
ABX 0230Reading 300000
ISM 4011Management Information Systems00000
ACG 2071Managerial Accounting00000
ABX 0240Reading 400000
AMT 0045Tools, Materials, and Process 200000
MAR 1011Principles Of Marketing00000
ART 2302CAdvanced Drawing00000
AVM 2450Airport Facilities/Financial Planning00000
RLCP 138GED en Español00000
MAT 1990LIntermediate Algebra Recitation Hall00000
ABX 0140Mathematics 400000
ACG 1403Excel for Business00000
AMT 0949COn the Job Training (OJT) Part 200000
ATT 2820Air Traffic Control00000
CIS 2900Directed Study It00000