MDC Homestead Course Reviews

Miami Dade College, Homestead

ENC 1101English Composition 153241
EDU 061ESOL 4 Low Intermediate00000
NUR 2811CProfessional Nursing Leadership00000
WBCI 228MDC Builds - Construction Trades Program00000
MAT 0028Developmental Mathematics 200000
CHM 1046LGeneral Chemistry & Qualitative Analysis Lab00000
RLCP 142Dual Enrollment00000
AVIA 101IAPO14 Flight Simulation00000
AVIA 219FAA Part 107 Written Exam Prep00000
EEC 2201Developing Curriculum For Infants And Toddlers00000
EMS 1119Emergency Medical Technician00000
MAN 4741Change & Innovation Management00000
BSC 2086Human Anatomy & Physiology 200000
NUR 1060CAdult Health Assessment00000
ATF 2400Multi-Engine Pilot Flight00000
PHY 2048Physics With Calculus 100000
CTS 1134Networking Technologies00000
TRA 2945Transportation & Logistics Capstone I00000
ARH 2740Cinema Appreciation00000
WBGA 103HEP Math 300000
AVIA 127IAP015 Flight Simulation 90 HR00000
EME 2040Creativity, Innovation, and Technology for the 21st Century...00000
ART 2302CAdvanced Drawing00000
AVM 1121Hazardous Materials/Dangerous Goods00000
EVR 1001Introduction To Environmental Sciences00000
HSC 0003LIntroduction to Healthcare La00000
MAN 4120Leadership Challenges And Supervision00000
BSC 1084Functional Human Anatomy00000
MAR 2101Social Media Marketing00000
ATF 1100LPrivate Pilot Flight Accelerated00000
MGF 1106Mathematics For Liberal Arts 100000
CHI 1120Elementary Mandarin Chinese 100000
NUR 2212Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing00000
AMT 0509Composites and Capstone Project00000
NUR 4945CAdvanced Concepts Practicum00000
CLP 1006Psychology Of Personal Effectiveness00000
POS 2041American Federal Government00000
ATT 2133Multi-Engine Pilot Theory00000
TRA 1410Introduction To Rail Freight Operations00000
EDF 2085Introduction To Diversity00000
WBCI 157TRAMCON Manufactured Construction: Supervisor Course00000
ACG 2450Microcomputers In Accounting00000
WBFM 128Certified Bookkeeper Test Preparation: Adjustments and Error...00000
EEC 1001Introduction To Early Childhood Infant/Toddler Education00000
WBGA 106HEP Language 100000
ART 1205CColor and Composition 100000
EEC 2401Family Interaction and Cultural Continuity through Literacy00000
AVIA 216Small UAS (Drones) Exam Prep00000
AMH 2010History of the US to 187700000
MAC 1105LCollege Algebra Co-Requisite Lab00000
ETD 1340Computer Aided Drawing & Design00000
AVM 1010Aviation Industry Operation00000
GEB 2112Introduction To Entrepreneurship00000
ART 2600CComputer Art00000
ISM 4011Management Information Systems00000
AVM 1949Co-Op Work Experience 1: Avi00000
MAN 3240Organizational Behavior00000
MAC 2233Business Calculus00000
AVM 2515Airline Marketing00000
MAN 4352Effective Employee Training00000
ASC 2670Aircraft Systems00000
MAN 4941Management Internship00000
BSC 2011Principles Of Biology 200000
MAR 3803Marketing for Managers00000
AMT 0219Aircraft Hydraulics & Aviation Mathematics00000
MAT 1033Intermediate Algebra00000
CCJ 1191Human Behavior In Criminal Justice00000
MUL 2380Jazz And Popular Music In America00000
ATF 2210LCommercial Pilot Flight Accelerated00000
NUR 1211LMedical Surgical Nursing Clinical Lab00000
CHM 1033LChemistry For Health Sciences Lab00000
NUR 2420Obstetrical Nursing00000
ACG 2021Financial Accounting00000
NUR 4636LCommunity Health Nursing Practicum00000
CJC 1162Parole And Probation00000
PHI 2604Critical Thinking/Ethics00000
ATT 1101Private Pilot Applications00000
PHY 2054Physics (Without Calculus) 200000
COP 2800Java Programming00000
QMB 2100Basic Business Statistics00000
AMT 1990Tools, Materials, and Process I00000
RLFD 131Introduction to Floral Design00000
DEP 2000Human Growth And Development00000
TRA 2156Operations Management For Transportation00000
ATT 2821Air Traffic Control (Atc) Radar00000
WBCI 123OSHA 10 for the Construction Industry00000
EDG 3410Classroom Management and Communication for P-12 Teachers00000
WBCI 183TRAMCON Carpentry Certification Course00000
ABX 0210Reading 100000
WBEB 142Business Workshop Series00000
EDU 085GED Reasoning Through Language Arts00000
WBFM 160Preparacion de Impuestos00000
AVIA 123IAP011 Flight Simulation 5 Hrs00000
EEC 1713Helping All Young Children Become Independent Learners00000
ABX 0110Mathematics 100000
ABX 0310Language 100000
AMT 0044Tools, Materials, and Processes 100000
ASC 1610Aircraft Engines And Structure Theory00000
AVM 2431Customer Service Agent00000
MAD 2104Discrete Mathematics00000