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Mcneese Course Reviews

McNeese State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIOL 250Comp Anatomy-Verteb Lab31241
PHIL 251Biomedical Ethics and Decision Making21241
ANSC 422Parasites of Domestic Livestock52551
ANSC 401Livestock Genetics53551
ANSC 302Animal Nutrition53551
ECON 325Money, Banking and the Economy00000
CHEM 695Seminar00000
EDUC 299Entrance into Minor Program of Study00000
EDUC 420Early Childhood Assessment and Practicum II00000
ART 433Directed Studio Practice II00000
CJUS 252Criminal Law00000
EDUC 510Portfolio Management for Teacher Education Programs and Cert...00000
CSCI 426Introduction to Web Programming00000
CHEM 391LPhysical Chemistry Laboratory00000
EDTC 617Educational Technology Research And Assessment: Instructiona...00000
ART 352Art Appreciation00000
EDUC 400Admission to Teacher Residency Post-Baccalaureate Certificat...00000
CHEN 574Process Dynamics00000
EDUC 470PStudent Teaching Residency I Baccalaureate00000
EDUC 505Mentor Teacher Training II for Elementary Education00000
EDUC 628Elementary Mathematics Methods00000
BADM 301Professional Business Skills00000
CJUS 601Police Justice Administration00000
CJUS 640Leadership Theory00000
ANTH 203Prehistory: Development Of Culture And Origins Of Society00000
BIOL 510General Ecology00000
CLAR 402Clarinet00000
CSCI 398Internship in Professional Practice00000
CHEM 275Introductory Biochemistry00000
CSCI 510Software Engineering I00000
ART 325Internship in Graphic Design00000
EDLD 650School Improvement: Utilizing Data To Lead Change00000
CHEM 451Undergraduate Research00000
EDTC 639Independent Research in Educational Technology00000
ANSC 201Growth and Development of Farm Animals00000
EDUC 325Science in the Elementary School00000
CHEN 407Process Evaluation and Design II00000
EDUC 408Concepts of Learning and Motivation in Educational Environme...00000
ART 414Directed Observations And Field Experiences In Art00000
EDUC 462EInternship Residency I Pbc00000
CIEN 409Bridge Engineering00000
EDUC 485PInternship Non-Master's Alternative Certification, Primary00000
AGEC 451Special Problems in Agricultural Economics00000
EDUC 590Methods, Models, and Strategies for Teaching in Secondary Co...00000
CJUS 381Security Systems00000
EDUC 643Teaching Reading for the Diverse Learner00000
ANSC 456Animal Behavior00000
CJUS 610Topic: OrgCaseStdyPoliceConduc00000
BIOL 427Mammalogy00000
CLAR 201Clarinet00000
AGRI 441Seminar00000
COMM 293Forensics00000
BIOL 601Graduate Seminar00000
COMM 304Communication In Organizations00000
COMM 485Emerging Strategic Communication00000
ART 200Sophomore Portfolio Review00000
BIOL 653Advances In Vector-Borne Diseases And Public Health00000
COUN 624Crisis Intervention and Theory00000
CSCI 282Introduction to Object-Oriented Design00000
CHEM 120Integrated Chemistry00000
CSCI 415Introduction To Operating Systems00000
ART 307Emerging Media Practices00000
CSCI 486Operating System Administration II00000
CHEM 310Reactions and Theory of Organic Chemistry00000
CSCI 548Advanced Database Management Systems00000
AGRO 313Soybean Production00000
EDLD 600Research I: Foundations of Educational Research00000
CHEM 424Organic Mechanisms00000
EDLD 699Field Study and/or Project00000
ART 334Classroom Organization and Management in Art and Field Exper...00000
EDTC 626Principles Of Graphics Communication And Desktop Publishing00000
CHEM 524Organic Mechanisms00000
EDUC 216Reading Methods I00000
AGEC 301Marketing Of Agricultural Products00000
EDUC 318Planning and Instruction for Literacy in the Content Area00000
CHEN 311Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics00000
EDUC 333Methods and Materials in Reading for Secondary Teachers00000
ART 400Senior Project Portfolio Exhibition/Review00000
EDUC 404Methods, Models and Strategies for Teaching English in High...00000
CHEN 448Undergraduate Research I00000
EDUC 412Secondary Classroom Management and Field Experience00000
ANSC 312Small Ruminant Production00000
EDUC 460SStudent Teaching Residency I PBC00000
CIEN 308Structural Analysis00000
EDUC 468PStudent Teaching00000
ART 427Advanced Graphic Design Studio II00000
EDUC 472EStudent Teaching Residency II Baccalaureate00000
CIEN 434Pipeline Design And Analysis00000
ACCT 405Advanced Accounting00000
EDUC 515Professional Development for Mentor Teacher Training II for...00000
CJUS 322Criminalistics00000
EDUC 607Seminar in Advanced Literacy Studies00000
ART 461Topics in Non-Western Art History00000
COUN 659School Crisis Intervention and Prevention00000
CELO 201Cello00000
CPEN 260Digital Systems Design00000
CPEN 564Network Operating Systems00000
CJUS 432Criminal Justice Administration And Management00000
ACCT 302Commercial Law00000
ACCT 451Accounting Information Systems00000