Mcneese Course Reviews

McNeese State University

BIOL 653Advances In Vector-Borne Diseases And Public Health00000
CHEM 442Forensic Testimony00000
ART 418Advanced Drawing Studio II00000
BIOL 425Ichthyology00000
ART 461Topics in Non-Western Art History00000
ART 338Contemporary Approaches to Drawing II00000
CHEM 251Introduction to Chemical Research00000
ANSC 422Parasites of Domestic Livestock00000
ART 433Directed Studio Practice II00000
ANSC 541Physiology of Reproduction00000
BIOL 225Hum Anatmy,Physiolgy I Lab00000
BADM 615Operations Management00000
ART 317Figure Drawing I00000
BIOL 527Mammalogy00000
ANSC 302Animal Nutrition00000
CELO 304Cello00000
ART 375TOPIC: Art Studio00000
CHEM 361LInorganic Preparations Lab00000
AGRI 340Junior Seminar00000
CHEM 521LBiochemistry I Laboratory00000
ANSC 451Special Problems in Animal Science00000
ART 444Internship in University Services00000
AGRI 603Selected Topics in Agriculture Science00000
BADM 218Issues in Global Business00000
ART 101Basic Design I00000
BIOL 105Living World I00000
BARI 103Baritone00000
ART 262Art History: Renaissance to Modern00000
BIOL 401Molecular Biology Lab00000
AGRO 491Special Problems in Agronomy00000
BIOL 501Molecular Biology Lab00000
ART 328Intermediate Photography I00000
BIOL 606Scientific Writing00000
AGEC 404Grain Marketing00000
CELO 102Cello00000
ART 364History Of Photography00000
CHEM 104LIntroductory Chemistry Laboratory II00000
ANSC 341Livestock Selection and Evaluation00000
CHEM 301LOrganic Chemistry I Laboratory00000
ART 412Advanced Painting II00000
CHEM 421LBiochemistry I Laboratory00000
ACCT 451Accounting Information Systems00000
CHEM 475Applied Forensic Chemistry00000
ART 428Advanced Photography Studio I00000
CHEM 524Organic Mechanisms00000
AGRI 461Agricultural Internship00000
ART 437Advanced Contemporary Approaches to Drawing I00000
ANSC 456Animal Behavior00000
ART 446Advanced Clay II00000
ACCT 602Financial Accounting Concepts00000
BADM 201Legal Environment of Business00000
ANTH 202Physical Anthropology: Origins Of Mankind And Culture00000
BADM 374Introduction To Management Information Systems00000
AGRI 606Data Analyses and Research Methods in Agriculture, Food, Nut...00000
BADM 690Internship00000
ART 200Sophomore Portfolio Review00000
BIOL 101Introduction to Biology I00000
BARI 202Baritone00000
ART 245Visual Literacy: Clay and Form00000
BIOL 201Micro_Nurs & Allied Hlth Lab00000
AGRO 331Agronomic Pest Control00000
BIOL 315Introductry Genetics Lab00000
ART 307Emerging Media Practices00000
BIOL 407Histology00000
AGEC 402Agricultural Finance00000
BIOL 452Topics: Herpetology00000
ART 325Internship in Graphic Design00000
BIOL 510General Ecology00000
ANSC 201Growth and Development of Farm Animals00000
BIOL 601Graduate Seminar00000
ART 334Classroom Organization and Management in Art and Field Exper...00000
BIOL 626Global Diversity And Biogeography00000
ACCT 415Auditing00000
BSSN 302Bassoon00000
ART 352Art Appreciation00000
CELO 301Cello00000
ANSC 312Small Ruminant Production00000
CHEM 102General Chemistry II00000
ART 369Visual Resource Management Internship00000
CHEM 135Applications Of Chemistry To Modern Life Styles00000
AGRI 100Varsity Rodeo00000
CHEM 265Basic Biochemistry00000
ART 406Advanced Illustration II00000
CHEM 303Chemical and Instrumental Analyses00000
ANSC 401Livestock Genetics00000
CHEM 391Physical Chemistry II00000
ART 414Directed Observations And Field Experiences In Art00000
CHEM 426Special Topics In Computational Chemistry00000
ACCT 306Intermediate Accounting II00000
CHEM 451Undergraduate Research00000
ART 426Advanced Graphic Design Studio I00000
CHEM 481Polymer Chemistry00000
ANSC 431Livestock Marketing00000
ART 430Senior Graphic Design Portfolio00000
ACCT 241Managerial Accounting00000
ACCT 318Advanced Income Tax00000
AGEC 301Marketing Of Agricultural Products00000
AGRO 301Soils00000
ART 222Introduction to Printmaking00000
BARI 302Baritone00000