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McMaster Course Reviews

McMaster University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
POLSCI 1AA3Government, Politics, and Power55551
POLSCI 2NN3Politics by Design32441
POLSCI 2H03Globalization and the State32221
POLSCI 2EM3Political Economy of the Media00000
POLSCI 2I03Global Politics00000
POLSCI 2US3US Politics00000
POLSCI 3BB3Political Communication: Canada and the World00000
POLSCI 3CL3Constitutional and Public Law in Canada00000
POLSCI 3FG3Public Service Leadership00000
POLSCI 3GG3Federalism00000
POLSCI 3IP3Intellectual Property00000
POLSCI 3JR3The Rule of Law and Legal and Judicial Reforms in the Developing World00000
POLSCI 3KK3Genocide: Sociological and Political Perspectives00000
POLSCI 3NN3Statistical Analysis of Primary Data00000
POLSCI 3PG3Political Geography00000
POLSCI 3UU3Reading Course00000
POLSCI 3Y03Democratization and Human Rights00000
POLSCI 4CF3Canadian Foreign Policy00000
POLSCI 4G06 A/BPolitics of Public Policy00000
POLSCI 4HR3Human Rights00000
POLSCI 4KC3Comparative Democratization00000
POLSCI 4LC3Research on Law and Courts00000
POLSCI 4OL3Origins of Law00000
POLSCI 4PO3Public Opinion00000
POLSCI 4RR3Health Policy in the Industrialized World00000
POLSCI 4UF3US Foreign Policy00000
POLSCI 4YR3Child/Youth Rights and Security in Global Political Perspective00000
POLSCI 1AB3Politics and Power in a Globalizing World00000
POLSCI 2J03Global Political Economy00000
POLSCI 2M03Governance, Representation, and Participation in Democracies00000
POLSCI 2PF3Politics of Funny00000
POLSCI 2XX3Politics of the Developing World00000
POLSCI 3C03Government and Politics of Indigenous People00000
POLSCI 3EE3International Relations: North-South00000
POLSCI 3GC3Global Climate Change00000
POLSCI 3I03Topics in American Politics00000
POLSCI 3JJ3Provincial Politics in Canada00000
POLSCI 3KA3Indigenous Human Rights00000
POLSCI 3LB3Globalization and the World Order00000
POLSCI 3LP3Topics in Law and Policy00000
POLSCI 3Q03The Causes of War00000
POLSCI 3VV3Democratic Theory00000
POLSCI 4AA6 A/BContemporary Politics00000
POLSCI 4DV3Death and Violence00000
POLSCI 4GC3Advanced Issues in Global Citizenship00000
POLSCI 4JJ3Cosmopolitanism00000
POLSCI 4ZZ3Experiential Learning in Research00000
POLSCI 2D03Canadian Democracy00000
POLSCI 2F03Politics, Power and Influence in Canada00000
POLSCI 2LW3Communication Policy and Law00000
POLSCI 2U03Public Policy and Administration00000
POLSCI 3B03Honours Issues in International Relations and Global Public Policy00000
POLSCI 3CC3Political Authority: 20th-Century Political Theory00000
POLSCI 3G03Ethnicity and Multiculturalism: Theory and Practice00000
POLSCI 3H03Honours Issues in Comparative Politics00000
POLSCI 3J03Honours Issues in Canadian Politics and Canadian Public Policy00000
POLSCI 3K03Migration and Citizenship: Canadian, Comparative and Global Perspectives00000
POLSCI 3LA3Religion and Politics00000
POLSCI 3LL3Development and Public Policy00000
POLSCI 3RF3The Charter of Rights and Freedoms00000
POLSCI 3WP3Working in Politics00000
POLSCI 4CA3Issues in Canadian Politics00000
POLSCI 4FF3Rights and Justice00000
POLSCI 4HH3Critical Theory00000
POLSCI 4JS3Judicial Studies00000
POLSCI 4KK3Advanced Issues in Global Security00000
POLSCI 4NN3Studies in Global Political Economy00000
POLSCI 4PA3Policy Analysis and Implementation00000
POLSCI 4Q06 A/BComparative Politics00000
POLSCI 4SS3Public Opinion and Policy00000
POLSCI 4UP3Urban Politics in the Post-Industrial Era: Hamilton & Detroit00000
POLSCI 4ZZ6 A/BExperiential Learning in Research00000
POLSCI 2C03Force and Fear, Crime and Punishment00000
POLSCI 2MN3Reel Politics00000
POLSCI 2O06 A/BPolitical Theory00000
POLSCI 3LC3Southeast Asian Politics00000
POLSCI 3PB3Politics from Below00000
POLSCI 3PR3Practice of Politics00000
POLSCI 3V03Gender and Politics00000
POLSCI 3Z03Canadian Public Sector Management00000
POLSCI 4D06 A/BInternational Politics00000
POLSCI 4GG3Conceptual Issues in Global Politics00000
POLSCI 4KB3Non-Western International Relations00000
POLSCI 4LA3Politics in Latin America00000
POLSCI 4O06 A/BCanadian Politics00000
POLSCI 4PE3Global Political Ecology00000
POLSCI 4QQ3Issues in International Politics00000
POLSCI 4RT3Radical Political Theory00000
POLSCI 4Y03Domination and Decolonization00000
POLSCI 4Z06 A/BHonours Essay00000