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McMaster Course Reviews

McMaster University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENVIRSC 1C03Climate, Water And Environment452.72.33
ENVIRSC 2C03Surface Climate Processes and Environmental Interactions00000
ENVIRSC 3U03Environmental Systems Modelling00000
ENVIRSC 3ME3Environmental Field Camp00000
ENVIRSC 4W03Hydrologic Modelling00000
ENVIRSC 2Q03Introduction to Environmental Geochemistry00000
ENVIRSC 2WW3Water and the Environment00000
ENVIRSC 4EA3Environmental Assessment00000
ENVIRSC 3B03Ecosystems and Global Change00000
ENVIRSC 4MT6 A/BSenior Thesis00000
ENVIRSC 3O03Contaminant Fate and Transport00000
ENVIRSC 3IN3Internship in Earth and Environmental Sciences00000
ENVIRSC 4N03Global Biogeochemical Cycles00000
ENVIRSC 2B03Soils and the Environment00000
ENVIRSC 4MI3Independent Study in Earth and Environmental Sciences00000
ENVIRSC 4C03Advanced Physical Climatology00000
ENVIRSC 4BB3Field Techniques in Hydrology00000
ENVIRSC 2W03Physical Hydrology00000