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McMaster Course Reviews

McMaster University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIOLOGY 1M03Biodiversity, Evolution and Humanity1.
BIOLOGY 1A03Cellular and Molecular Biology42.744.47
BIOLOGY 2C03Genetics2.62.43.235
BIOLOGY 2B03Cell Biology3.32.34.353
BIOLOGY 3U03Animal Physiology - Homeostasis32331
BIOLOGY 3ZZ3Topics in Physiology13211
BIOLOGY 2A03Integrative Physiology of Animals53551
BIOLOGY 2EE3Introduction to Microbiology and Biotechnology24231
BIOLOGY 1P03Introductory Biology00000
BIOLOGY 2D03Plant Biodiversity and Biotechnology00000
BIOLOGY 2L03Experimental Design in Biology00000
BIOLOGY 3EP3 A/B SApplied Biology Placement00000
BIOLOGY 3HD3Human Disasters00000
BIOLOGY 3P03Cell Physiology00000
BIOLOGY 3R03Field Biology I00000
BIOLOGY 3SA3Applied Statistics for Biology00000
BIOLOGY 3VV3Laboratory Methods in Molecular Biology00000
BIOLOGY 4A03Advanced Topics in Ecology00000
BIOLOGY 4ED3Evolutionary Developmental Biology00000
BIOLOGY 4IR3Advanced Independent Research Project00000
BIOLOGY 4JF0Field Work II00000
BIOLOGY 4X03Environmental Physiology00000
BIOLOGY 2F03Fundamental and Applied Ecology00000
BIOLOGY 3DD3Communities and Ecosystems00000
BIOLOGY 3FF3Evolution00000
BIOLOGY 3JJ3Field Methods In Ecology00000
BIOLOGY 3PG3Population Genetics00000
BIOLOGY 3S03An Introduction to Bioinformatics00000
BIOLOGY 4AE3The Ecology and Evolution of Organisms00000
BIOLOGY 4EE3Human Diversity and Human Nature00000
BIOLOGY 4PP3Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology00000
BIOLOGY 3AA3Fundamental Concepts of Pharmacology00000
BIOLOGY 3EI3Ecological Indicators00000
BIOLOGY 3IR3 A/B SIndependent Research Project00000
BIOLOGY 3RF0Field Work I00000
BIOLOGY 3SS3Population Ecology00000
BIOLOGY 3XL3Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy & Physiology00000
BIOLOGY 4AA3Conservation Biology00000
BIOLOGY 4C12 A/B SSenior Thesis00000
BIOLOGY 4J03Field Biology II00000
BIOLOGY 4T03Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience00000
BIOLOGY 3B03Plant Physiology00000
BIOLOGY 3ET3Ecotoxicology00000
BIOLOGY 3MM3Invertebrate Form and Function00000
BIOLOGY 3UU3Animal Physiology - Regulatory Systems00000
BIOLOGY 4F06 A/B SSenior Project00000