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Neuroanatomy & Neurophysiology

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Prof: Paul Faure / Fall 2023

Nov 23, 2023

Comments on the course

Paul Faure is an awful professor that made an otherwise difficult, but manageable, subject impossible to learn. The textbook for this course is terribly written but since Faure is ineffective at his job, you essentially have to teach yourself the content using said textbook.

Course Content

The content builds on a lot of concepts from introductory psych classes but goes into much greater detail. If you liked PSYCH 1XX3 and did well in biology (preferably BIOLOGY 1M03/1A03), you might like this.

Comments on the professor

Faure tries his best to be personable but is really just not a kind person as it stands. This was proven by the way he treated students in class; scoffing at accessibility requests to record his lectures, chewing out the whole class when students MSAF'ed a poorly timed midterm to prioritize another required PNB course's midterm, and treating them as though it was wrong to use an MSAF for anything but "medical reasons", not "a tool for students' poor time management". After blaming his poor scheduling and students' subsequent use of their MSAFs, he then threatened to schedule the makeup test on a Friday night as students "weren't respectful of his time, so he wouldn't be respectful of theirs". Then, he scheduled the makeup on the same day as another required PNB course's midterm, two more



Delivery: In personGrade: Rather not sayWorkload: Very HeavyTextbook Use: Yes
Exam HeavyQuiz HeavyAttendance Heavy

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