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Beginner’s Intensive Japanese

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Prof: Iwata Consul / Spring 2021

Aug 30, 2021

Comments on the course

Wow, the course was definitely something~ *The workload was alright; the assignment were usually very easy to understand and/or complete, and it didn't take me all that long to finish them. *Participation quizzes were really easy, and usually consisted of around 4-5 questions that were taken from the textbook; took around 5-10 mins to complete at most. *Quizzes were longer and took way longer to complete, and were a little more detailed & complex; nearing the end of the term, she set the quizzes to a timer for around 1 hour, I believe, but before, they all had unlimited time to complete as long as you completed them in time. *The midterm & exam were VERY fair, and you were allowed to use your notes, textbook, and resources that you needed. Time allowed was 2 hours for the midterms, and more

Comments on the professor

*Iwata Sensei is kind, and explains things very well to the point that you are able to understand it and gain a better grasp on the language. *She encourages students to talk in the live lectures and make connections to their own lives/experiences based on the lesson. *Considerate of issues in your personal life, and empathetic.


*Attend the live lectures *Participate in break-out-rooms if you can (without sacrificing your mental health because sometimes it's definitely anxiety-inducing) *Ask questions in class! (whether actually speaking or typing, doesn't matter) *Use the textbook!! Before the next class, you can review what you'll be learning and can get ahead; very useful to do (and I wish I'd done it more at the beginning) *Complete homework & quizzes on time *Don't hesitate to ask for help from the prof or your classmates *Please please DO NOT use translate for your assignments; you'll never learn how to apply the language, + it's very inaccurate and you'll probably end up saying something weird/ inappropriate *Use online resources like youtube videos to help your learning

Grade: A+Workload: ModerateTextbook Use: Yes

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