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Kent State Course Reviews

Kent State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CS 13011Computer Science Ia: Procedural Programming31541
GEOL 11040How the Earth Works32221
GEOG 21062Physical Geography44121
ADED 43325Multi-Modal Literacies In The Secondary Classroom45441
PHIL 11001Introduction to Philosophy43331
GEOG 56080Urban Sustainability54431
SOC 42879Aging in Society53551
CLAS 21405The Roman Achievement14211
SOC 32565Sociology Of Sexualities53551
CMGT 11044Construction Safety54451
ENG 22072Great Books Since 170055441
CIS 24053Introduction to Computer Applications55351
VTEC 20010Imaging Techniques00000
VCD 40025Professional Portfolio00000
WMST 30001Feminist Theory00000
ACCT 33010Cost Accounting00000
UXD 60002User Experience Design in Practice00000
VCD 42007Graphic Narrative00000
ACCT 43096Individual Investigation in Accounting00000
ACCT 53087International Accounting Experience00000
VCD 43101Interaction Design II00000
ACCT 63043Taxation Of Partnerships And Partners00000
ACCT 83098Research In Accounting00000
UC 20095St: University College: Introduction To Student Support Serv...00000
UXD 60792Elective Internship in User Experience Design00000
VCD 50025Professional Portfolio00000
ADED 20000Topics in Social Justice in Teaching and Learning00000
VTEC 10002Veterinary Nursing I00000
VCD 34006Motion Design00000
VTEC 20215Veterinary Office Applications00000
UD 65101Community Development Process00000
ACCT 23020Introduction to Financial Accounting00000
VCD 40192Internship II-Graphic Design/Illustration/Photography00000
ACCT 43034Nonprofit Accounting And Auditing00000
UC 10162Introduction to Professional Development00000
ACCT 53020Advanced Financial Accounting00000
VCD 43005Packaging, Promotion and Retail Environments00000
ACCT 63031Advanced Auditing Theory And Practice00000
UXD 60110Information Technologies00000
ACCT 83031Auditing Issues00000
VCD 48003Professional Portfolio Photography00000
ACTT 20012Accounting Software Applications00000
TRST 70007Corpora in Translation00000
ADED 32268The Secondary School Mathematics Curriculum00000
VCD 52003Advertising Illustration00000
ADED 42275Teaching Social Studies In Grades 7 1200000
ADED 42357Secondary Student Teaching00000
UC 20250Collegiate Leadership Competition00000
UXD 66099Masters Project in User Experience Design00000
VCD 53003Identity Systems00000
VCD 53006Environmental Graphic Design00000
VCD 13001Introduction to Visual Communication Design Studio00000
VCD 53060Introduction To Typeface Design00000
VCD 56002Responsive Web Design00000
TRST 80091Sem: Seminar In Translation Studies: Histories00000
UC 30377Experiential Learning Plus-1 Credit00000
VCD 18002Photography II00000
VCD 60009Candidacy Review/Graphic Design and Illustration00000
VIN 21100Integrated Pest Management00000
VCD 33001Graphic Design II00000
VTEC 10206Pharmacology00000
UD 55705Forces That Shape Cities00000
VTEC 20213Nutrition And Disease00000
VCD 38007Photography Techniques00000
VTEC 20216Laboratory and Exotic Animal Medicine00000
UC 00009Swift Kick Study Skills00000
WMST 40095St: Feminist Research Methods00000
VCD 40092Internship I-Graphic Design/Illustration00000
ACCT 33001Intermediate Financial Accounting I00000
UXD 20001Introduction to User Experience Design00000
ACCT 33061Financial Reporting Issues and Analysis00000
VCD 42003Advertising Illustration00000
ACCT 43092Accounting Internship00000
TRST 70004Translation Pedagogy00000
ACCT 53013Advanced Management Accounting00000
VCD 43002Typography II00000
ACCT 53034Nonprofit Accounting Auditing00000
UXD 60103Researching The User Experience I00000
ACCT 63022Professional Issues and Ethics in Accounting00000
VCD 43008Branded Identity00000
ACCT 63038Managerial Accounting for Decision Making00000
UC 20007Life Beyond Ksu00000
ACCT 63092Internship00000
VCD 46003Typography III00000
ACCT 83037Financial Accounting Issues00000
UXD 60113Researching User Experience II00000
ACTT 11001Accounting II: Managerial00000
VCD 48009Fashion Photography00000
ACTT 21003Fundamentals Of Tax Preparation00000
TRST 60011Terminology and Computer Applications in Translation00000
ADED 22275Issues And Trends In Social Studies Education00000
VCD 50095St: Motion Design II00000
ADED 32277Teaching Science in Secondary Schools00000
UXD 66080Professional Portfolio Design and Assessment00000
VCD 60013Graphic Design Advanced00000
VCD 20196Vcd Sophomore Portfolio Review00000
VCD 60094College Teaching In Visual Communication Design00000
VCD 60099M.A. Project Graphic Design and Illustration00000
UC 31001Mcnair Research Methods II00000
VCD 22001Design/Illustration Techniques II00000