JMU Course Reviews

James Madison University

COB 291Business Analytics II3.514.54.52
BIO 270Human Physiology [C3NS]42.5452
WRTC 103Rhetorical Reading and Writing [C1W]54531
BIO 301Introductory Neuroscience54551
SOWK 467Social Work Practice in Macro Systems54441
POSC 200Global Politics [C4GE]53551
BIO 140Foundations of Biology I [C3NS]23231
HIST 150Critical Issues in Recent Global History [C1CT]32441
SCOM 280Introduction to Communication Research22241
ECON 405Political Economy53431
WRTC 200Introduction to Studies in Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical...44321
MATH 232Calculus With Functions II21241
GEOG 200Geography: The Global Dimension [C4GE]44541
CHEM 241Organic Chemistry I42441
MATH 105Quantitative Literacy and Reasoning [C3QR]44241
BIO 343Immunology42541
ART 560Advanced Photography: Alternative Processes (0,9)00000
ARAB 101Elementary Arabic I00000
ART 650Directed Study: Painting and Drawing00000
ARTH 303History Of Design00000
ANTH 265Peoples and Cultures of Latin America and the Caribbean00000
ARAB 410Media Arabic00000
ARTH 382American Art from 187000000
ARTH 508The Museum: History and Controversies00000
ARCD 202Architect Design Studio II00000
ASTR 297Topics In Astronomy00000
ART 490Independent Study in Art00000
ANTH 496Research Thesis00000
ART 600Graduate Integrative Seminar00000
ANTH 195Cultural Anthropology [C4GE]00000
ARTH 205HSurvey of World Art I: Prehistoric to Renaissance - Honors [...00000
ARAB 300Arabic Grammar and Communication00000
ARTH 327Topics In Pre-Modern Art00000
AFST 400Selected Topics In Africana Studies00000
ARTH 488African American Art00000
ARAB 446Special Topics in Arabic Literature00000
ARTS 100Introduction to the Visual and Performing Arts00000
ANTH 307Climate, Culture and Change00000
ARCD 330Materials and Methods00000
ATEP 206Recognition and Management of Athletic Injuries00000
ATEP 307Acute Care of Injuries and Illnesses00000
ATEP 392Level II Practicum in Athletic Training00000
ACTG 475Accounting Decision Making and Control00000
AHRD 630Research and Inquiry in Adult Education/Human Resource Devel...00000
ANTH 318The Evolution of Primate Sexuality and Reproduction00000
ARCD 400Architect Design Studio V00000
ATEP 512Emergency Management of Injuries and Illnesses00000
ATEP 632Clinical II: Nutrition & Exercise00000
ARED 400Visual Arts Across the Curriculum (1,4)00000
BIO 103Contemporary Biology [C3NS]00000
BIO 140HFoundations of Biology I - Honors [C3NS]00000
AHRD 670American Higher Education00000
ANTH 350Magic, Witchcraft and Religion00000
ART 106Three-Dimensional Design (0,6)00000
ART 205Professional Practices in Art00000
ANTH 366Anthropology Of War00000
ART 230Introduction to Fiber Processes (0,9)00000
ART 470Advanced Printmaking (0,9)00000
ANTH 490Special Studies in Anthropology00000
ART 497Capstone Studio: Three-Dimensional Art00000
AIRS 410National Security Affairs/Preparation for Active Duty I00000
ART 590Topics in Art00000
ANTH 499CHonors00000
ART 620Directed Study: Ceramics00000
ACTG 691Computer Forensics for Accountants00000
ART 698Comprehensive Continuance00000
ARAB 109Accelerated Review Of Elementary Arabic00000
ARTH 300Art History Seminar00000
ANTH 201The Discipline of Anthropology00000
ARTH 314Masterpieces of Spanish Art00000
ARAB 385The Arabian Nights00000
ARTH 372Modern Art from 1900-194500000
ACTG 343Corporate Financial Reporting I00000
ARTH 394Introduction to Museum Work00000
ARAB 414Colloquial Levantine Arabic II (Syrian/Lebanese)00000
ARTH 493Historic Preservation00000
ANTH 300The Anthropology of Food00000
ARTH 586Monticello00000
ARAB 465Arabic Cinema00000
ASTR 121Stars, Galaxies, and Cosmology [C3PP]00000
AHRD 580Learning in Adulthood00000
ASTR 330Relativity00000
ARCD 300Architect Design Studio III00000
ATEP 304ALower Quarter Evaluation (2, 2)00000
ANTH 315Human Evolution00000
ATEP 376Pharmacology for Athletic Trainers00000
ARCD 376Modern Architecture00000
ATEP 406Organization and Administration in Athletic Training00000
ACTG 244Accounting for Non-Business Majors00000
ATEP 536Therapeutic Interventions II00000
ARCD 490Independent Studies in Architectural Design00000
ATEP 646Therapeutic Interventions III00000
ANTH 324Mindfulness And Anthropology00000
ART 240Metal & Jewelry (0,9)00000
ACTG 640Data Analytics for Accountants00000
AHRD 695Portfolio00000
ANTH 376Anthropology of Reproduction00000
ART 270Printmaking: Screenprint (0,9)00000
ART 276Introductory Book Arts: Materials and Structures00000
ANTH 405Topics In Linguistic Anthropology00000