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JMU Course Reviews

James Madison University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIO 270Human Physiology [C3NS]
COB 291Business Analytics II3.514.54.52
GEOG 200Geography: The Global Dimension [C4GE]44541
BIO 301Introductory Neuroscience54551
CHEM 241Organic Chemistry I42441
MATH 236Calculus II32341
ECON 405Political Economy53431
MATH 105Quantitative Literacy and Reasoning [C3QR]44241
SOWK 467Social Work Practice in Macro Systems54441
POSC 200Global Politics [C4GE]53551
WRTC 200Introduction to Studies in Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical...44321
SCOM 280Introduction to Communication Research22241
MATH 232Calculus With Functions II21241
WRTC 103Rhetorical Reading and Writing [C1W]54531
BIO 343Immunology42541
HIST 150Critical Issues in Recent Global History [C1CT]32441
BIO 140Foundations of Biology I [C3NS]23231
ATEP 376Pharmacology for Athletic Trainers00000
ARAB 490Special Studies In Arabic00000
ATEP 664Clinical IV: Transition to Practice00000
BIO 250LQuantitative Ecology and Evolution Laboratory00000
ANTH 201The Discipline of Anthropology00000
ARCD 470Contemporary Design Theory00000
BIO 346Laboratory in Bacterial Pathogenomics00000
BIO 400Geology and Ecology of the Bahamas00000
ART 205Professional Practices in Art00000
BIO 448Developmental Neurobiology00000
ASTR 297Topics In Astronomy00000
ARAB 386Arabic Fables and Short Stories00000
ATEP 613Clinical Applications of Human Gross Anatomy00000
AIRS 310Leading People and Effective Communication I00000
BIO 201HTrelawny Learning Community Seminar I - Honors00000
ARCD 330Materials and Methods00000
BIO 310Marine Biology00000
ACTG 678Governmental Accounting and Reporting00000
BIO 366Environmental Ecology and Evolution00000
ARED 496Internship In Art Education00000
BIO 426Topics in Biology00000
ANTH 306Japanese Society and Culture00000
BIO 481Genomics00000
ART 274Printmaking: Lithography (0,9)00000
BIO 495Biotechniques00000
BIO 500Geology and Ecology of the Bahamas00000
ACTG 499AHonors00000
AFST 401Internship In Africana Studies00000
ANTH 318The Evolution of Primate Sexuality and Reproduction00000
ART 330Intermediate Fiber Processes (0,9)00000
BIO 540Functional Neuroscience For Occupational Therapists00000
BIO 557Biological Applications of Geographic Information Systems00000
ART 392Topics in Art00000
BIO 584Aquatic Microbiology00000
BIO 601Mentored Teaching00000
AHRD 550Human Resource Work Experience00000
ANTH 366Anthropology Of War00000
ART 452Advanced Painting (0,9)00000
ART 466Advanced Photography: Performance for the Lens00000
ANTH 390Topics in Cultural Studies00000
ART 491Studio Assistant00000
ARTH 595Internship in Art History00000
ARAB 320Arabic Oral and Written Communication00000
ATEP 304BUpper Quarter Evaluation (2, 2)00000
AIRS 120Air Force Heritage and Values II00000
ATEP 494Level IV Practicum in Athletic Training00000
ARAB 428Muhammad And The Qur`An00000
ATEP 646Therapeutic Interventions III00000
ACTG 675Accounting Theory00000
BIO 150LHFoundations of Biology II Laboratory - Honors00000
ARCD 300Architect Design Studio III00000
BIO 203Viral Discovery00000
AMST 200Introduction to American Studies [C2HQC]00000
BIO 290Human Anatomy00000
ARCD 392Topics in Architectural Design00000
BIO 318Experimental Vertebrate Development (0,4)00000
ACTG 410Auditing00000
BIO 357Galápagos Islands: Biodiversity and Conservation00000
ARED 300Elementary Art Education Methods (1,4)00000
BIO 386Field Botany00000
ANTH 280Peoples and Cultures of Sub-Saharan Africa00000
BIO 412Mammalogy00000
ART 102Two-Dimensional Design (0,6)00000
BIO 443Understanding Techniques in Neuroscience00000
ACTG 696Tax Compliance00000
BIO 466Toxicology Seminar00000
ART 240Metal & Jewelry (0,9)00000
BIO 490Mechanics of Animal Movement00000
ANTH 315Human Evolution00000
BIO 497ABiological Research00000
ART 304Methods of Art Criticism00000
BIO 516Pathophysiology For Physician Assistants I00000
ACTG 244Accounting for Non-Business Majors00000
BIO 548Developmental Neurobiology00000
ART 362Intermediate Photography: Experimental Black and White (0,9)00000
BIO 577The Genetics of Cancer00000
ANTH 331Historical Archaeology00000
ART 496Internship in Art00000
ACTG 625Tax Research and Strategy00000
AHRD 615Needs Assessment and Program Evaluation in Adult Education/H...00000
ANTH 411Topics in Ethnographic Film00000
ARTH 370History Of Interior Architecture00000
ARTH 389Topics in Art History00000