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Ivy Tech Lafayette Course Reviews

Ivy Tech Community College, Lafayette

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
METC 105Intro Engineering Technology00000
SDEV 140Intro. to Software Development00000
ENGL 111AHEnglish Composition(Am Honors)00000
LEGS 170Legal Ethics00000
HLHS 105Medical Law & Ethics00000
DESN 223Parametric Solid Modeling00000
PARA 124Legal Writing I (Lafayette 2nd 8 Weeks)00000
CHEM 211Organic Chemistry I (labs held on campus)00000
ENRG 111Smart Grid Home Integration00000
COMM 212Culture and Communication00000
INDT 280Co-Op Internship00000
HUMS 109Understanding Diversity00000
DENT 117Dental Office Management00000
MATH 141Math for Elementary Teachers 16-week Face-to-Face00000
BUSN 108Personal Finance (Lafayette)00000
NRSG 106Pharmacology for Nursing00000
ECED 235Preschool Practicum00000
PSYC 209Theories of Personality00000
AUTI 252Automatic Transmissions II (coreq: AUTI251E0D:32041)00000
SUST 111Wind Turbine Mechanical Sys. I00000
CHMT 280Co-Op/Internship00000
GERM 201German Level III00000
BIOL 211Microbiology I00000
HLHS 125Behavioral Health00000
CRIM 112Public Safety Dispatching00000
INDT 104Fluid Power I00000
HUMS 207Program Planning Policy Issues00000
DBMS 110Database Design and Management00000
IVYT 112Student Success in Health Care (Lafayette)00000
BOAT 207Integrated MS Office Applicati00000
LOGM 267Operations Management (Classes will be recorded, can view li...00000
DESN 109Construction Materials & Speci (coreq: DESN105E7D: 23435)00000
MEAS 110Intro to Clinical Practice00000
AUTI 122Steering & Suspension Systems00000
NETI 104Introduction to Networking00000
ECED 120Child Growth & Development00000
NRSG 201Complex Med-Surg Nsg ASN Clini00000
BUSN 223Occupational Safety & Health00000
PHYS 100Introductory Physics00000
EDUC 233Literacy Devlpmt Children Lit00000
RESP 202Ped & Neonatal Adv Crit Care00000
AGRI 204Agriculture Salesmanship00000
SPAN 101Spanish Level I00000
ENGL 215Rhetoric and Argument00000
SVAD 170Monitoring and Issue Resolutio00000
AVIT 148Aviation Materials & Processes00000
FOUN 071Tech Foundations00000
COMM 102Intro Interpersonal Communicat00000
HIST 101HMust be enrolled into IvyHonors to register for class00000
AGRI 219Crop Machinery and Equipment00000
HLHS 117QMA Preparation00000
CRIM 101Intro Criminal Justice Systems00000
HUMA 250Travel Study00000
BIOT 106Intro to Biotechnology Lab00000
HUMS 201Internship I00000
CRIM 130Introduction to Corrections00000
HVAC 271HVAC Service Projects00000
HVAC 100Intro to HVAC Technology00000
CSIA 135Digital Forensics (Lafayette)00000
INDT 204Electrical Circuits (coreq: INDT103H0D-42367)00000
BOAT 114Microsoft Publisher (Lafayette)00000
ITSP 136Workforce Preparation: CompTIA A+ Certification (Lafayette)00000
DBMS 230Sql Server Database Development (Students Attend Via Webcast...00000
IVYT 171AHLeadership (American Honors)00000
ARTH 110Art Appreciation00000
LOGM 201Logistics Quality and Lean Management (Classes will be recor...00000
DENT 129Dental Materials and Lab II00000
MATH 122Applied Technical Mathematics 1st 8 week Virtual00000
BUSI 279Sch Business Evaluation & Prof00000
MATH 212Calculus II 16-week Face-to-Face00000
DESN 133Vector Imaging Fundamentals00000
MEAS 222Medical Assisting Scribe Speci00000
AGRI 114Intro to Agricultural Systems00000
METC 237Sys.,Measuremt.,Autom.&Control00000
ECED 100Intro Early Childhood Educatio00000
NETI 205Scaling Networks Class sessions via ZOOM and on-campus, as a...00000
BUSN 204Strategic Management00000
NRSG 122Intro to ASN Transition00000
ECED 210Early Childhood Administration (Lafayette 16wks)00000
PAET Precision Agriculture00000
AUTI 210Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Tech00000
PARA 279Paralegal Studies Capstone00000
ECON 202Principles of Microeconomics00000
POLS 211Introduction to World Politics00000
CHEM 101Introductory Chemistry I00000
RESP 102Adv Assessment & Care Cardiopu00000
ENGL 073Co-Requisite Introduction to College Writing (coreq ENGL1119...00000
RESP 209Advanced Clinical App CC & Spe00000
ADMF 106Supervision & Teams at Work00000
SDEV 265System Software Analysis & Prj00000
ENGL 202Creative Writing00000
SURG 113Surgical Procedures I00000
CHMT 201Spectroscopic Methods00000
ENGR 190Intro to Engineering Design00000
ACCT 203Cost Accounting I00000
AGRI 100Introduction to Agriculture00000
APHY 101Anatomy and Physiology I00000
BIOT 280Co-op/Internship00000
CRIM 211Criminal Law00000
HVAC 171Hydronic Heating Systems (COREQ: HVAC294EAD-51119)00000