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Ivy Tech Kokomo Course Reviews

Ivy Tech Community College, Kokomo

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CRIM 134Intro to Crim.Justice Careers55551
CRIM 130Introduction to Corrections pathway44441
CRIM 110Intro to Law Enforcement45441
CRIM 105Introduction to Criminology44441
CRIM 201Ethics in Criminal Justice33331
CRIM 103Cultural Awareness34331
SDEV 220Software Development Python (learn anywhere)00000
HVAC 205Heat Pump Systems (blended)00000
VISC 201Raster Graphics pathway00000
AGRI 285Special Topics in Agriculture00000
CRIM 216Comm.&Conflict Mgmt.-CrimJust.00000
LIBA 279Liberal Arts Capstone Course (hybrid)00000
BOAT 109Microsoft PowerPoint (blended)00000
PHOT 104Photography I pathway00000
HUMS 113Problems of Substance Abuse (blended) pathway00000
SVAD 111Linux & Virtualization Tech (blended)00000
COMM 211Intro to Public Relations00000
ACCT 106Payroll Accounting (hybrid)00000
INDT 125Industrial Wiring Principles (blended)00000
AUTI 251Automatic Transmissions I (concurrent with Auti 131-KOE)00000
BIOL 101Introductory Biology (lec 6-7:50; lab 8-9:50) (virtual instr...00000
BUSN 221Principles of Employment00000
DENT 102Dental Materials and Lab I (Blended) pathway00000
MEAS 218Pharmacology (blended) pathway00000
METC 220CAD for Mechanical Design (Blended) pathway00000
BOAT 207Integrated MS Office Applications (blended) pathway00000
DENT 133Clinical Externship I (blended) pathway00000
MTTC 105Abrasive Processes I00000
PARM 116Clinical Application I pathway00000
HLHS 211Nutrition00000
PSYC 212Research Methods Psychology00000
CARD 206Adv Electrocardiograph Tech (blended) pathway00000
SOCI 252Social Problems (reserved for ASAP and open enrollment)00000
HUMS 279Human Services Capstone Course (blended) pathway00000
TRCK 224HT Electrical Systems00000
AUTI 234Engine Performance Syst. III00000
WELD 204Pipe Welding II (concurrent with Weld 203-KRE)00000
INDT 107Preventative Maintenance00000
AGRI 110Intro Agr Business & Economics00000
CRIM 106Introduction to Serial Killers00000
AUTI 121Brake Systems00000
ITSP 135Hardware/Software Support (Virtual Instruction)00000
BCTI 101Intro to Carpentry, Part I (Blended)00000
AGRI 217Soil Fertility00000
BOAT 222Microsoft Access (blended) pathway00000
MATH 201Brief Calculus I00000
CHEM 102Introductory Chemistry II (lec 6-7:50; lab 8-9:50) pathway00000
BOAT 101Microsoft Outlook (blended)00000
MEAS 260Med Assisting Externship00000
DENT 124Preventive Dentistry/Diet (Blended) pathway00000
MTTC 101Introduction to Machining00000
AGRI 290Agriculture Seminar (blended)00000
MTTC 209CNC Lathe Programming00000
ECED 105CDA Process00000
MTTC 279Machine Tool Capstone00000
NETI 114WF Prep CompTIA Network Cert (Virtual Instruction) pathway00000
BUSI 279Sch Business Evaluation & Prof (Blended) pathway00000
ECED 225Infant Toddler Practicum pathway00000
NRSG 102Medical Surgical Nursing I pathway00000
PARA 255Practicum (Independent Study)00000
HLHS 107CNA Preparation (lec 9-3, lab 8-3, clin 7-3) (blended)00000
PARM 216Clinical Application II -- Virtual (in-person lab component...00000
BUSN 222Benefits Administration00000
PSYC 201Lifespan Development (reserved for ASAP students and open en...00000
HUMA 118Music Appreciation00000
SCIN 111Physical Science (lec W; lab M) (blended) pathway00000
AUTI 122Steering & Suspension Systems00000
SDEV 253Server-Side Script Lang & Tools (learn anywhere)00000
HUMS 206Group Process and Skills (blended)00000
SURG 113Surgical Procedures I (Blended) pathway00000
CINS 101Introduction to Microcomputers (blended)00000
TRCK 125HT Tansmission/Differential00000
HVAC 202Electrical Circuits & Controls (blended)00000
VISC 102Raster Graphics I00000
AGRI 113Intro to Animal Science (blended)00000
VISC 217Graphic Design II pathway00000
HVAC 279Green Awareness Capstone (Virtual Instruction)00000
WELD 273Adv Gas Tungsten Arc Welding II pathway00000
CPIN 279Information Technology Capstone (learn anywhere)00000
ADMF 112Mechanical Drives I (blended) pathway00000
INDT 114Introductory Welding pathway00000
AGRI 204Agriculture Salesmanship00000
BCOM 115Intro to Building Construction Management (Virtual Instructi...00000
ARTH 102Survey of Art and Culture II (virtual instruction) pathway00000
INDT 260Projects in Manufacturing (blended) pathway00000
AUTI 132Engine Performance Systems II00000
BCOT 202Plumbing Fundamentals00000
LEGS 101Intro to Legal Studies00000
BIOL 221Molecular Biology (lec R; lab T) (Blended) pathway00000
ADMF 102Technology in Adv Manufacturing (blended)00000
BOAT 201Emerging Technologies (blended) pathway00000
MATH 123Quantitative Reasoning (must enroll in MATH 080-6KE) (blende...00000
BUSN 108Personal Finance00000
CSIA 115Cyber Ops (learn anywhere)00000
NRSG 113Maternal Child Nsg Clinical00000
ECED 245School Age Practicum pathway00000
NRSG 122Intro to ASN Transition pathway00000
NRSG 207NRSG Care of Childbearing Clinical pathway00000
MEAS 109The Professional Medical Assistant (Blended) pathway00000
ACCT 102Managerial Accounting pathway00000