Ivy Tech Kokomo Course Reviews

Ivy Tech Community College, Kokomo

CRIM 103Cultural Awareness34331
CRIM 201Ethics in Criminal Justice33331
CRIM 110Intro to Law Enforcement45441
CRIM 134Intro to Crim.Justice Careers55551
CRIM 105Introduction to Criminology44441
CRIM 130Introduction to Corrections pathway44441
EECT 128Intro to C Programming (blended) pathway00000
CHEM 102Introductory Chemistry II (lec 6-7:50; lab 8-9:50) pathway00000
HLHS 115Pharm for Healthcare Specialis00000
HUMS 279Human Services Capstone Course (blended) pathway00000
BIOL 222Genetics (lec T; lab R) pathway00000
HVAC 280Co-Op/Internship00000
IMTC 106Millwright I00000
EDUC 101Introduction to Teaching (learn anywhere) pathway00000
BUSN 212Principles of Leadership (blended)00000
FREN 101French Level I00000
BCTI 101Intro to Carpentry, Part I (Blended)00000
HUMS 120Health and Aging (Blended) pathway00000
COMM 212Culture and Communication (Virtual Instruction)00000
HVAC 208Heating Service (blended)00000
APHY 201Advanced Human Physiology (lec M; lab W) (blended)00000
INDT 120Metallurgy Fundamentals (Blended) pathway00000
BOAT 105Microsoft Word (blended)00000
CRIM 204Interview and Interrogation00000
CRIM 285Seminar on Domestic Violence00000
AUTI 100Basic Automotive Service (concurrent with Auti 112-KPE)00000
BOAT 201Emerging Technologies (blended) pathway00000
DBMS 110Database Design and Management (blended)00000
ECED 245School Age Practicum pathway00000
BUSN 120Bus Ethics & Social Resp (Kokomo)00000
EDUC 240Intro Phy & Hlth Ed (reserved for ASAP students and open enr...00000
AUTI 142Climate Control Systems pathway00000
ENGL 215Rhetoric and Argument (blended) pathway00000
BUSN 280Co-Op/Internship (blended)00000
HLHS 101Medical Terminology (blended)00000
AGRI 219Crop Machinery and Equipment (blended)00000
HUMA 118Music Appreciation00000
COMM 102Intro Interpersonal Communication pathway00000
HUMS 207Program Planning Policy Issues (hybrid)00000
BIOL 107Biology II-Diversity of Life (lec M; lab W) pathway00000
HVAC 202Electrical Circuits & Controls (blended)00000
CPIN 269Information Tech Project Mgmt (blended)00000
HVAC 279Green Awareness Capstone (Virtual Instruction)00000
ADMF 206Industrial Robotics II (blended)00000
INDT 109Measurements and Calibration00000
INDT 112Sheet Metal Layout And Design00000
INDT 201Fluid Power Systems (Blended)00000
ARTH 110Art Appreciation (reserved for ASAP students and open enroll...00000
CRIM 216Comm.&Conflict Mgmt.-CrimJust.00000
BOAT 121Team Dynamics & Todays Workplace (Blended) pathway00000
CSIA 135Digital Forensics (blended)00000
AGRI 110Intro Agr Business & Economics00000
DENT 116Dental Emergencies/Pharmacology (Blended) pathway00000
BOAT 214Microsoft Project (blended) pathway00000
DENT 121Dental Radiography II (blended) pathway00000
DENT 125Preclinical Practice III (blended) pathway00000
AUTI 112Electrical Systems II pathway00000
BOAT 218Microsoft Excel (blended) pathway00000
DENT 132Expand Function Dental Assist (blended) pathway00000
ECED 233Emerging Literacy (learn anywhere) pathway00000
BUSN 106Customer Service (blended)00000
ECON 201Principles of Macroeconomics00000
AUTI 132Engine Performance Systems II00000
EDUC 224Intro to Scientific Inq (reserved for ASAP students and open...00000
BUSN 202Human Resource Management (blended) pathway00000
EECT 111Intro to Circuits Analysis (blended) pathway00000
AGRI 205Animal Nutrition -- Virtual (in-person lab component may be...00000
ENGL 111English Composition (concurrent with ENGL 111-KAE)00000
BUSN 222Benefits Administration00000
ENGT 120Engineering Concepts in Tech.00000
AUTI 234Engine Performance Syst. III00000
HIST 102Survey of American History II pathway00000
CARD 206Adv Electrocardiograph Tech (blended) pathway00000
HLHS 107CNA Preparation (lec 9-3, lab 8-3, clin 7-3) (blended)00000
ADMF 112Mechanical Drives I (blended) pathway00000
HLHS 279Healthcare Specialist Capstone pathway00000
CHEM 111Chemistry I (lec T; lab R) (concurrent with CHEM 105-6HE) (B...00000
HUMS 103Interviewing & Assessment (blended) pathway00000
BIOL 101Introductory Biology (lec 6-7:50; lab 8-9:50) (virtual instr...00000
HUMS 201Internship I (blended)00000
COMM 201Intro Mass Communication (Virtual Communication)00000
HUMS 210Issues of Subtance Abuse (Blended) pathway00000
APHY 101Anatomy and Physiology I (lec MW; lab TR) (blended) pathway00000
HVAC 103Refrigeration I (blended)00000
CONT 106Const Blueprint Reading00000
HVAC 205Heat Pump Systems (blended)00000
BIOL 211Microbiology I (lec T; lab R) (blended)00000
HVAC 213Sales & Service Management (Virtual Management)00000
CPIN 280Co-Op/Internship/Externship (Virtual Instruction)00000
ACCT 122Accounting Systems Appl pathway00000
INDT 103Motors and Motor Controls (blended)00000
CRIM 106Introduction to Serial Killers00000
BOAT 019Keyboarding00000
DESN 101Intro to Design Technology00000
BOAT 222Microsoft Access (blended) pathway00000
ECED 103Curriculum Early Childhood (Learn Anywhere) (field experienc...00000
ECED 130Devlpmt Appropriate Guidance (Learn Anywhere) (field experie...00000
ACCT 101Financial Accounting00000
ADMF 101Key Principles of Adv Manufacturing (blended)00000
AGRI 117Soil Science (blended)00000