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IU Course Reviews

Indiana University Bloomington

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
AMSTA 100What Is America?43551
SOCS 100Introduction To Sociology55551
ASTA 107The Art Of Astronomy: Images Of The Universe11111
CSCIC 343Data Structures43451
CHEMC 341Organic Chemistry 1 Lectures11111
ILSZ 115From James Bond To Zombie Apocalypse And Nsa Leaks: Evaluati...45521
CJUSP 300Topics In Criminal Justice55531
GEOGG 208Environment And Society54541
THTRD 456Advanced Jazz Dance53531
BUSC 106Business Presentations-Honors55551
POLSY 329Racial And Ethnic Politics In The United States24131
BIOLL 112Foundations Of Biology: Biological Mechanisms44451
AFRIZ 601Intermediate Zulu I00000
AADMY 558Fund Development For Nonprofit Organizations00000
AMSTA 298Special Topics In Arts And Humanities For American Studies00000
AMSTG 751Seminar In American Studies00000
AAADA 360Slavery: Worldwide Perspective00000
ABEHA 502Research And Professional Ethics In Bio-Behavioral Sciences00000
ANATA 561History Of Anatomy00000
ANTHA 221Anthropology Of Food00000
AFRIA 731Seminar On Contemporary Africa00000
ANTHB 301Laboratory In Bioanthropology00000
ANTHB 512Evolutionary Medicine00000
AAADA 277Imgs Blacks Films: 1903-1950's00000
AAADA 493Senior Seminar In African American And African Diaspora Stud...00000
AFRIK 101Elementary Akan I00000
ANTHE 101Sustainability And Society00000
AFRIZ 201Intermediate Zulu I00000
AADMY 508Performing Arts Organization Management00000
AMSTA 200Comparative American Identities00000
AAADA 354Transnational Americas00000
AMSTE 100American Experience Through The Lens00000
AASTA 201Asian Diaspora Experience00000
ANATA 361History Of Anatomy00000
AAADA 263Contemporary Social Issues In The African American Community00000
ANTHA 107Becoming Human: Evolving Genes, Bodies, Behaviors, Ideas00000
AEROA 401National Security And Preparation For Active Duty I00000
ANTHA 521Introduction To College Teaching, Interdisciplinary Approach...00000
AAADA 408Race, Gender And Class00000
ANTHB 370Human Variation00000
AFRIB 302Advanced Bamana II00000
ANTHB 544Women's Bodies00000
AAADA 210Black Women In The Diaspora00000
ANTHE 260Culture, Health And Illness00000
AFRIK 502Elementary Akan II00000
ANTHE 317Ethnographies Of Media Worlds00000
ANTHE 321Peoples Of Mexico00000
AAADA 290Sociocultural Perspective Of African American Music00000
AAADA 557Race And Politics In The African Diaspora00000
AFRIL 481African Languages In Social Interactions00000
AFRIR 201Intermediate Kinyarwanda I00000
AAADA 590Special Topics In Afro-American Studies00000
AFRIS 101Elementary Swahili 100000
AFRIS 302Advanced Swahili 200000
AAADA 221Dance In The African Diaspora00000
AAADA 297Popular Music Of Black America00000
AAADA 620Transforming Divided Communities And Societies00000
AFRIS 602Intermediate Swahili II00000
AFRIY 702Advanced Yoruba II00000
AADMY 505Programmng The Performing Arts00000
AFRIZ 302Advanced Zulu II00000
AAADA 339African American Choral Ensemble: Advanced Studies And Pract...00000
AFRIZ 702Advanced Zulu II00000
AADMY 530Audience Dev & Mrktg The Arts00000
AMSTA 202U.S. Arts And Media00000
AAADA 250U.S. Contemporary Minorities00000
AMSTA 305World War II Internment Through Film, History, Art, And Lite...00000
AADMY 690Independent Study In Arts Administration00000
AMSTG 603Introduction To American Studies00000
AAADA 356African-American History II00000
AMSTX 370Service Learning In American Studies00000
ABEHA 101Introduction To Animal Behavior00000
ANATA 512Introduction To Research In Anatomy And Physiology00000
AAADA 199Special Topics In Arts And Humanities For Aaads00000
ANATA 800Research In Anatomy00000
AEROA 151Air Force Rotc Leadership Laboratory (Llab) I00000
ANTHA 205Anthropology Today: Topics00000
AAADA 399Advanced Topics In Arts And Humanities For Aaads00000
ANTHA 372Food, Culture And Heritage In Italy00000
AFRIA 500Advanced Topics In African Studies00000
ANTHA 622Advanced Pedagogy: Knowledge, Power And Pedagogy00000
AAADA 265Modern Sports And The African American Experience00000
ANTHB 340Hormones And Human Behavior00000
AFRIB 201Intermediate Bamana I00000
ANTHB 466The Primates00000
AAADA 447Race, Crime & Media00000
ANTHB 526Human Osteology00000
AFRIB 602Intermediate Bamana II00000
ANTHB 570Human Adaptation: Biological Approaches00000
AAADA 120Soul Revue: Foundations And Practices00000
ANTHE 208Global Jazz, Reggae, And Hip-Hop: African Diasporic Music Be...00000
AFRIK 301Advanced Akan I00000
ANTHE 270Captivity Narratives00000
AAADA 500Intr Afrc Am&Afrc Diasp Part I00000
AFRIW 201Intermediate Wolof I00000
AAADA 696Interdisciplinary Research Methods00000
AFRIX 390Readings And Research In African Studies00000
AFRIX 501Elementary Wolof00000
AAADA 331Visual Arts Of The Harlem Renaissance00000
AAADA 799Study And Research Abroad In Aaads00000