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IU Course Reviews

Indiana University Bloomington

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CSCIC 241Discrete Structures For Computer Science12221
GEOGG 208Environment And Society54541
CHEMC 341Organic Chemistry 1 Lectures11111
THTRD 456Advanced Jazz Dance53531
CJUSP 300Topics In Criminal Justice55531
ILSZ 115From James Bond To Zombie Apocalypse And Nsa Leaks: Evaluati...45521
POLSY 329Racial And Ethnic Politics In The United States24131
BIOLL 112Foundations Of Biology: Biological Mechanisms44451
BUSC 106Business Presentations-Honors55551
ASTA 107The Art Of Astronomy: Images Of The Universe11111
AMSTA 100What Is America?43551
CSCIC 200Introduction To Computers And Programming11451
SOCS 100Introduction To Sociology55551
CSCIC 343Data Structures43451
BUKDX 513Topics In Business Analysis00000
BUKDC 522Information Technology00000
BUKDX 575Experimental Course For Mba Program00000
BUKXT 593Enterprise Data Management II: Big Data Technologies00000
BUEXC 542Erp Business Process Integration00000
BUKDC 549Decision Making And Leadership00000
BUSA 271Global Business Analysis - Accounting00000
BUSA 327Tax Analysis00000
BUKDC 565Thinking Strategically: Game Theory And Busienss Strategy00000
BUSA 505Field Study00000
BUSA 546Advanced Financial Statements Analysis And Valuation00000
BIOTT 680Specialized Topics In Biotechnology00000
BUEXV 599Experimental Course For Mba In Management: Global Executive...00000
BUKDE 732Supply Chain Analytics00000
BUSA 566It Auditing And Internal Controls00000
BUKDU 730The Global Business Environment00000
BUKDC 514Managing Human Resources In A Global Environment00000
BUKDX 530Economics Of Healthcare Analytics00000
BUEXC 533Data Warehousing, Data Mining And Visualization00000
BUKXA 596Advanced Financial Accounting00000
BUKDC 528Predictive Analytics And Business Strategy00000
BUSA 200Foundations Of Accounting00000
BIOTT 540Structure, Function And Regulation Of Biomolecules00000
BUSA 310Management Decisions And Financial Reporting00000
BUKDC 555A Clinic On Global Talent Management00000
BUSA 437Advanced Management Accounting00000
BUEXV 595Experimental Course For Mba In Management: Global Executive...00000
BUSA 527Taxes And Financial Statements00000
BUKDC 596Independent Study In Management And Administration00000
BUSA 557International Taxation00000
BIOTT 440Structure, Function, And Regulation Of Biomolecules00000
BUSA 579Experimental Course In Accounting00000
BUKDE 735Business Process Analysis00000
BUSA 603Special Research Topics In Accounting00000
BUSBE 375Bus-Be: I-Core F370/M370/P370/Z370/T37500000
BIOTX 150Asure Biotechnology Research Lab 100000
BUEXZ 511Effective Communications00000
BUKDF 741Asset Pricing And Security Valuation00000
BUKDF 745Valuation And Capital Investments00000
BUEXZ 513Risk Management00000
BUKDF 754Financial Data Analytics00000
BUKDF 760Value Investing And Applied Security Selection00000
BIOTT 502Mammalian Tissue Culture00000
BIOTX 325Asure Biotechnology Research Lab 200000
BUEXZ 516Innovation Management & Entrepreneurship00000
BUKDG 596Economics For Managers00000
BUKDU 701Strategic Competitive Analysis00000
BUKDC 511Organization Development And Change00000
BUKDX 502Experimental Course For Mba Program00000
BUEXC 531Predictive Analytics/Data Mining00000
BUKDX 522Experimental Course For Mba Program00000
BUKDC 520Quantitative Analysis00000
BUKDX 573Experimental Course For Mba Program00000
BIOTT 525Protein Expression, Purification, And Characterization Labor...00000
BUKDZ 596Leading Organization00000
BUKDC 526Corporate Entrepreneurship & Innovation00000
BUKXA 597Law And Negotiations00000
BUEXC 535Developing Value Through Business Analytics Applications00000
BUKXT 597Enterprise Platforms00000
BUKDC 540Financial Management00000
BUSA 202Introduction To Managerial Accounting00000
BIOTT 415Theory And Applications Of Biotechnology Laboratory I00000
BUSA 304Financial Reporting And Analysis00000
BUKDC 553White Collar Crime & Corporate Ethics00000
BUSA 324Cost Management00000
BUEXT 514Business Capabilities For The Digital Future00000
BUSA 355Topics In Accounting00000
BUKDC 561The U.S. In A Global Economy00000
BUSA 455Topics In Accounting00000
BIOTT 590Graduate Research00000
BUSA 517Financial Analysis And Firm Valuation00000
BUKDC 580Operations Management00000
BUSA 537Corporate Taxation I00000
BUEXV 597Experimental Course For Mba In Management: Global Executive...00000
BUSA 551Tax Research00000
BUKDE 731Supply Chain Management - Sourcing00000
BUSA 563Consulting And Management Accounting00000
BIOTT 301Seminar In Biotechnology00000
BUSA 570Structuring Acquisitions: Accounting Advisory Services00000
BUKDE 733Global Supply Chain Design & Digitalization00000
BUSA 591Financial Accounting Theory00000
BUEXZ 504Competitive Strategy00000
BUKDL 596Business Law And Ethics00000
BUEXZ 522Law For Global Business00000
BUKDM 574Performance Driven Pricing00000
BUKDN 525Entrepreneurship: Theory, Process And Practice00000