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Hunter Course Reviews

Hunter College (CUNY)

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
PSYCH 24800Statistical Methods in Psychological Research32131
PSYCH 14000Psychological Adjustment55451
ARTCR 49801In Service Program00000
ANTHC 30900Countryside and City: Comparative Perspectives00000
ARTCR 62162Advanced Sculpture Tutor 100000
ARTCR 25100Sculpture00000
ANTH 79101Human Osteology00000
ARTCR 61262Advanced Painting Tutorial 200000
AFPRL 39021Racialized Identities in Latin America and the Spanish-Speak...00000
ANTHC 32008Latina/o Urban Ethnography and the Literacy Landscape Semina...00000
AFPRL 39041Politics of Color00000
ANTHC 32081Language and Power00000
ARB 42103Advanced Independent Study00000
ANTH 75000Archaeology(Core Course)00000
ARTCR 36051Advanced Watercolor Painting00000
AFPRL 33700Caribbean Women Writers00000
ARTCR 61164Advanced Painting Tutorial 100000
ANTHC 12700Methods In Archaeological Science00000
ARTCR 61367Advanced Painting Tutorial 300000
AFPRL 29003Music of Africa00000
ARTCR 62358Advanced Sculpture Tutorial III00000
AFPRL 39032U.S. African-American History: Black Powers00000
ANTHC 32030Refugees and Asylum00000
AFPRL 29049Globalization & Cities00000
ANTHC 33000Food and Culture00000
AFPRL 49200Independent Study-PR Seq00000
ANTHP 31700Tropical Forest Conservation00000
ARB 25700Language and Culture in Contemporary North Africa00000
ANTH 71600Medical Anthropology00000
ARB 49803Internship in Arab Studies00000
AFPRL 30800Contemporary International Relations of the Afro-Caribbean00000
ARTCR 36019Collage & Assemblage00000
ANTH 75400Archaeology of North America00000
ARTCR 40202Studio Art:Ind Study00000
AFPRL 23800Introduction to the Literature of the African Diaspora00000
ARTCR 49806In Service Program00000
ANTH 79300Human Evolutionary Genetics00000
ARTCR 61170Advanced Painting Tutorial 100000
AFPRL 39010Rebellion and Revolution in the Black Atlantic World00000
ARTCR 61275Advanced Painting II00000
ANTHC 21300Latin America: Societies and Cultures00000
ARTCR 61378Advanced Painting 300000
AFPRL 18100Language and Ethnic Identity00000
ARTCR 62258Advanced Sculpture Tutor 200000
ANTHC 31400Research Design in Anthropology00000
ARTCR 62369Advanced Sculpture Tutor 300000
AFPRL 29028Digital Sources and Methodology in Africana Studies00000
ANTHC 32018Language, Health & Medicine00000
AFPRL 39038Women And Gender Caribbean History00000
ANTHC 32044Environmental Archeology00000
AFPRL 20300African-American History I00000
ANTHC 32167Politics of Love00000
AFPRL 39086Race, Gender, Colonialism and Climate Change00000
ANTHP 30200Human Genetics00000
AFPRL 29080Hip Hop Feminisms00000
ANTHP 40104Ecosystems and Human Health00000
ANTH 70209Religious Words & Worlds00000
ANTHP 40179Primate Conservation00000
ARB 25400Arabian Night Translation00000
ANTH 70600Master's Thesis Seminar00000
ARB 30200Advanced Arabic II00000
AFPRL 29093Early History of Latin America00000
ARB 49000The Arabic Senior Capstone00000
ANTH 72100Anthropology of Art00000
ARTCR 22500Printmaking00000
AFPRL 21000Introduction to Caribbean History: 1900 - Present00000
ARTCR 32200Advanced Drawing00000
ANTH 75147Archaeology of New York City00000
ARTCR 36026Photography:Alter Approach00000
AFPRL 31900Women in the African Diaspora00000
ARTCR 37200Advanced Photography00000
ANTH 77162Anthropology of Science00000
ARTCR 45900Professional Experience in Art 100000
AFPRL 10000Introduction to Black Politics00000
ARTCR 49803In Service Program00000
ANTH 79153Primate Conservation00000
ARTCR 61162Advanced Painting Tutorial 100000
AFPRL 38400Poverty in Society00000
ARTCR 61167Advanced Painting Tutorial 100000
ANTHC 30N03Disability and Culture00000
ARTCR 61173Advanced Painting Tutorial 100000
AFPRL 26000Latinos and Citizenship00000
ARTCR 61268Advanced Painting Tutorial 200000
ANTHC 20500Global Health and Culture00000
ARTCR 61362Advanced Painting Tutorial 300000
AFPRL 39013Surveying the Black Experience in Literature00000
ARTCR 61372Advanced Painting Tutorial 300000
ANTHC 30350Community Organization and Action00000
ARTCR 62150Advanced Sculpture Tutor 100000
ADSUP 71500Supervision for Inst00000
ARTCR 62178Advanced Sculpture 100000
ANTHC 31100Anthropology of Art00000
ARTCR 62271Advanced Sculpture Tutor 200000
AFPRL 39027Black Popular Culture00000
ARB 20058Quranic Arabic00000
ANTHC 32001Gender and Migration00000
ACCP 47500Auditing00000
ADSUP 73100Data/Tech & Curr00000
AFPRL 20500African-American Politics of Social Change00000
AFPRL 29087Race, Gender and Culture in Latinx Communities00000