GSU Course Reviews

Georgia State University

MATH 1111College Algebra32.71.333
MATH 1113Precalculus1112.52
PHIL 2010Intro to Philosophy3.53.5542
ENGL 1102English Composition II54.544.52
SCOM 2050Media, Culture, and Society44221
PSYC 3530Adv Rsrch Design/Data Ana52551
MATH 2211Calculus of One Variable I42331
HIST 2110Survey of U.S. History55541
BIOL 2108Principles of Biology II32551
CHEM 1211KPrinciples of Chemistry I11111
PSYC 2103Intro to Human Development55551
FLME 2700History of Motion Pictures45321
BIOL 2107LPrinciples of Biology I Lab55551
ECON 2105Principles of Macroeconomics45351
SCOM 1000Human Communication55551
PSYC 2050Intro to Drugs & Behavior54231
BIOL 2108LPrinciples of Biology II Lab55551
GSU 1010New Student Orientation15131
PERS 2002Scien Persp on Global Problems55541
MATH 0999Support for College Algebra11111
PSYC 3510Intro Research Design & Analys52551
GEOG 1101Intro to Human Geography55531
POLS 1101American Government55551
ENGL 1101English Composition I33231
BIOL 2107KPrinciples Of Biology I53551
ANTH 4700Cultures Of Display00000
ANTH 4500Work and Culture00000
ACT 4000Acting for the Camera00000
AAS 4000Issues In African-Am Community00000
ANTH 4850Gsu Exch/Non-Gsu Study Abroad00000
AE 4400Media, Techngy, Visual Presntn00000
ANTH 4999Directed Readings00000
APBS 3001Bassoon-Junior I00000
AE 4770Student Teaching In Art00000
APCE 1002Cello-Freshman II00000
APCE 4002Cello-Senior II00000
3DS 4980Special Problems00000
AAS 4170Hip-Hop And Politics00000
AH 4200Art & Arch of Middle Ages00000
APCL 2002Clarinet-Sophomore II00000
APCP 3001Composition-Junior I00000
AH 4620African-American Art00000
APDB 1001Double Bass-Freshman I00000
APDB 4001Double Bass-Senior I00000
AAS 4350Black Visual Representation00000
AH 4930Art History Internship00000
APEU 2002Euphonium-Sophomore II00000
APEU 4002Euphonium-Senior II00000
AL 3021Intro to Linguistics00000
APFL 2001Flute-Sophomore I00000
APFL 4001Flute-Senior I00000
3DS 3900Selected Topics In Sculpture00000
AAS 2140Africana Lit In The Americas00000
AAS 4650African-American Theatre00000
AL 4011Phonetics and Phonology00000
APGT 3002Guitar-Junior II00000
APHN 2001Horn-Sophomore I00000
ANTH 4460Health and Culture00000
ACT 2210Beginning Acting00000
ANTH 4590Archaeological Methods00000
AAS 3975Concepts/Theories in Aas00000
ANTH 4780Democracy,Secularism &Religion;00000
AE 2300Art &Music For Early Childhood00000
ANTH 4888Study Abroad In Yucatan00000
3DS 4950Sculpture Portfolio II-Ctw00000
APBS 1002Bassoon-Freshman II00000
AE 4750Student Teaching in Art00000
APBS 4002Bassoon-Senior II00000
AAS 4120African-Amer Political Thought00000
APCE 3001Cello-Junior I00000
AE 4786Internship I Seminar00000
APCL 1001Clarinet-Freshman I00000
3DS 3650Ceramics Material00000
APCL 3002Clarinet-Junior II00000
AH 4400Baroque Art00000
APCP 4001Composition-Senior I00000
AAS 4230Religions of the African World00000
APDB 2002Double Bass-Sophomore II00000
AH 4700Contemp Art/Theory & Criticism00000
APEU 1002Euphonium-Freshman II00000
AAS 1142African American History II00000
APEU 3002Euphonium-Junior II00000
AL 2101Exploring Language00000
APFL 1001Flute-Freshman I00000
AAS 4620Enslvmnt & Resist In Americas00000
APFL 3001Flute-Junior I00000
AL 3051Teaching Efl I00000
APGT 2001Guitar-Sophomore I00000
3DS 3300Intermediat Sculpture00000
APHN 1001Horn-Freshman I00000
AL 4090Language And Computers00000
AAS 4771Gender & Sex African Diaspora00000
APHN 3001Horn-Junior I00000
AL 4131Bilingualism00000
APHN 4001Horn-Senior I00000
APHP 1000Harp - Secondary00000
AAS 3050Intro To African-Amer Psy00000
AAS 4950African-Amer Popular Culture00000
AL 4241Senior Sem Applied Linguistics00000
AL 4999Directed Readings00000