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Grambling State Course Reviews

Grambling State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
DEED 737Quantitative Research Methods00000
ED 431Reading Diagnosis & Correction00000
CIS 375Data Comm Sys & Networking00000
DEED 605Meth/Mats Teach Learning Skill00000
CJ 506Seminar in Deviant Behavior00000
CHEM 107Gen Inorganic Chem Laboratory00000
ED 200Human Growth & Development00000
CDFR 209Marriage & Family Relationship00000
CJ 241Fund of Law Enfor & Sec System00000
CE FCS03Chicken Scratch/Snowflake00000
DA 101Introduction to Data Analytics00000
CJ 581Methods of Justice Research I00000
CE CARS1Becoming a Better You00000
DEED 704Theories Instruct Design/Dev00000
CBS 355Software Security00000
DET 309Draft Design Engineer Tech Lab00000
CHEM 410Chemical Lit/Independent Study00000
ED 300Educational Psychology00000
BIOL 105Prin of Biol Lab (Non-Majors)00000
ED 549Intro/Techniques of Research00000
CDFR 330Emer/Early Lit & Brain Dev in00000
CJ 412Deviant Behavior00000
BIOL 207Prin of Anatomy & Physiology00000
CJ 544Community Corrections00000
CE FCS02Don't Go Broke for Christmas00000
CS 424Advanced Programming Technique00000
CS 120Computer Science II00000
CE AS01AngioScreen00000
DEED 556Edu Measurement/Assessment00000
BIOL 465Cell & Molecular Biol II Lab00000
DEED 631Survey Nontraditional Students00000
CET 402Reinforced Concrete Design00000
DEED 718Org/Man Student Organ/Events00000
ART 409Art History III00000
DET 201Computer Aided Draft I00000
CHEM 226Organic Chemistry Laboratory00000
ECON 352Intermediate Macroeconomics00000
CDFR 100Child Dev and Family Relations00000
ED 210Prof Accountability III00000
CIS 209Bus Object-Oriented Program I00000
ED 325Reading in the Elem School00000
ART 104Color Theory00000
ED 505Analysis Reading Difficulties00000
CIS 479Project Management00000
ED 574Supervision of Student Teacher00000
BIOL 115Prin of Biol I Lab (Majors)00000
CJ 351Practicum in Criminal Justice00000
CDFR 450Pract in Child Dev and Ear Lit00000
CJ 500Overview of the CJ System00000
ART 215Art History I00000
CJ 518Ethics in Justice00000
CE CFR21Sci Inqry Technq for Teachers00000
CJ 560Juvenile Corrections00000
BIOL 302Genetics00000
CJ 599Directed Thesis Research II00000
CE CWFR1Qual Res Methods:Romance Novel00000
CS 400Computer Science Seminar II00000
CS 235Data Structures00000
CE BUS01Intro Digital Mkt Using Canva00000
CS 435Big Data & Cloud Security00000
BIOL 418Environmental Issues & Policie00000
DEED 545Intro to Program Evaluation00000
CE FCS17Sock Doll and Clothing00000
DEED 583Prin/Admin Guidance Services00000
ART 324Advance Two-Dimensional Studio00000
DEED 622Admin Postsec Dev Programs00000
CE FCS10The Art of Vintage Hand Quilt00000
DEED 660Organ and Admin of Higher Ed00000
CBS 255Infor System Threats, Attacks00000
DEED 712Inst Research/Decision-Making00000
CET 422Reinforced Concrete Design Lab00000
DEED 728Dissertation Proposal Developm00000
ACCT 435Coop Acct Work Experience00000
DEED 795Independent Study00000
CHEM 114General Chemistry Laboratory00000
DET 304Architect Design Drafting II00000
CBS 412Organizational Security00000
ECON 202Microeconomics00000
CHEM 341Physical Chemistry00000
ED 111FYE for Education Majors I00000
ART 424Advance Two-Dimensional Studio00000
ED 204Adolescent Psychology00000
CHEM 451Seminar00000
ED 216Methods in Early Childhood Edu00000
CDFR 200Creat Play, Art, Drama in Lit00000
ED 305Strategies for Teaching Elemen00000
CIS 320CIS Internship00000
ED 360Soc Stud & Sci Methods & Strat00000
ACCT 313Intermediate Accounting III00000
ED 453Residency 1: Sec Adv Teach Met00000
CIS 388Internet Programming00000
ED 517Practicum Guidance/Counseling00000
CDFR 304Curr act & Mat in CD Program00000
CJ 202Criminal Procedure & Evidence00000
ACCT 303Federal Income Tax Accounting00000
ACCT 405Advanced Accounting I00000
ART 310Ceramics II00000
BIOL 315Water Quality Management00000
CE CFR1CFocus in the Classroom Prescho00000
CS 325Computer Organization/Architec00000