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Fresno State Course Reviews

California State University, Fresno

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MATH 111Transition to Advanced Mathematics42451
MATH 191TMathematical Software and Programming54541
MATH 152Linear Algebra33251
MATH 10AStructure and Concepts in Mathematics I55451
ARAB 1BElementary Arabic B00000
ARTH 122Northern Renaissance00000
ASAM 180TAsian Americans and Popular Culture00000
ASCI 125Animal Genetics00000
AGRI 130Professional Development in Agriculture00000
ART 37Introduction to Computer Art00000
ASCI 229Seminar00000
ART 298Project00000
ANTH 161Bio/Behavioral Evolution of the Human Species00000
ARTH 175Pre-Columbian Andes00000
AGED 66Agricultural Communications00000
ASCI 57Advanced Colt Training00000
ARMS 190Independent Study00000
ASCI 172Meat Technology00000
AGBS 2Agricultural Sector Analysis00000
AGRI 281Problems in Agricultural Education00000
ASP 3Leadership Laboratory00000
ART 106Art Tours00000
ART 121Figure Drawing00000
AGBS 109Management of Agri-food Supply Chains00000
AIS 50Contemporary Life of the American Indian00000
ART 128Advanced Printmaking00000
ART 240Seminar in Art Studio00000
ANTH 130Peoples and Cultures of the Southwest00000
ARTH 11The Early Modern World00000
AGBS 163Agricultural Export Marketing00000
ARTH 136Contemporary Art00000
ANTH 193IInternships in Anthropology00000
ASAM 110Asian American Communities00000
AFRS 146Law and the Minority Community00000
ASCI 21Beef Cattle Production00000
ARM 148Masterpieces of Armenian Culture00000
ASCI 91Poultry Production00000
AGED 180Undergraduate Research00000
ASCI 156Applied Reproductive Management00000
ART 20Drawing00000
ASCI 185TCareer Readiness and Financial Literacy00000
ACCT 195IInternship00000
ASCI 299Thesis00000
ART 60Beginning Ceramics00000
ASP 104AAir Force Leadership Studies00000
AGBS 76Agribusiness Microcomputer Applications00000
ART 113Design00000
AH 101HArts & Humanities Honors Colloquium00000
ART 125Lithography00000
AFRS 20Critical Thinking About Race00000
AIS 189Fieldwork in Community Relations00000
ART 140Intermediate Painting00000
ART 153Advanced Sculpture00000
ART 161Advanced Ceramics00000
AGBS 120Agribusiness Management00000
ANTH 30Critical Thinking in Anthropology00000
ART 179Development of Artistic Expression00000
ART 224Graduate Printmaking00000
ANTH 120Race and Ethnic Relations in the U.S.00000
ART 253Graduate Sculpture00000
AGBS 150Agricultural and Food Policy00000
ART 299Thesis00000
ANTH 143Archaeology and Prehistory of California00000
ARTH 12Asian Art00000
AFRS 137African American Women00000
ARTH 127Arts of Colonial Mexico00000
ANTH 169THuman Paleopathology00000
ARTH 160Africa00000
AGBS 185TBig Data in Agriculture00000
ASAM 15Introduction to Asian Americans00000
ANTH 195Colloquium00000
ASAM 140Hmong, Laotian and Cambodian American Experience00000
ACCT 170ACPA Exam Study I: Business Environment and Concepts (BEC) &...00000
ASCI 2Animal Science Orientation00000
ARM 1BElementary Armenian00000
ASCI 41Sheep Production00000
AGED 135Introduction to Agricultural Education00000
ASCI 68Pre-Vet Orientation00000
ARMS 108AArmenian History I: Ancient and Medieval00000
ASCI 101Environmental Management of Farm Animals00000
AFRS 178History of African Americans00000
ASCI 145Anatomy and Physiology of Farm Animals00000
ART 13Design00000
ASCI 164Advanced Commercial Dairy Management Evaluation00000
AGRI 100HJCAST Honors Seminar00000
ASCI 181Advanced Livestock, Meat and Dairy Evaluation00000
ART 27Screenprinting00000
ASCI 191Advanced Poultry Production00000
ACCT 132Cost Accounting00000
ASCI 247Concepts in Non-Ruminant Nutrition00000
ART 50Beginning Sculpture00000
ASP 1BThe Foundations of the United States Air Force00000
AGRI 200Biometrics in Agriculture00000
ART 183Extended Projects in Photography00000
ANTH 104History and Theory of Anthropology00000
ART 186Intermediate 3D Digital Art - Animation00000
ART 188Digital Video Art00000
ART 100TZLondon Art Tours00000
ACCT 4AFinancial Accounting Principles and Systems00000
ACCT 148Accounting for Governmental and Nonprofit Organizations00000