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Fresno State Course Reviews

California State University, Fresno

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MATH 10AStructure and Concepts in Mathematics I55451
MATH 111Transition to Advanced Mathematics42451
MATH 152Linear Algebra33251
MATH 191TMathematical Software and Programming54541
AGRI 110Introduction to Agricultural Leadership00000
ARMS 108AArmenian History I: Ancient and Medieval00000
ART 45Watercolor00000
ART 125Lithography00000
AGBS 128Agricultural Leadership00000
AIS 5American Indian History00000
ART 1812-D Animation 100000
ANTH 193IInternships in Anthropology00000
AGED 150Agricultural Resources and Computer Applications00000
ART 16Introduction to Color Theory00000
AGBS 76Agribusiness Microcomputer Applications00000
ART 106Art Tours00000
AGRI 220Research Methodology and Communications00000
ART 152Intermediate Sculpture00000
AFRS 27Africana Cultures and Images00000
AGBS 140International Agricultural Economics00000
ART 188Digital Video Art00000
AIS 190Independent Study00000
ANTH 100Concepts and Applications00000
AFRS 104WWriting About American Inequality00000
AGBS 162Commodity Futures Trading00000
ANTH 105WApplied Anthropology00000
ANTH 164Human Osteology00000
AGED 80Undergraduate Research00000
ARM 148Masterpieces of Armenian Culture00000
AFRS 146Law and the Minority Community00000
ARMS 190HHonors Independent Study00000
AGED 189Education in Agricultural Mechanics00000
ART 27Screenprinting00000
ACCT 195Internship00000
ART 80Beginning 3D Digital Art - Modeling00000
AGRI 150Agricultural Leadership Project00000
ART 116Advanced Color Theory00000
AGBS 109Management of Agri-food Supply Chains00000
ART 130Intermediate Black and White Photography00000
AH 1TAcadec 202100000
ART 161Advanced Ceramics00000
ACCT 162Auditing00000
ART 1842D Animation 200000
AIS 103California American Indians00000
ART 198Internship in Art00000
AFRS 55TAfro-Latin America00000
ANTH 2Introduction to Cultural Anthropology00000
AGBS 155Environmental and Natural Resource Policy00000
ANTH 103Archaeological Site Survey00000
ACCT 169Forensic Accounting00000
AGBS 164Agribusiness Sales Management00000
ANTH 111Ethnographic Fieldwork00000
ANTH 116WAnthropology of Religion00000
ANTH 118Women: Culture and Biology00000
AFRS 129African American Literary Classics00000
AGBS 170WSAdvanced Agribusiness Applications00000
ANTH 123Peoples and Cultures of Southeast Asia00000
ANTH 161Bio/Behavioral Evolution of the Human Species00000
AGED 50Orientation to Agricultural Education00000
ANTH 190Independent Study00000
AFRS 142Hip Hop Culture00000
ANTH 194Honors Thesis00000
AGED 120SLeadership & Communications00000
ARMS 10Introduction to Armenian Studies00000
ACCT 190Independent Study00000
ARMS 120TIntroduction to Genocide Studies00000
AGED 180Undergraduate Research00000
ART 13Design00000
AFRS 164African Cultural Perspectives00000
ART 21Figure Drawing00000
AGRI 100HJCAST Honors Seminar00000
ART 37Introduction to Computer Art00000
ACCT 146Accounting Information Systems and Controls00000
ART 60Beginning Ceramics00000
AGRI 130Professional Development in Agriculture00000
ART 101Content and Form00000
AGBS 100Intermediate Agricultural Economics00000
ART 112Gallery Techniques00000
AGRI 200Biometrics in Agriculture00000
ART 123Advanced Drawing00000
AFRS 15Slavery and the American Experience00000
ART 127Screenprinting00000
AGRI 281Problems in Agricultural Education00000
ART 140Intermediate Painting00000
AGBS 120Agribusiness Management00000
ART 155Sculpture: Foundry00000
AH 101HArts & Humanities Honors Colloquium00000
ART 170Crafts00000
ACCT 120BIntermediate Accounting II00000
ART 183Extended Projects in Photography00000
AIS 50Contemporary Life of the American Indian00000
ART 187CAdvanced 3D Digital Art - Character00000
AGBS 131Agricultural Capital Markets00000
ANTH 128Environmental Anthropology00000
AGBS 185TBig Data in Agriculture00000
ANTH 130Peoples and Cultures of the Southwest00000
ANTH 141Prehistory of North America00000
AIS 170Experience in American Indian Community00000
ACCT 4BManagerial Accounting Principles and Systems00000
ACCT 144Tax Accounting and Planning00000