CWU Course Reviews

Central Washington University

HIST 481Senior Thesis55551
PUBH 375Theories of Health Behavior15111
AVP 102Private Pilot Flight Laboratory II00000
ANTH 499Implementing NAGPRA: Letter of the Law and Spirit of the Law00000
BIOL 371Paleobiology00000
ATM 460Apparel Manufacturing00000
ANTH 384Language and Gender00000
AVP 469Turbojet Operations00000
AFRO 101LABGMC Leadership Laboratory00000
ART 280Beginning Sculpture00000
AFRO 401LABPOC Leadership Laboratory00000
ART 365AIntermediate Ceramics: Hand-Building00000
ATM 280Basic Sewing Techniques00000
ANTH 347Native American Cultures of North America00000
AVM 420Aviation Labor Relations00000
ADMG 471Leading Change00000
AVP 305Commercial Pilot Flight Laboratory II00000
ANTH 444Ethnographic Field Methods00000
BIOL 200Plants in Modern World00000
ACCT 523Advanced Tax 3: Practice and Procedure00000
BIOL 430Cell Biology00000
AFRO 202Team and Leadership Fundamentals 200000
ART 346AIntermediate Jewelry/Metals: Casting and Link Structures00000
ACCT 583ASeminar in Auditing Lab00000
ART 383Intermediate Graphic Interface Design00000
ANTH 110Bones, Apes, and Genes: Exploring Biological Anthropology00000
ART 446Advanced Jewelry/Metals00000
ASP 305Accessibility and User Experience00000
ANTH 318Introduction to Forensics00000
ATM 355Consumer Textiles00000
ADMG 372Leadership and Supervision00000
AVM 335Aviation Management00000
ANTH 357Medical Anthropology: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Health...00000
AVM 434Airport Operations00000
ACCT 490Cooperative Education00000
AVP 142Principles of Flight II00000
ANTH 418Monkeys of Asia and Africa00000
AVP 354Commercial Pilot00000
ADMG 545Research and Statistical Analysis of Data00000
AVP 490Cooperative Education00000
ANTH 486Advanced Methods in Archaeology00000
BIOL 352Parasitology00000
ACCT 350Intermediate Accounting I00000
BIOL 422Immunology00000
ART 241Beginning Wood Design00000
BIOL 441Plant Physiology00000
ACCT 550AAdvanced Accounting Lab00000
ART 325AIntermediate Photography: Color00000
AFRO 301LABPOC Leadership Laboratory00000
ART 350Mixed-media Drawing00000
ACCT 405Advanced Cost Accounting00000
ART 372Beginning Design and Production00000
AIS 101American Indian Culture before European Contact00000
ART 420American Art and Architecture00000
ACCT 603CPA Review: Attestation and Auditing (AUD)00000
ART 465Advanced Ceramics00000
ANTH 180Language and Culture00000
ART 474Intermediate Typography00000
ASL 305American Sign Language Fingerspelling and Etymology00000
ANTH 314Human Variation00000
AST 350Korea Now00000
ADMG 285Sustainable Decision Making00000
ATM 301Introduction to the Fashion Industry00000
ANTH 325Prehistory of the Pacific Northwest00000
ATM 388Advanced Fashion Design00000
ACCT 462Computer Auditing00000
AVM 332Aviation Legislation00000
ANTH 353Childhood and Culture00000
AVM 417Aviation Safety Management00000
ADMG 385Business Communications & Report Writing00000
AVM 424Aviation Security00000
ANTH 362Museum Curation and Management00000
AVM 490Cooperative Education00000
ACCT 310Career Planning for the Accounting Professional00000
AVP 104Intermediate Pilot Flight Laboratory00000
ANTH 410Biological Anthropology: Theoretical and Research Issues00000
AVP 221Aircraft Systems I - Reciprocating00000
ADMG 490Cooperative Education00000
AVP 322Aircraft Systems II00000
ANTH 425Zooarcheaology00000
AVP 421Aircraft Systems III-Turbojet00000
ACCT 496Individual Study00000
AVP 475ESpecialty Flight Laboratory: Aerobatics00000
ANTH 458Anthropology Senior Comprehensive Survey00000
BIOL 182General Biology II00000
ADMG 689Capstone Written Project00000
BIOL 305Human Anatomy & Physiology for Health Majors I00000
ANTH 490Cooperative Education00000
BIOL 355Human Anatomy and Physiology I00000
ACCT 184PADstone (Practice and Delivery)00000
BIOL 405Current Topics in Biology00000
ART 172Computer Fundamentals in Art and Design00000
BIOL 426Medical Microbiology00000
AFRO 201LABGMC Leadership Laboratory00000
ART 495Studio Project00000
ART 260Beginning Painting00000
ABS 210Intro to the African American Odyssey: Socio-Economic and Po...00000
ACCT 301Accounting Skills for Non-Accounting Majors00000
ACCT 455Accounting Information Systems00000
ADMG 184PADstone (Practice and Delivery)00000