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CSU Course Reviews

Colorado State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MECH 200AIntroduction to Manufacturing Processes: Lecture2.5244.52
ECE 571VLSI System Design24551
CHEM 107Fundamentals of Chemistry (GT-SC2)42341
ECON 335Introduction to Econometrics42451
CS 440Introduction to Artificial Intelligence53551
MECH 325Machine Design34321
ECON 211Gender in the Economy (GT-SS1)54531
CS 164CS1--Prior Programming Experience35451
ENGR 101Grand Challenges in Engineering54321
DM 192AFirst Year Seminar: Apparel and Merchandising55351
MECH 342Fluid Mechanics for Mechanical Engineers32341
PH 142Physics for Scientists and Engineers II (GT-SC1)11341
MECH 331Introduction to Engineering Materials32241
PHIL 100Appreciation of Philosophy (GT-AH3)21321
CO 300Writing Arguments (GT-CO3)23121
ANTH 359Colorado Prehistory00000
ANEQ 292Equine Industry Seminar00000
ANTH 417Indigenous Environmental Stewardship00000
ANTH 473The Neandertals00000
AGRI 587AInternship: Domestic00000
ANEQ 340Horse Training and Sale Preparation I00000
ANTH 505Resilience, Well-Being, and Social Justice00000
ANTH 553Archaeology of Complex Societies00000
ANEQ 365Principles of Teaching Therapeutic Riding00000
AREC 180A1Orientation to Agricultural and Resource Econ00000
AREC 415International Agricultural Trade00000
ANTH 314Southeast Asian Cultures and Societies00000
ANEQ 201APreparation of Horses for Competition: Western00000
ANTH 377Anthropology Perspectives-Evolution, Society00000
AGRI 270World Interdependence-Population and Food (GT-SS3)00000
ANTH 453Impacts on Ancient Environments00000
ANEQ 303Equine Digital Photography00000
ANTH 487Internship00000
ACT 610Accounting Analytics00000
ANTH 542Seminar in Archaeological Theory00000
ANEQ 355Advanced Livestock Evaluation00000
ANTH 674Research Design and Analysis in Anthropology00000
AHS 487AHuman Services Internship: General00000
AREC 328Small Agribusiness Management00000
ANEQ 440Equine Industry and Issues00000
ACT 312Intermediate Accounting II00000
AREC 487Internship00000
AEFN 8313ESOL – Level 3 Foundations Academic English, Grammar00000
AM 244Fashion Illustration00000
ANEQ 460Meat Safety00000
AREC 540Environmental and Natural Resource Economics00000
AREC 635Econometric Theory I00000
ANEQ 478Beef Systems00000
AREC 736AAdvanced Econometric Methods: Discrete Choice Models00000
AREC 799Dissertation00000
AENG 8314English as a Second Language – Comprehensive Pathway, Read...00000
AM 342Computer-Aided Textile Design00000
ANEQ 522Animal Metabolism00000
ANEQ 534Markers to Gene Function Functional Change00000
AM 373Apparel Design and Retail Entrepreneurship00000
ANEQ 545Molecular Methods in Animal Genetics00000
ANEQ 575Computational Biology in Animal Breeding00000
ANTH 274Human Diversity (GT-SC2)00000
ANEQ 104Values, Culture, and Food Animal Agriculture00000
ANTH 335Language and Culture00000
AGED 692Agricultural Education Seminar00000
ANTH 372Human Osteology00000
ANEQ 205Equine Assessment, Evaluation and Retraining00000
ANTH 405Public Anthropology and Global Challenges00000
ACT 561Legal and Regulatory Issues in Accounting00000
ANTH 444Cultures of Virtual Worlds–Research Methods00000
ANEQ 300RTopics in Animal Sciences: Calving and Calf Care00000
ANTH 459Mediterranean Archaeology00000
AGRI 515Urban Horticulture00000
ANTH 480A3Experiments in Archaeology00000
ANEQ 313Prevention and Control of Livestock Diseases00000
ANTH 496Group Study00000
ACT 210Introduction to Financial Accounting00000
ANTH 532The Culture of Disaster00000
ANEQ 349Packing and Outfitting00000
ANTH 546Culture, Mind, and Cognitive Science00000
AGRI 640Integrated Resource Management Plan00000
ANTH 572Human Origins00000
ANEQ 360Principles of Meat Science00000
ANTH 692Seminar00000
ACT 633Flow-Through Entities00000
AREC 240Issues in Environmental Economics (GT-SS1)00000
ANEQ 386BEquine Practicum-Equine Reproductive Management00000
AREC 346Economics of Outdoor Recreation00000
AM 143Introduction to Apparel Design00000
AREC 454Real Estate Appraisal00000
ANEQ 445Foaling Management00000
AREC 507Applied Welfare and Policy Analysis00000
AB 180A1The Hemp Revolution--Science and History00000
AREC 605Agricultural Production and Cost Analysis00000
ANEQ 473Dairy Systems00000
AREC 705Advanced Production and Technological Change00000
AM 330Global Sourcing of Textiles and Apparel00000
ACT 441Auditing Practices00000
AGED 320Technology Lab for Ag Education00000
AM 384Supervised College Teaching00000
ANEQ 581A4Microbiome Analysis Methods00000
ANEQ 631Selection Index Theory00000
AM 460Historic Textiles00000
ANEQ 720Nutritional Energetics00000