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CSU Course Reviews

Colorado State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MECH 200AIntroduction to Manufacturing Processes: Lecture2.5244.52
MECH 331Introduction to Engineering Materials32241
ENGR 101Grand Challenges in Engineering54321
CS 164CS1--Prior Programming Experience35451
PH 142Physics for Scientists and Engineers II (GT-SC1)11341
CO 300Writing Arguments (GT-CO3)23121
CS 440Introduction to Artificial Intelligence53551
MECH 342Fluid Mechanics for Mechanical Engineers32341
CHEM 107Fundamentals of Chemistry (GT-SC2)42341
MECH 325Machine Design34321
ECON 335Introduction to Econometrics42451
ECON 211Gender in the Economy (GT-SS1)54531
ANEQ 330Principles of Animal Breeding00000
AGED 496Group Study00000
ANEQ 356Introduction to Dairy Evaluation00000
ANEQ 380A4Equine Digital Photography00000
AEAD 8555ESOL – Advanced 3 Academic English, General Non-Core for G...00000
AGRI 300Issues in Agriculture00000
ANEQ 460Meat Safety00000
ANEQ 500Recent Developments00000
AGRI 692Seminar00000
ANEQ 792HSeminar: Livestock Behavior and Welfare00000
ANTH 200Cultures and the Global System (GT-SS3)00000
ACT 561Legal and Regulatory Issues in Accounting00000
AEFN 8110ESOL – Level 1 Foundations Academic English, Listening & S...00000
AM 240Computer-Aided Apparel Design00000
ANTH 330Human Ecology00000
ANEQ 313Prevention and Control of Livestock Diseases00000
AGED 440Managing Experiences in Ag Ed Laboratories00000
ANEQ 345Principles of Nutrition: Equine Applications00000
AEAD 8310ESOL – Advanced 3 Academic English, Listening & Speaking f...00000
ANEQ 362Advanced Meat Product Evaluation00000
AGED 692Agricultural Education Seminar00000
ANEQ 442Riding Instructor Training00000
ACT 495Independent Study00000
ANEQ 476Feedlot Systems00000
AGRI 550Capacity Building for a Changing Workplace00000
ANEQ 699Thesis00000
AEEP 8591ESOL – Academic English, Preparatory for GRE Exam00000
ANTH 100Introductory Cultural Anthropology (GT-SS3)00000
AHS 695Independent Study00000
ANTH 281A2Introduction to Museum Studies00000
AB 340Insect Biotechnology00000
ANTH 359Colorado Prehistory00000
AM 321Advanced Textiles00000
ANTH 373Human Evolution00000
ANTH 376Evolution of Human Adaptation00000
ACT 575Oil and Gas Accounting00000
AEFN 8255ESOL – Level 2 Foundations Academic English, General Non-C...00000
AM 345Draping Design00000
AM 363Historic Costume00000
AEFN 8313ESOL – Level 3 Foundations Academic English, Grammar00000
AM 373Apparel Design and Retail Entrepreneurship00000
AM 384Supervised College Teaching00000
AB 511Microbiome of Plant Systems00000
ACT 605Accounting for Sustainable Enterprises00000
AEIN 8210ESOL – Intermediate 2 Academic English, Listening & Speaki...00000
AM 446Apparel Design and Production00000
ANEQ 305Functional Large Animal Physiology00000
AGED 330Program Design and Evaluation in Ag. Literacy00000
ANEQ 325Equine Exercise Physiology00000
ACT 695Independent Study00000
ANEQ 340Horse Training and Sale Preparation I00000
AGED 486APracticum: Agricultural Literacy00000
ANEQ 353Advanced Horse Evaluation00000
ACT 205Fundamentals of Accounting00000
ANEQ 359Equine Sales Production00000
AGED 540Ag Ed Laboratory Management and Safety00000
ANEQ 365Principles of Teaching Therapeutic Riding00000
AEAD 8510ESOL – Advanced 3 Academic English, Listening & Speaking f...00000
ANEQ 410Applied Food Animal Behavior00000
AGRI 181A1Contemporary Agricultural Systems00000
ANEQ 447Food Chemistry00000
AB 310Understanding Pesticides00000
ANEQ 473Dairy Systems00000
AGRI 546Principles of Cooperative Extension00000
ANEQ 480A2Exploring Meat Export Opportunities00000
AEBA 8113ESOL – Basic 1 Academic English, Grammar00000
ANEQ 587Internship00000
AGRI 637Understanding Policy and Emerging Issues00000
ANEQ 731Advanced Genetic Prediction00000
ACT 540Professional Ethics and Responsibilities00000
ANEQ 792CSeminar-Physiology00000
AHS 487Internship in Human Services00000
ANTH 140Introduction to Archaeology (GT-HI1)00000
AEEP 8975ESOL – Academic English, Independent Study EAP Support for...00000
ANTH 240Museum and Cultural Heritage Studies00000
AM 130Awareness and Appreciation of Design00000
ANTH 314Southeast Asian Cultures and Societies00000
AB 120Agricultural Biology--Freshman Orientation00000
ANTH 340Medical Anthropology00000
AM 250Clothing, Adornment and Human Behavior (GT-SS3)00000
ANTH 370Primates00000
AEFN 8155ESOL – Level 1 Foundations Academic English, General Non-C...00000
AM 475Product Development III00000
AENG 8310ESOL – Comprehensive Pathway, Listening & Speaking for Und...00000
AM 495AIndependent Study-Merchandising00000
AM 496DGroup Study: Textiles and Clothing00000
ACT 614Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation00000
AENG 8314English as a Second Language – Comprehensive Pathway, Read...00000