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Clemson Course Reviews

Clemson University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CPSC 2150Software Development Foundations3.543.53.52
MATH 4340Advanced Engineering Mathematics53.544.52
MATH 2060Calculus of Several Variables44341
MKT 4230Promotional Strategy55551
ME 3050Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Systems32351
MATH 3650Numerical Methods for Engineers43451
ARCH 3500Introduction to Urban Contexts00000
ASL 3950ASL-English Interpreting Field Observation00000
ARCH 4400New York Field Study00000
ART 2170Beginning Ceramics00000
AGED 4250Teaching Agricultural Mechanics00000
AVS 2081Techniques of Teaching Horsemanship Laboratory00000
AAH 4240Studies in the Art and Architecture of the Renaissance II00000
ARCH 1010Introduction to Architecture00000
ASL 2010American Sign Language II00000
ARCH 4010Architectural Portfolio00000
AGED 3550Team and Organizational Leadership in the Food and Fiber System00000
ART 1060Foundation Drawing II00000
AVS 1510Introduction to Animal Science Laboratory00000
ART 3570Community Supported Art - Creative Inquiry00000
AGRB 3130Principles of Real Estate Appraisal00000
AL 3500Scientific Basis of Coaching I: Exercise Physiology00000
AGED 4810Web Design for the Life Sciences and Agriculture00000
AVS 4110Animal Growth and Development00000
AVS 4161Equine Exercise Physiology Laboratory00000
AGRB 4120Regional Economic Development Theory and Policy00000
AGM 2201Calculations for Mechanized Agriculture Laboratory00000
AVS 4920Undergraduate Research Applications00000
ARAB 1011Elementary Arabic I Laboratory00000
AGM 4721Capstone Laboratory00000
ARCH 2510Architecture Foundations I00000
AGED 2011Introduction to Agricultural Education Laboratory00000
ARCH 3530Studio Genoa00000
ASL 3150Survey of Interpreting in Public Schools00000
ARCH 4160Field Studies in Architecture and Related Arts00000
AS 4091National Security Policy I Laboratory00000
ARCH 4770Introduction of Craft00000
ASL 4200American Sign Language English Interpreting in Elementary Schools II00000
ART 2090Beginning Sculpture00000
AGED 4030Principles of Adult/Extension Education00000
ART 3120Printmaking Research I00000
AVS 2030Dairy Science Techniques00000
ART 4170Advanced Ceramic Arts00000
AMFG 4930Special Topics in Advanced Manufacturing00000
ASTR (GEOL) 2200Planetary Science00000
AVS 2121Small Ruminant Techniques Laboratory00000
AL 3600High School Athletics Ethical and Legal Issues00000
AGRB (HLTH) 3610Introduction to Health Care Economics00000
AVS 4131Animal Products Laboratory00000
AGM 1010Introduction to Agricultural Mechanization and Business00000
AVS (BIOL, MICR) 4240Immunology Laboratory00000
AS 1091Heritage and Values of the United States Air Force I Laboratory00000
ANTH 2050Professional Development00000
AGM 2211Surveying: Earthwork and Area Measurements Laboratory00000
ANTH 3310Archaeology00000
ANTH (BIOL) 3530Forensic Anthropology00000
AGRB 4560Prices00000
AGM 4020Irrigation System Design00000
ANTH 4040Anthropological Theories00000
ANTH 4990Special Topics00000
AGM 4600Electrical Systems00000
ARAB 2011Intermediate Arabic I Laboratory00000
AGRB 4910Internship, Agribusiness, and Community and Rural Development00000
ARCH 1521Collaborative Studio II Laboratory00000
ASL 1011American Sign Language I Laboratory00000
ARCH 2521Architecture Foundations II Laboratory00000
AS 3091Leading People and Effective Communication I Laboratory00000
ARCH 3511Studio Clemson Laboratory00000
ASL 3030Transnational Visual Languages00000
ARCH 3541Studio Barcelona Laboratory00000
AGED 2040Applied Agriculture Calculations00000
ARCH 4120Architectural History Research00000
ASL 3400Research Methods in American Sign Language00000
ARCH 4270Advanced Color Graphics00000
AMFG 3800Introduction to Manufacturing Systems and Processes00000
ARCH 4521Synthesis Studio Laboratory00000
ASL 4020Discourse in American Sign Language00000
ARCH 4900Directed Studies00000
AGED 4000Supervised Field Experience II00000
ART 1530Orientation to Visual Arts I00000
ASL 4970Creative Inquiry in American Sign Language00000
ART 2130Beginning Photography00000
AGRB 2050Agriculture and Society00000
ART 3050Intermediate Drawing00000
AVS 2010Poultry Techniques00000
ART 3180Ceramics Research I00000
AGED 4150Leadership of Volunteers00000
ART 4110Advanced Printmaking00000
AVS 2060Swine Techniques00000
ART 4550Atelier InSite Creative Inquiry II00000
ACCT 3220Accounting Information Systems00000
ASTR 1020Stellar Astronomy00000
AVS 2110Meat Processing Techniques00000
AL 3340Social Issues in Athletic Leadershipi00000
AGED 4400Program Development in Adult/Extension Education00000
ANTH (WS) 4230Women in the Developing World00000
AGM 4061Mechanical and Hydraulic Systems Laboratory00000
ANTH 4350Field Studies in Archaeology00000
ANTH (BIOL) 4550Field Studies in Biological Anthropology00000
AVS 4050Advanced Selection and Evaluation00000