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Clemson Course Reviews

Clemson University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CPSC 2150Software Development Foundations3.543.53.52
MATH 4340Advanced Engineering Mathematics53.544.52
MATH 2060Calculus of Several Variables44341
ME 3050Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Systems32351
MATH 3650Numerical Methods for Engineers43451
MKT 4230Promotional Strategy55551
BIOL 4970Special Topics Laboratory00000
BIOL 4110Limnological Analyses00000
BE 3010Biosystems Engineering Honors Thesis Research00000
BE (PES) 4080Land Treatment of Wastewater and Sludges00000
BIOL 2231Human Anatomy and Physiology II Laboratory00000
BIOL 4480Marine Ecology00000
BE 4350Applications in Biotechnology Engineering00000
BIOL 4910Undergraduate Research in Biological Sciences00000
BIOL 4010Plant Physiology00000
BE 2120Fundamentals of Biosystems Engineering00000
BIOL 2060Plant Form and Function Laboratory00000
BE 3201Principles and Practices of Geomatics Laboratory00000
BIOL 4330Animal Histology Laboratory00000
BE 4170Applied Instrumentation and Control for Biosystems00000
BIOL 1060General Biology Laboratory II00000
BE 4641Non-Point Source Management in Engineered Ecosystems Laboratory00000
BIOL 3020Invertebrate Biology00000
BIOL (MICR) 4571Medical and Veterinary Parasitology Laboratory00000
BIOL 4640Mammalogy00000
BIOL 1101Principles of Biology I Laboratory00000
BIOL 3070Vertebrate Biology Laboratory00000
BIOL (ENT, WFB) 4690Aquatic Insects00000
BIOL 4880Health Professions Practicum00000
BIOL (ANTH) 3530Forensic Anthropology00000
BIOL (MICR) 4941Selected Topics in Creative Inquiry II Laboratory00000
BIOL 2010Biotechnology and Society00000
BE 2100Introduction to Biosystems Engineering00000
BIOL 4060Introductory Plant Taxonomy00000
BE 2990Creative Inquiry in Biosystems Engineering II00000
BIOL 1010Frontiers in Biology I00000
BE 3140Biosystems Engineering Mechanical Design00000
BIOL (PLPA) 4260Mycology Practicum00000
BE 3700Practicum00000
BIOL 2210Therapeutic Applications of Human Anatomy and Physiology00000
BE 4140Biosystems Engineering Unit Operations00000
BIOL 4430Freshwater Ecology00000
BE 4211Engineering Systems for Soil Water Management Laboratory00000
BIOE 4690International Bioengineering Internship00000
BE (CE) 4400Sustainable Energy Engineering00000
BIOL 4530Integrative Organismal Biology00000
BE 4740Biosystems Engineering Design Project Management00000
BIOL 1091Introduction to Life Science Laboratory00000
BIOL 4600Systems Physiology Laboratory (Lecture Portion)00000
BIOL 3040Biology of Plants00000
BIOL 4670Principles of Hematology00000
BIOE 4760Biosurface Engineering00000
BIOL 4710Behavioral Ecology Laboratory (Lecture Portion)00000
BIOL (WFB) 3130Conservation Biology00000
BIOL (ANTH) 4740Primatology00000
BIOL 4750Comparative Physiology00000
BIOL 1111Principles of Biology II Laboratory00000
BIOL 3151Functional Human Anatomy Laboratory00000
BIOL 4761Comparative Physiology Laboratory00000
BIOL 4870Electron and Optical Microscopy Theory00000
BIOL (PES) 3400Medical Botany00000
BIOL 4891Clinical Applications and Medical Practices Laboratory00000
BIOL 1910Directed Research00000
BIOL 4930Senior Seminar00000
BIOL (ENT) 4000Insect Morphology00000
BIOL 4951Service Learning in Biology Laboratory00000
BIOE 4900Internship00000
BE 1990Creative Inquiry in Biosystems Engineering I00000
BIOL 4030Introduction to Applied Genomics00000
BE 2101Introduction to Biosystems Engineering Laboratory00000
BIOL 2040Environment, Energy and Society00000
BE 2121Fundamentals of Biosystems Engineering Laboratory00000
BIOL 4080Comparative Vertebrate Morphology00000
BE 3000Biosystems Engineering Honors Seminar00000
BIOE 4600International Bioengineering Research Topics00000
BE 3100Biosystems Engineering Thermodynamics00000
BIOL 4200Neurobiology00000
BE 3200Principles and Practices of Geomatics00000
BIOL 2110Introduction to Toxicology00000
BE 3220Small Watershed Hydrology and Sedimentology00000
BIOL 4281Quantitative Biology Laboratory00000
BE 3990Creative Inquiry in Biosystems Engineering III00000
BIOL 1040General Biology II00000
BE 4101Biological Kinetics and Reactor Modeling Laboratory00000
BIOL 4341Biological Chemistry Laboratory Techniques Laboratory00000
BE 4150Instrumentation and Control for Biosystems Engineers00000
BIOL 2221Human Anatomy and Physiology I Laboratory00000
BE 4210Engineering Systems for Soil Water Management00000
BIOL 4450Ecology Laboratory (Lecture Portion)00000
BE 4270Ecohydrology00000
BIOE 4480Tissue Engineering00000
BE 4380Bioprocess Engineering Design00000
BIOL 4500Developmental Biology Laboratory (Lecture Portion)00000
BE (EES, FOR) 4510Newman Seminar and Lecture Series in Natural Resources Engineering00000
BIOL (ENT) 3010Insect Biology and Diversity00000
BIOL 4790Kinesiology00000
BIOL 3161Human Physiology Laboratory00000
BIOL (EDSC) 4820Laboratory Techniques for Teaching Science00000
BIOL 4840Human and Comparative Vertebrate Embryology00000
BIOL (ANTH) 4550Field Studies in Biological Anthropology00000