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Clark Course Reviews

Clark University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
PSYC 040Topics In Discourse11312
PHIL 105Personal Values44551
ECON 160Intro to Statistical Analysis42351
IDND 018Expository Writing45321
BIOL 106Intro to Biostatistics43541
BIOL 105Evolution23331
PHIL 143Hist of Early Modern Philosphy55531
PHIL 141Hist Of Ancient Greek Phil53551
ARTS 128Drawing: Sense Of Place54551
SPAN 127Practice Oral & Written Span53551
GAME 080Storyboarding Animation22221
PHIL 110Intro To Symbolic Logic33551
EDUC 261Human Devel & Learning00000
BIOL 390Sci Careers Effective Practice00000
EDUC 378Practicum Middle School00000
EN 245Natural Resource Management00000
BCMB 131Recombinant Dna00000
CHEM 283Polymeric Biomaterials00000
ENG 141Major British Writers II00000
ENG 215Publishing & Literary Journals00000
CHIN 103Intermediate Chinese I00000
ENG 282American Literary Renaissance00000
ENG 353Advanced Shakespeare00000
ARTS 124Intro to Graphic Design00000
BCMB 376Chem'L Bio-Tec & Apps In Rsrch00000
CSCI 120Introduction to Computing00000
ENT 105Creat'G Cult Innovation & Ent00000
EDUC 170Research: Community Inquiry00000
BIOL 339Evolutionary Devlpmntl Biology00000
EDUC 299Directed Study00000
ARTS 298Internship00000
EDUC 385Ways/Know Hist & Soc Sci (Sec)00000
CHEM 131Organic Chemistry I00000
ENG 106Creative Writing: Fiction00000
ARTS 102Drawing: Eye, Mind, Hand00000
ENG 185Afr Amer Women Writers00000
CHEM 362Physical Chemistry II00000
ENG 253Advanced Shakespeare00000
BCMB 298Internship00000
ENG 302Pedagogy III00000
CMLT 130National Imagination00000
ENG 382American Literary Renaissance00000
ARTH 159Latin-American Art00000
FREN 105Intermediate French I00000
CSCI 250Software Engineering00000
GAME 010History Of Game Development00000
GAME 085Raster & Vector for Games00000
BIOL 114Marine Biology00000
CYES 110Social Justice & Comm Engagemt00000
CYES 290Praxis Design Seminar00000
BIOL 143Neuroscience00000
DSCI 105Applied Data Analytics00000
ECON 010Economics & the World Economy00000
ARTH 219Sp Tp In Ancient Art00000
ARTS 133Painting II:States of Being00000
BIOL 212Microbiomes00000
ECON 204Microecon Theory W/Calculus00000
EDUC 150Explor'G Power Of Youth Knwldg00000
BIOL 321Developmental Biology00000
EDUC 254Education In Film00000
ARTS 250Photography Studio00000
EDUC 281Critical Pedagogies00000
BIOL 362Stream & Riparian Ecosystem00000
EDUC 359Teaching & Learning II (Elem)00000
ARTH 298Internship00000
EDUC 384Ways Of Knowing: Human (Elem)00000
CHEM 050Forensic Science00000
EN 120Discovering Enviro Science00000
ASTR 002Planets & Space Exploration00000
EN 299Directed Study00000
CHEM 256Inorganic Materials00000
ENG 123Voicing The Verse:Poetry Perf00000
ARTH 143Art From 1940 To 197000000
ENG 180Major American Writers I00000
CHEM 317Research00000
ENG 207Creative Writing:Adv'D Fiction00000
BCMB 271Biochemistry I00000
ENG 238Contmpry Latino/A Literature00000
CHEM 383Polymeric Biomaterials00000
ENG 275Fictions Of Empire00000
ARTS 120Introduction to Photography00000
ENG 294Afr Amer Literary Crit Race00000
CLAS 122Anc Greek Drama in Translation00000
ENG 334Virginia Woolf00000
BCMB 364Biophysical Chemistry00000
ENG 364Queer Victorians00000
CMLT 299Directed Study00000
ENG 394Afr Amer Literary Crit Race00000
ARTH 010From the Stone Age to Our Age00000
ENT 217Funding Ventures00000
CSCI 170Analysis of Prog Language00000
FREN 135Literary Frames and Masks00000
BIOL 102Intro to Biology II00000
ECON 224Applied Game Theory00000
BIOL 223Topics In Marine Biology00000
ECON 265Econometrics00000
ECON 278Place & Pros:Spatial Inequal00000
ARTS 158Printmaking I00000
BIOL 263Plant Breed'G:Past Present Fut00000
ECON 301Microeconomics-Foundations00000