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ChattState Course Reviews

Chattanooga State Community College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
EMSA 1111Advanced EMT Clinical00000
ENST 1313CAD for Electronics00000
CULA 2363Bistro00000
EDUC 2210Educational Psychology00000
DAST 1580Dental Office Management00000
CSEG 1000College Success for Engineering00000
ENGL 2045Introduction to Literature00000
BUSN 289Applied Management II00000
DAST 1150Dental Materials00000
BUSN 2370Legal Environment of Business00000
ECED 2390Creative Development00000
DD 284Design Capstone Project00000
CRMJ 2020Introduction to Corrections00000
EE 299VW Binary Logic00000
BIOL 1020Diversity of Life Lect/Lab00000
EMSP 1801Fundamentals of Paramedic 100000
CT 125Industrial Process Equip II00000
ENGR 222Statistics for Engineers00000
ANTH 1200Prehistoric Archaelogy00000
FI 113Fire Protection Systems00000
BUSN 1340Small Business Management00000
DAST 1540Dental Science 100000
ART 1350Foundations Studio 200000
DD 218Civil 3D00000
CHEM 1110General Chemistry 100000
ECED 2335Initial Practicum00000
DH 145Dental Hygiene Applic 200000
CRMJ 1322Police Orgs and Administration00000
ED 203Child & Adol Dev in Classroom00000
ARTP 2610Ceramics 100000
EE 221Electronics 200000
CRMJ 2345Domestic Violence00000
EETC 2332Plc 200000
ANIM 23303D Tools 200000
EMSB 1102EMT Trauma and Medical Skills00000
CSIS 1000College Success Info Systems00000
EMSP 2802Fumandamentals of Paramedic 200000
BIOL 2230Microbiology00000
ENGL 2220Modern British Literature00000
CULA 1305Nutrition For Culinary Arts00000
ENGR 1011Intro to 3-D Modeling00000
ADMN 2395APT Internship00000
ESC 1120Environmental Science II00000
DANC 1151Introduction To Dance00000
FI 140Legal Aspects of Fire Service00000
ART 1035Introduction to Art00000
DAST 1510Dental Radiology00000
BUSN 2330Principles of Management00000
DAST 1550Dental Science 200000
AGRI 1050Introduction to Soil Science00000
DD 116CAD for Electronics00000
BUSN 2450E Commerce00000
DD 243Solidworks 100000
ARTP 1010Drawing I00000
DH 142Dental Hygiene Applic 100000
CITC 1318Data Structures00000
ECED 2315Early Childhood Curriculum00000
DH 248Dental Hygiene Applic 300000
CRMJ 1020Introduction to Legal Process00000
ECED 2370Developmental Assessment00000
ARTP 2310Painting and Composition 100000
ECON 2100Principles of Macroeconomics00000
CRMJ 1355Understanding Terrorism00000
EDU 1100Technology for Teachers00000
ANIM 1350Digital Imaging Foundations00000
EE 140Digital Circuits00000
CRMJ 2312Criminology00000
EE 260Programmable Logic Controllers00000
ASTR 1010Solar System Astronomy and Lab00000
EETC 1321Electronics 100000
CSBU 1000College Success for Business00000
EETC 2390Capstone Project00000
ADMN 1325Integrated Office Applications00000
EMSA 1501Advanced EMT Medical Emergenci00000
CSHU 1000College Success for Humanities00000
EMSB 1601EMT Med Emer and EMS Oper00000
BIOL 1510Environmental Science 100000
EMSP 2403Paramedic Capstone00000
CT 113Industrial Chemistry00000
ENGL 1020Composition 200000
ANIM 2360Computer Animation Capstone00000
ENGL 2120Modern American Literature Honors00000
CT 223Process Operations II00000
ENGL 2410Early European Literature00000
BUSN 214Purchasing and Supply00000
ENGR 247Mech Materials Lab00000
CULA 1325Culinary 2 (Fabrication)00000
ENGR 2110Statics00000
AA 126Texture Techniques00000
ENST 2340CNC Programming 100000
CULA 2475Purchasing and Cost Control00000
ET 220Communication for Engr Tech00000
BUSN 1305Introduction to Business00000
DAST 1130Clinical Skills I00000
AA 108Design Concepts00000
ACCT 2399Accounting Capstone00000
ALHS 2314Medical Law and Ethics00000
ARTP 1120Three Dimensional Design00000
COMM 2050Motion Graphics00000
ECED 2310Safe Healthy Learning Environ00000