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CCNY Course Reviews

The City College of New York (CUNY)

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHEM 10301General Chemistry I33341
PHYS 20700University Physics I22321
MATH 19500Precalculus33341
ART 10001Introduction To Art For Honors Students54431
CE 26400Civil Engineering Data Analysis11221
ART 10400Introduction to Photography43531
BIO 10100Biological Foundations I32431
BME 31000Experimental Methods in Biomedical Engineering I00000
ART 31126The Harlem Renaissance00000
CHE 43200Chemical Reaction Engineering00000
CLSS 12100Greek and Latin Roots in the English Language00000
BLST 31403Wmn-Vlatn Hum Rghts00000
ART 24000Photography II00000
CE 37200Environmental Impact Assessment00000
ARCH 51312Building Modeling00000
CHEM 31100Journey to the Center of the Cell00000
ART 34099Ind Stud/Photography00000
ANTH 32200Immigrant and Refugee Movements and Cultures00000
CSC 42200Computability00000
ARCH 61007World Cities: Re-Orienting towards the East00000
ART 49540Web Design 200000
CSC 59976Web Server Optimization00000
EAS 41300Environmental Geochemistry00000
ARCH 61540Topics in the History of World Architecture00000
BIO 10200Biological Foundations II00000
BIO 31007Neurogenetics and Behavior00000
BLST 31164Global Lockdown: Gender, Race And Politics00000
ART 21032American Art 1776-190000000
BLST 31956Hip Hop00000
ARCH 51010Dynamic Vegetation Systems & Technologies00000
CE 23100Statics00000
ART 31000How We Know Objects: exploring the Arts of Asia00000
CE 54500Urban Transportation00000
ANTH 31950Global Media Cultures00000
CHEM 22000R Programming for Science Models, Simulation, and Data Analy...00000
ART 31917Art & Community Engagement00000
CHEM 42500Inorganic Chemistry00000
ARCH 51520Topics in Architecture and the City00000
CSC 21700Probability and Statistics for Computer Science00000
ART 39525Illustration as Visual Journalism and Social Activism00000
CSC 51001Independent Study00000
ANTH 31004Independent Study00000
EAS 31002Independent Study00000
ASIA 31128Contemporary Korea00000
EAS 48800Climate and Climate Change00000
ARAB 30000Advanced Intermediate Arabic00000
BIO 30100Honors I00000
ARCH 63102Low Energy Bldgs00000
ANTH 31126Women Of Color And The Politics Of Experience00000
BIO 31140Biology of Learning and Memory00000
ARCH 11100Core Studio I00000
ARCH 66104Study Abroad 200000
BIO 31906Parasitology Lecture00000
BIO 31915The innate immune system00000
ARCH 74501Environmental Systems00000
BIO 38000Eukaryotic Genetics00000
BIO 45000Symbiosis00000
BLST 31155Race, Class and Power00000
ART 21012Egyptian Art and Architecture00000
BLST 31172Social Ontology00000
ARCH 47202Survey of World Architecture 400000
BLST 31907N American Indians00000
ART 21068History of Graphic Design00000
BLST 33300Women in the African Diaspora00000
ANTH 31467Post Trauma Recovery (PTR): Healing our communities00000
BME 51000Microfluidic Devices In Biotechnology00000
ART 28000Projects in Wood Design00000
CE 33200Mechanics of Deformable Bodies00000
ARCH 51023Retrofitting Suburbia00000
CE 51003Independent Study00000
ART 31077Memorials Today: Appropriate Subjects, Spatial Contexts, Bes...00000
CE 59900Topics In Civil Engineering Design00000
ANTH 26500Language and Power00000
CHE 49803Honors Research in Chemical Engineering I00000
ART 31532Contemporary Art in Latin America00000
CHEM 30000Polymer Chemistry00000
ARCH 51388Architecture & Photography00000
CHEM 33001Physical Chemistry I Workshop00000
ART 32098Intrnshp Drawing00000
CHEME 3200FIndependent Study And Research In Chemistry00000
ANTH 31963Food, Justice, and Culture00000
CSC 10200Introduction to Computing00000
ART 38099Ind Stud/Wood Dsgn00000
CSC 33500Programming Language Paradigms00000
ARCH 52301Responsive Architectures00000
CSC 46000Introduction to Data Science00000
ART 39580Game Workshop00000
CSC 59927Big Data Management and Analysis00000
ANTH 10100Introduction to Anthropology00000
EAS 23700Mineralogy00000
ASIA 10100Asian Cultures and Peoples00000
EAS 31401Env Soil Sci/Urb Sus00000
ARCH 61026Le Corbusier: Architecture, Urbanism, Politics00000
ARCH 35202Survey World Arch 300000
ARCH 91202Design Seminar 100000
BIO 48100Introduction to Epigenetics00000
BLST 10200African Heritage and the Caribbean-Brazilian Experience00000
ART 10300Intro To Woodcut00000
BLST 21510Art & Protest00000
BLST 31101African American Political Thought00000