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Baylor Course Reviews

Baylor University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CSI 3334Data Structures52451
CSI 1430Introduction to Computer Science I with Laboratory43351
CSI 1440Introduction to Computer Science II with Laboratory44351
AVS 2304Commercial Pilot Ground School00000
AST 2380The Peoples and Culture of Asia00000
ARA 4303Aramaic00000
AIRP 2453Practical Dispatching II00000
AVS 4395CFI Practicum I00000
ART 2336Introduction to Digital Photography (for non-majors)00000
BIO 4V90Advanced Research Project00000
ART 3340Hand-Built Ceramics00000
AS 1112Leadership Laboratory00000
ANT 4335The Human Fossil Record00000
AVS 1175Commercial Flight I00000
AIRP 1373Helicopter Aerodynamics00000
AVS 4237Certified Flight instructor Instrument Flight00000
ART 4V91Special Problems in Art History00000
BIC 2437The Natural World I: Primary Ideas in Science00000
ADM 1241Apparel Aesthetics00000
BIO 2106Genetics Laboratory00000
ANT 4V16Archaeological Research00000
ADM 3301Contemporary Tailoring and Design00000
ART 3357Baroque Art00000
ANT 1404Introduction to Human Evolution00000
ART 4321Advanced Painting I00000
ART 4332Identity Design00000
ARTH 4360History of Impressionism and Post-Impressionism AAI00000
ANT 4312Societies and Cultures of Africa00000
AS 3301Leading People and Communicating Effectively I00000
ADM 4392Apparel Merchandising Internship00000
AST 4390Reading Course in Political Science00000
ANT 4362Applied Anthropology00000
AVS 1332Instrument Rating Flight00000
ACC 5355Cases in Accounting00000
AVS 3236Certified Flight Instructor Flight00000
ARB 2320Arabic Popular Culture00000
AVS 4314Advanced Aircraft Systems00000
AIRP 2239Commercial Flight00000
BIC 1323World of Rhetoric II: Rhetoric in Context00000
ART 2310Figure Drawing I00000
BINF 3360Introduction to Computational Biology00000
ACC 5121Accounting Planning00000
BIO 1125Frman Biology Resrce Sem HNR00000
ART 3326Relief Printimaking00000
BIO 3100Topics in Aging00000
ADM 1391Introduction to the Apparel Industry00000
ART 3345Metal Sculpture00000
ANT 1306Cultural Anthropology in Global Context00000
ART 4314Advanced Surface Design00000
ACC 5300Accounting Tools for Management Decision Making00000
ART 4325Advanced Printmaking II00000
ANT 3301Science, Society, and Culture00000
ADM 3363Product Development & Pattern Design Technology00000
ART 4339Advanced Photography: Medium and Large Format Photography00000
ANT 3310Introduction to Linguistics00000
ART 4344Advanced Sculpture I00000
ART 4356Modern American Art History AAI00000
ARTH 3356Nineteenth-Century Art History AAI00000
ANT 4302Archaeological Theory00000
ARTH 4367Special Topics in Italian Renaissance and Baroque Art Histor...00000
ADM 4363Apparel Design Technology00000
AS 2104Team and Leadership Fundamentals II00000
ANT 4321Climate Anthropology00000
AS 4301National Security00000
ACC 5331Fraud Examination00000
AST 3345World Religions00000
ANT 4353Archaeology of North America00000
AVIM 1377Enroute Operations I00000
AIRP 1175Intermediate Flight00000
AVS 1302Private Pilot Ground School00000
ANT 4372Sex, Hormones, and Behavior: Human Reproductive Ecology00000
AVS 2151Multi-Engine Flight00000
ACC 3310Accounting Research and Communication00000
AVS 2363Instrument/Commercial II Helicopter Flight00000
ARB 1302Intro to Arabic00000
AVS 3320Flight Crew Career Development00000
AIRP 2151Multiengine Flight00000
AVS 4266NVG Helicopter Flight00000
ARB 4331Classical Arabic Texts00000
AVS 4375Crew Resource Managment (CRM) in Aviation00000
ACC 5385Financial Statement Analysis00000
AVS 4487Advanced GIS Analysis00000
ART 13142D Design00000
BIC 2330Social World I: The City and the Soul00000
AIRP 2274Helicopter Certified Flight Instructor00000
BIC 4389Critical Issuses-Post BU World00000
ART 2330Introduction to Graphic Design (for non-art majors only)00000
BIO 3V90Individual Topics00000
ACC 3101Accounting Career Management Seminar00000
BIO 6V99Dissertation00000
ART 3315Non-Woven/Off-Loom Fabric Structures00000
BIO 1401Current Issues in Human Biology00000
AMS 4385Seminar in American Studies00000
ANT 3351Ancient Civilizations of Mesoamerica00000
ART 4363Neoclassicism and Romanticism AAI00000
ART 4368The Colosseum00000
ART 3333Publication Design00000
ACC 5V98Impacting Comm. Thru Profes.00000
ACC 3304Introduction to Federal Taxation00000
ACC 5312Data and Analytics in Accounting00000