YSU Course Reviews

Youngstown State University

ART 3769Intermediate Interactive Design00000
ART 4852Advanced Painting 200000
ANTH 4825CNew World Archaeology: Topics International Study Guatemala00000
ART 3748BSpecial Topics Digital Fabrication00000
ART 1543Survey of Art History: Gods and Monsters--Religion, Myth, an...00000
ANTH 3702Archaeology00000
ART 4801IInterdisciplinary Studies in the Visual Arts Drawing00000
AERO 3701Leading People/Effective Communication00000
ANTH 6910ASpecial Anthropological Problems "Race & Place In Youngstown...00000
AHLT 3708Preventive Public Health Care00000
ART 3725Intermediate Printmaking00000
ART 2648Experience Art: Social and Behavioral Perspectives00000
AMER 6900Approaches to American Studies00000
ART 3748NSpecial Topics Advanced Expressive Drawing00000
ADV 4855IMC Campaigns00000
ART 3797Interactive Art Studio00000
ANTH 3761ECultures of the New World Society, Wellness and Culture00000
ART 4802CSenior Project Graphic Design00000
ACCT 6915Estate Planning00000
ART 4872Digital Photography 200000
AHLT 1500Introduction to Online Learning in Health Professions00000
ART 1503Foundation Portfolio Review00000
ACCT 6950Fraud Examination00000
ART 2621Life Drawing00000
AHLT 3755Principles of Occupational Health and Safety00000
ART 3703GJunior Portfolio Sculpture00000
ART 2670Photography for Non-majors00000
AHLT 5831Industrial Hygiene00000
ART 3741BTopics in Medieval Art: Early Medieval00000
ADV 3711Marketing Communications00000
ART 3748WSpecial Topics Ad Fed00000
AMER 6990Independent Project00000
ART 3760Typography 100000
ACCT 4873Cpa Review Business Environment And Concepts00000
ART 3783History and Theory of Graphic Design00000
ANTH 3750Religion and Race00000
ART 4800DStudio Problems Painting00000
AERO 2601Team and Leadership Fundamentals00000
ART 4802DSenior Project Painting00000
ANTH 3778Archaeological Techniques00000
ART 4834GAdv Spatial Arts St Sculpture00000
ACCT 4813Federal Taxation 100000
ART 4867Graphic Design Internship00000
ANTH 4881Forensic Anthropology 200000
ART 4874Photography Internship00000
ACCT 6922Cost Based Decision Making00000
ARBC 2600Intermediate Arabic00000
AHLT 3704Quantitative Methods in Health Sciences00000
ART 1540Masterpieces of World Art00000
ACCT 4818Income Tax Preparation 200000
ART 2611Introduction to Sculpture00000
AHLT 3711Health Care Information Systems00000
ART 2626Introduction to Printmaking: Lithography and Screenprinting00000
ACCT 6968CSpecial Topics in Accounting MAcc Income Tax Preparation00000
ART 2661Print Design 100000
AHLT 4805Health Education for Allied Health00000
ART 3703BJunior Portfolio Digit Imaging00000
ART 2676Introduction To Analog Photography00000
AHLT 4831Industrial Hygiene00000
ART 3721Expressive Drawing00000
ACCT 6974Financial Accounting Theory Review and Practice00000
ART 3732Intermediate Ceramics00000
AMER 2601American Identity00000
ART 3746Nineteenth Century American Art00000
ACCT 4860OSpecial Topics in Accounting Internship 300000
ART 3748SSpecial Topics Photo, Image And Object00000
AMER 6980Public Humanities Internship00000
ART 3748JSpecial Topics Advanced Watercolor00000
ADV 3717Media Planning and Buying00000
ART 3752Intermediate Painting00000
ANTH 2600Human Osteology00000
ART 3763Illustration00000
ACCT 3750Fraud Examination00000
ART 3773Digital Photography Studio00000
ANTH 3704Primates00000
ART 3789Arts of South and Southeast Asia00000
AERO 1502Heritage and Values00000
ART 4800CStudio Problems Graphic Design00000
ANTH 3760DCultures Of The Old World Ethnography00000
ART 4800IStudio Problems Drawing00000
ACCT 5820Government and Funds Accounting00000
ART 4801EInterdisciplinary Studies in the Visual Arts Photography00000
ANTH 3775Native North Americans00000
ART 4802Senior Project00000
AERO 2603Leadership Laboratory00000
ART 4805Urban Internship in Art00000
ANTH 4800Undergraduate Research00000
ART 4842AStudent Teaching Seminar for Art Education00000
ACCT 2603LManagerial Accounting Spreadsheet Lab00000
ART 4861Publication Design00000
ANTH 4825BNew World Archaeology: Topics Florida and Caribbean00000
ART 4869Advanced Interactive Design00000
AFST 2601Introduction to Africana Studies 200000
ANTH 4890CAdvanced Topics CRM00000
ACCT 1503Elementary Accounting00000
ACCT 3702Intermediate Accounting 200000
ACCT 4860USpecial Topics in Accounting Creative Problem Solving00000
ACCT 6970Capstone Experience00000
AHLT 4812Advanced Cardiac Life Support00000
ART 3703AJunior Portfolio Ceramics00000