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YSU Course Reviews

Youngstown State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BASS 6902Bassoon00000
BIOL 1552Anatomy and Physiology 200000
ART 6960DSpecial Topics in Art History South and Southeast Asian Art...00000
BASS 3700ABassoon00000
ART 6992BInterdisciplinary Studio 3 Digital Media00000
ART 4896Art and Technology Internship00000
BHRN 3704Baritone Horn00000
ART 4802ESenior Project Photography00000
ART 6990GInterdisciplinary Studio: Sculpture00000
ART 4844Supervised Student Teaching: Art (K-12)00000
BASS 1500ABassoon00000
ART 6993DInterdisciplinary Studio 4 Painting00000
ART 4880Special Topics in Art History00000
BASS 4802Bassoon00000
ART 4801GInterdisciplinary Studies in Visual Arts Sculpture00000
BHRN 2601Baritone Horn00000
ART 6923Graduate Art Thesis00000
BHRN 6902Baritone Horn00000
ART 3771Analog Photography Studio00000
BIOL 2602LGeneral Biology: Organisms and Ecology Laboratory00000
ART 4837Professional Practices in Middle School00000
ART 6991DInterdisciplinary Studio 2: Painting00000
ART 3785Art of Japan00000
ART 6993Interdisciplinary Studio 400000
ART 4861Publication Design00000
ASTR 3712Astrophysics 200000
ART 6999MFA Thesis Project and Capstone Research00000
ART 4873Advanced Photography00000
BASS 2601Bassoon00000
ART 4800DStudio Problems Painting00000
BASS 3703Bassoon00000
ART 4880GSpecial Topics in Art History: Arts of China00000
BASS 4806Bassoon00000
ART 3762Typography 200000
BHRN 1500ABaritone Horn00000
ART 6910Studio Problems in Sculpture00000
BHRN 2606Baritone Horn00000
ART 4801EInterdisciplinary Studies in the Visual Arts Photography00000
BHRN 4804Baritone Horn00000
ART 6940Studio Problems in Printmaking00000
BHRN 6906Baritone Horn00000
ART 3748KST Idea Development and Creativity in Cultural Context00000
BIOL 2601General Biology: Molecules and Cells00000
ART 6982Studio Problems Digital Media00000
BIOL 3702Microbiology00000
ART 3774Intermediate Digital Photography00000
ART 6991Interdisciplinary Studio 200000
ART 4839Seminar in Art Education00000
ART 6992AInterdisciplinary Studio 3 Ceramics00000
ART 3748LSpecial Topics Advanced Life Drawings00000
ART 6992DInterdisciplinary Studio 3 Painting00000
ART 4852Advanced Painting 200000
ART 6993EInterdisciplinary Studio 4 Photography00000
ART 3792Video and Animation Studio00000
ART 6996Seminar in Interdisciplinary Theory 100000
ART 4864Package Design00000
ASTR 1504LAstronomy Laboratory00000
ASL 1551Elementary American Sign Language 200000
ART 4871Analog Photography 200000
ASTR 4811Observational Astronomy 100000
ART 4800CStudio Problems Graphic Design00000
BASS 1502Bassoon00000
ART 4880JSpecial Topics in Art History Arts for the Table00000
BASS 2604Bassoon00000
ART 3757Art Education for Diverse Populations00000
BASS 3702Bassoon00000
ART 4880ESpecial Topics In Art History Tastemakers: The Art Of Collec...00000
BASS 3706Bassoon00000
ART 4800IStudio Problems Drawing00000
BASS 4804Bassoon00000
ART 4889Seminar in Art History00000
BASS 6901Bassoon00000
ART 3748FSpecial Topics Mural and Site Specific Painting00000
BASS 6905Bassoon00000
ART 5881Twentieth Century Art to 196000000
BHRN 2600BBaritone Horn00000
ART 4801JInter Std Visual Arts Interdis00000
BHRN 2603Baritone Horn00000
ART 6920Historical and Philosophical Foundations of Art Education00000
BHRN 3701Baritone Horn00000
ART 3768Pre-Press Production00000
BHRN 4801Baritone Horn00000
ART 6930Studio Problems in Ceramics00000
BHRN 5800ABaritone Horn00000
ART 4802DSenior Project Painting00000
BHRN 6904Baritone Horn00000
ART 6950Studio Problems in Painting00000
BIOL 1545LAllied Health Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory00000
ART 3748ASpecial Topics Type + Image00000
BIOL 1560LMicrobiology Laboratory for Health Professions00000
ART 6970Studio Problems in Photography00000
BIOL 2602General Biology: Organisms and Ecology00000
ART 4824Printmaking Studio00000
ART 6990DInterdisciplinary Studio: Painting00000
ART 3721Expressive Drawing00000
ART 3748ESpecial Topics Narrative Drawing00000
ART 3748YSpec Tpc The Creative Portrait00000
ART 4800FStudio Problems Printmaking00000
ART 4868Graphic Design Practicum00000
ASL 2600Intermediate American Sign Language 200000