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YorkU Course Reviews

York University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
EECS 2021Computer Organization2.
EECS 1012Net-centric Introduction to Computing3.
EECS 2001Intro. to the Theory of Computation2.
EECS 2031Software Tools3.
EECS 1022Programming for Mobile Computing3.742.84.54
EECS 3101Design and Analysis of Algorithms2.813.34.34
EECS 1001Research Directions in Computing2.751.71.33
EECS 1520Computer Use: Fundamentals11.312.33
EECS 1015Introduction to Computer Science and Programming4.74552
EECS 3311Software Design3.
EECS 3482Introduction to Computer Security55551
EECS 2030Advanced Object Oriented Programming4.33551
EECS 3201Digital Logic Design4.35531
EECS 3221Operating System Fundamentals32341
EECS 3421Introduction to Database Systems33331
EECS 1560Introduction to Computing for Mathematics and Statistics31351
EECS 3213Communication Networks2.32231
EECS 1019Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science43541
EECS 3461User Interfaces24231
EECS 4314Advanced Software Engineering23221
EECS 4404Introduction to Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition21331
EECS 4414Information Networks55551
EECS 1011Computational Thinking through Mechatronics00000
EECS 2011Fundamentals of Data Structures00000
EECS 3000Professional Practice in Computing00000
EECS 3401Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Logic Programming00000
EECS 4201Computer Architecture00000
EECS 2032Introduction to Embedded Systems00000
EECS 2910Industry Practicum00000
EECS 3431Introduction to 3D Computer Graphics00000
EECS 3505Electrical Systems for Mechanical Engineers00000
EECS 3610Semiconductor Physics and Devices00000
EECS 4115Computational Complexity00000
EECS 4422Computer Vision00000
EECS 4441Human-Computer Interaction00000
EECS 4480Computer Security Project00000
EECS 4614Electro-Optics00000
EECS 5327Introduction to Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition00000
EECS 5501Computer Architecture00000
EECS 6127Machine Learning Theory00000
EECS 6412Data Mining00000
EECS 6444Mining Software Engineering Data to Support the Development, Testing and Maintenance of Large Scale Software Systems00000
EECS 1028Discrete Mathematics for Engineers00000
EECS 1570Introduction to Computing for Psychology00000
EECS 2210Electronic Circuits and Devices00000
EECS 3122Numerical Methods II00000
EECS 3604Electromagnetic theory and wave propagation00000
EECS 4161Mathematics of Cryptography00000
EECS 4313Software Engineering Testing00000
EECS 4401Artificial Intelligence00000
EECS 4421Introduction to Robotics00000
EECS 4461Hypermedia and Multimedia Technology00000
EECS 4622Introduction to Energy Systems00000
EECS 5324Introduction to Robotics00000
EECS 5443Mobile User Interfaces00000
EECS 6221Statistical Signal Processing Theory00000
EECS 6414Data Analytics and Visualization00000
EECS 6706High Voltage Engineering00000
EECS 4700Digital Media Project00000
EECS 1033introduction to computers00000
EECS 1710Programming for Digital Media00000
EECS 2501Fortran and Scientific Computing00000
EECS 3214Computer Network Protocols and Applications00000
EECS 3481Applied Cryptography00000
EECS 3602Systems and Random Processes in Discrete Time00000
EECS 3910Industry Practicum00000
EECS 4080Computer Science Project00000
EECS 4214Digital Communications00000
EECS 4413Building E-Commerce Systems00000
EECS 4462Digital Audio00000
EECS 4482Network Security and Forensics00000
EECS 5323Computer Vision00000
EECS 5414Information Networks00000
EECS 6002Directed Reading00000
EECS 6329Empirical Research Methods for Human-Computer Interaction00000
EECS 6701High Frequency Power Electronic Converters00000
EECS 1021Object Oriented Programming from Sensors to Actuators00000
EECS 1541Introduction to Computing for the Physical Sciences00000
EECS 1911Industry Practicum00000
EECS 2911Industry Practicum00000
EECS 3216Digital Systems Engineering: Modeling, Implementation and Validation00000
EECS 4101Advanced Data Structures00000
EECS 4415Big Data Systems00000
EECS 4443Mobile User Interfaces00000
EECS 4481Computer Security Laboratory00000
EECS 4640Medical Imaging Techniques: Principles and Applications00000
EECS 5431Mobile Communications00000
EECS 5640Medical Imaging Techniques: Principles and Applications00000
EECS 6323Advanced Topics in Computer Vision00000
EECS 6602Printed Electronics00000
EECS 4090Software Development Capstone Project00000
EECS 1530Computer Use: Programming00000
EECS 1910Industry Practicum00000
EECS 2200Electrical Circuits00000
EECS 3121Numerical Methods I00000
EECS 3451Signals and Systems00000
EECS 3603Electromechanical Energy Conversion00000
EECS 4070Directed Studies00000
EECS 4312Software Engineering Requirements00000
EECS 4471Introduction to Virtual Reality00000
EECS 4613Power Electronics00000
EECS 5115Computational Complexity00000
EECS 5351Human-Computer Interaction00000
EECS 5614Electro-Optics00000
EECS 6327Probabilistic Models & Machine Learning00000
EECS 6421Advanced Data Systems00000
EECS 6613Advanced Analog Integrated Circuits00000
EECS 1540Computer Use for the Natural Sciences00000
EECS 1720Building Interactive Systems00000
EECS 2311Software Development Project00000
EECS 3342System Specification and Refinement00000
EECS 3611Analog Electronics00000
EECS 4215Mobile Communications00000
EECS 4315Mission-Critical Systems00000
EECS 4412Data Mining00000
EECS 4452Digital Signal Processing: Theory and Applications00000
EECS 4612Digital Very Large Scale Integration00000
EECS 5326Artificial Intelligence00000
EECS 5612Digital Very Large Scale Integration00000
EECS 6322Neural Networks and Deep Learning00000
EECS 6446Analytical Performance Modeling and Design of Computing Systems00000
EECS 4088Computer Science Capstone Project00000